[CC] 3 new Ashampoo freebies

Software Description

  • Ashampoo® Undeleter (as per the developer):

  • Ashampoo® Photo Converter (as per the developer):

  • Ashampoo® Red Ex (as per the developer):

Freebie Details

To get the 3 free Ashampoo products, follow the steps below:

Version being given out for free: Ashampoo Undeleter: v1.0.0m Ashampoo Red EX: v1.0.0, Ashampoo Photo Converter: v1.0.1

 Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: Ashampoo Undeleter: 13.93 MB, Ashampoo Red EX: 14.44 MB, Ashampoo Photo Converter: 12.32 MB

  • Visit the promotion pages and download whichever one(s) you want:

Ashampoo Undeleter: ComputerBild.de promotion page

Ashampoo Red EX: CHIP.de promotion page

Ashampoo Photo Converter: ComputerBild.de promotion page

Ashampoo Undeleter/Photo Converter:

Ashampoo Red EX:

(Wait for download to start.)

  • After the download has finished, run the installers. Don’t forget to opt-out of the toolbar if you do not want it (you probably don’t want it):

  • When the installation finishes, your browser will open up to a page where you need to enter your e-mail. If it doesn’t, run the program you just installed. When it starts up, you will see a blue button “Request FREE full version key”. Once you click the button you will be prompted to enter your e-mail:

Ashampoo Undeleter/Photo Converter

Ashampoo Photo Converter

Remember that when you sign up for the license, you will be automatically opted-in for Ashampoo newsletters. (You can opt-out later through your MyAshampoo account on Ashampoo’s website.)

  • If you have an Ashampoo account already you will be prompted to sign in. Once you sign in, the license key will be displayed. If you are new to Ashampoo and don’t have an account yet, you will need to check the e-mail you entered for a confirmation e-mail from Ashampoo; then you will need to fill out a short form and after the form has been completed, you will be shown the license key.
    • (You will need to repeat this step for each software one of the freebies you are getting.)
  • When the license key(s) is displayed, copy the license (Ctrl+c), and then go back to the window you were at previously (with the blue button). Click “Paste from Clipboard” and activate the full version:
    • (You will need to repeat this step for each software one of the freebies you are getting.)

  • Enjoy!

FYI: If you get confused with some of the screenshots above being for Ashampoo Snap 4, don’t worry. I just used some of the same screenshots from the Ashampoo Snap 4 freebie post because the steps are the same. The screenshots may say Ashampoo Snap 4, but the steps are the exact same for the other software so you should still be able to follow the directions just as I laid them out above. Thanks. -PCBasics

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