SimplyNoise: A dead simple white noise (and pink noise and brown noise) generator

White noise is a soothing sound that is created by mixing together multiple different audio frequencies. (It is hard to describe what white noise is — it is something you need to hear, not read about.) Because of its soothing nature, white noise is often used to help aid sleep, enhance focus, relieve stress, block out background noise and distractions, etc. To get this white noise you could pony up your hard earned cash for a white noise machine, which can range from $10 into the hundreds. Or you could use SimplyNoise.

Image Credit: Reonis

SimplyNoise is a completely free, web-based color (white/pink/brown) noise generator. To use it all you have to do is visit their website, pick which type of noise you want (pink and brown noise are similar to white noise except they are more “soft”), set the volume you would like to listen to the noise at, and enjoy:

[Note: The volume control on the website is for the noise SimplyNoise delivers. It does not control your speaker volume level.]

If you would like the noise to oscillate (i.e. automatically go up and down in volume) SimplyNoise has an oscillator function you can use. The oscillator runs at high, medium, or low and you are allowed to pick which one you prefer. If you would like to use SimplyNoise for a specific period of time and then have it automatically turn off (such as if you want to use it to help you go to sleep but turn off later in the night while you are sleeping), there is a sleep timer which can be used to automatically turn SimplyNoise off. The sleep timer can be set for as short as five minutes to as long as ninety nine hours and fifty five minutes; minutes are in intervals of five and hours are in intervals of one.

The only things required to use SimplyNoise are a modern Internet browser, fingers, and Flash. (SimplyNoise runs in Flash.) I did mention it is dead simple, right?

Since SimplyNoise requires Flash, you won’t be able to run the website on most mobile devices so stick this into your “traditional PC tools” folder. SimplyNoise does, however, have apps out for Android, iPhone, and iPad; but you need to be willing to part with $0.99 if you want to use them.

You can access SimplyNoise from the link below:

Supported OS: Any OS with an Internet browser that supports Flash

SimpleNoise homepage

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    THANK YOU ! VERY NICE and Healtly ….sorry for my bad english

  • Rob AC

    I bought two HEPA filters to use because we have pets and my wife uses one in the bedroom to block out noise and to help her sleep. Works like a charm… especially when I am up late tinkering away on something around the house I no longer disturb her.

  • Emrys

    Ashraf, you have outdone yourself this time. I’ve used “Relax and Sleep” on my Andriod, but the battery goes dead. You have given me a calm place to meditate and empty my thoughts. Geeks need that too. Peace be with you…

  • Col. Panek

    Noise has technical uses: run white noise through an amplifier circuit, then a spectrum analyzer (using a sound card as input), and you instantly get the frequency response (Bode plot) of the amplifier. This works with speakers if you have a calibrated mic. Also good for a first cut on a PA system to find gross resonances, cutoffs, and dead spots, which is tough with music and speech but noise is nice and constant in amplitude, phase, and frequency. I don’t see any technical details on their other noises, though.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    There is a hotel 30 feet from my bedroom window.
    Thus noises at any time of the night, and trucks in the wee hours of the morning.
    I use a physical(electric appliance) noise generator, which I have to have very loud, all night.

    Surely by now, someone should have developed a ‘cone of silence’ ?