Free iCare Data Recovery Professional! [Limited time offer]

Update: It looks like this promotion has expired. Sorry I posted about it so late! If you still want this program, you can wait until it is promoted again (it is given out often) or read comment #9 by hal9000 and comment#18 by 3K3 explaining a trick on how to register this software even after the promo has expired.

Software Description

The following is a description of iCare Data Recovery Professional, as per the developer:

Key Features of iCare Data Recovery Professional

  • Recover files from formatted partition, memory card, external drive, USB drive, sd card…
  • Recover 2TB disk
  • drive not formatted error and report RAW file system
  • Recover MAC files on Windows
  • Recover data when lost due to resize partition, merge partition, copy partition failure by PartitionMagic, Partition Manager…
  • It could restore photos, office files, zip files, rar files, emails, pdf files, etc.
  • Reformatted sd card, xd card, cf card, pen stick, memory card…
  • System cannot boot, cannot locate the boot partition, I/O error
  • external drive, memory card, cf card cannot be detected or recognized…
  • Virus attack and lost files
  • Bad boot sector, bad partition table, damaged FAT, lost File Allocation Table…
  • Recover files from FAT, NTFS partitions
  • Recover files from devices with unknown file systems including Hard Disk, external ZIP/USB drive, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards, etc.
  • Partition structures are damaged or deleted…

dotTech Advice

I reviewed iCare Data Recovery Professional earlier this year. It got an Ordinary rating. This was my verdict:

I am not impressed with iCare Data Recovery Software at all. While the “Deep Scan Recovery” mode does perform well, the other modes don’t; and there are so many annoying aspects to iCare Data Recovery Software such as not being able to preview all major file types and having to view already existing files in the scan results instead of just lost/deleted ones. Plus the lack of bootable media is a huge con; potentially a deal-breaker considering how much this program costs. Do yourself a favor and save your $69.95; grab a different file/partition recovery software instead. Testdisk & PhotoRec, although not perfect especially in regards to ease-of-use, are the best file/partition software I have ever used.

Freebie Details

iCare Data Recovery Professional is being offered by the developer for free on “Cyber Tuesday” for 24-hours only. I was a bit busy yesterday so I wasn’t able to post about it but it looks like this freebie is still available — I just activated it myself, to test it out. So grab this while you still can, if you want it. (There is no information on if you can install/reinstall it at a later date.)

To get iCare Data Recovery Professional for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v4.6.3.3

Free updates and technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher — Windows Server “compatible”

Download size: v3.5 MB

  • Download and install iCare Data Recovery Professional.
  • After installation, run iCare Data Recovery Professional and register it using the code shown below:

Code: 2G7333343A72E25D3EHH4AIL2WSB4G9F

  • After registration, close and re-open iCare Data Recovery Professional and it should now not be shown as being unregistered.
  • Enjoy!

If you are trouble getting iCare Data Recovery Professional for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Thanks RobCr and Wild Cat!

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  • JonialFon0

    Hello, friend! Thank you for your useful data recovery information. Not too long ago, I had found this post and found this data recovery freeware and downloaded it to scan my external hard drive and finally took about 90% of my original drive files, videos and others back for free here:
    Thank you very, very much!

  • Paul


    Hey thanks, the regedit text worked like a charm. Very handy tip, again thanks!

    L8R Slowhand

  • Ahmadreza


    Is this any chance to send me new code please ?

    Kind Regards

  • Dev


    it worked as just explained. Thanks buddy.

  • NormoftheNorth

    Many word-processors & text-entry programs auto-convert double (& sometimes single) quotation marks into the fancy slanted typesetters’ version, instead of the vertical version that typewriters (& registers) use.ike the auto-correct on this iPod, it can be a bloody nuisance!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks for that

    I’m in Australia, but I think we use the US keyboard (or at least Windows Install, thinks that)
    On our keyboards, we only have one key for double quotes.
    And I believe it is the one you say we should use ===> ”
    We do not have the curly ones.
    OOPs After my post was posted, it appears as slanted in this thread.
    Yet when I type it into the text box (like I am doing now to edit the post), it is straight “sample”
    Yup, I deliberately put my straight quotes each end of the word “sample”
    I used that one key on both ends of sample
    I think ‘Skynet’ is intelligently massaging my text, when I hit Save.

  • hal9000


    Don’t worry, the icare software uses a multi-string registry value when it registers itself. When this and any other multi-string value displays in regedit, it’ll show up as ordinary text, but gets exported in unicode format which why it looks like hex.

    So yes, my .reg file has the hex serial, and everyone else who registered through the software or followed my tip will get the same.

  • 3K3

    You are welcome. Glad to hear it worked.

    @albert otojunk:
    Here is a picture that should clarify what I meant by “straight” double quotes.

    You are welcome.

  • 3K3

    You are welcome. Glad to hear it worked.

    @albert otojunk:
    Here is a picture that should clarify what I meant by “straight” double quotes.

    You are welcome.

  • RobCr

    I did not add this one, as I managed to activate it 30 minutes before they pulled the plug.
    So the entry in there, was done by their program.
    Following your advice (for future use or transfer) I asked regedit to export that key.
    And I copped a hex one. <=== Whereas, I assume that your export comes out as string ? I concede that it will no doubt work, as hex, but it triggers memories of my other regedit fiddles. When going in in the past to tweak a setting (eg number of whatevers, that will fix networking problems), it always shows it to me in hex. I can toggle to string or numeric, and make an entry. Next time I go in to look at it, it always shows hex

  • hal9000


    If you added the info to the registry yourself, choose to add ‘string value’ instead of ‘multi-string value’. This should then export as a string and not hex, although the hex filled .reg file still works the same.

  • Kabooki


    Edited registry as described here
    fairly simple process AND WORKED FINE!!!!!!!

  • RobCr

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Any time I use Regedit, it always reverts to Hex view.
    I notice that my export file also has a hex code instead of your nice string code.
    Is there a setting somewhere to stop it ‘hexing’ me ?

    albert otojunk,
    Best that I can tell, that is a normal double quote

  • RobCr

    @albert otojunk:
    Here is a bit of mine (from an export)
    As best I can tell, that is the normal ” (double quote)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • albert otojunk

    @3k3 — Please explain “….double quotes. They must be straight.” Does it mean they should be single quotes?

    Thanks for the tip and for your explanation.

  • mrcapncaveman

    @3K3: Worked like a champ, restart the program and the register button is gone. Thanks

  • Thanks………………..

  • 3K3

    @ Everybody
    In the code that I posted above are missing backslashes in the reg key name.
    I apologize. I’m sorry.
    Also while your are in notepad edit double quotes. They must be straight.

    Here is the correct code.
    ;—- CODE —-



    ;—– END —–

  • hal9000


    As long as you have the .reg file to import, or you’re able to edit the registry, you can transfer it to any PC you like, when you like.

  • 3K3

    @ 3K3
    While your are in notepad edit double quotes. They must be straight or the code won’t work.
    iCare Data Recovery Professional accepts reg codes from previous versions (Softpedia, GOTD,…).
    All you have to do is rename reg key of previous version to “iCarePro”.

  • jens


    thankyou very much. Nice !

  • 3K3

    @ Everybody
    Here is a short & simple way to enter reg info of iCare Data Recovery Pro in the registry.

    Open Notepad.
    Copy – paste the code below.
    Save file as “iCareDataRecoveryPro.reg” to e.g. Desktop.
    Double-click “iCareDataRecoveryPro.reg” file and accept all changes when prompted.

    ;—– CODE —–



    ;—– END —–

  • RobCr

    My old PCs (they are all old) are mostly not working for the moment (broken CMOS socket, and blown power supply in another).
    Thus I installed it in a PC which I would rather not have.
    When I get the main PC fixed, can I ‘transfer’ the program to my main PC, using your trick ?

  • Daniel Lovejoy


    Thank you for that hack. It worked, and now I can compare this program with the others I use.

  • hal9000


    Of course, I’m not encouraging people who don’t know what they’re doing to play around in the registry.

    Only knowledgeable people who know how to edit the registry in the first place are going to make any sense of the information I posted. If someone doesn’t know how, or is uncomfortable following the steps suggested, then I would agree they should wait for the next promo.

    But for all the people who know what they’re doing, the information is there if they want it.

  • ebony


    I like workarounds but everyone is not is tech savvy enough to poke around in the registry and/or exporting registry key etc your comment.

    I suggest for those who did not get it, wait, the offer will comeback around. They always do.

  • hal9000

    There is an easy way to get round the expired code problem. Create a registry key called ‘iCarePro’ in ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware\’. Right click the ‘iCarePro’ key and add a new ‘multi-string value’ with the name ‘REGCODE’ and put the serial number in ‘data’. Export the registry key ‘icarepro’ for future use.

    Basically, the program will run activated if the key is already in the registry, but won’t let you enter the key through the software after the promo has ended.

    Hope this helps you disappointed folks who missed out.

  • Won’t be dealing with that company – for sure!! I often purchase new versions of software that were originally offered free – but in this case, NOT, the offer appears to be a phony!! Says key already expired – on same day offered????

  • Al Casillo

    I actually uninstalled an old version 4.0 and now the assumed free version dose not activate. Try many different ways but I could not activate the free offer :( .

  • RobCr

    Try writing to them and point out that there was no warning/instruction on their web page, regarding immediate installation.
    Tell them that you downloaded it in time, and just intended to install it later.
    I reckon they will slip you a copy.

  • Carolyn

    I also found that it says “code expired”

  • RobCr

    Yup, it is gone from their web page as well.
    It is lucky(for me) that someone on the forum, asked if it needed installing ‘now’ rather than ‘later’
    That prompted me to install it now, rather than when I got around to it.
    There was no warning on the download page, that it had to be activated immediately – TCH! TCH!

    My middle name is Apathetic
    Many people have told me that I can legally change that middle name.
    However, I have not got around to doing that yet.

  • Ruchir Bansal

    Bad company,withdrew before time,now says expired.Pathetic soft ware always either some giveaway or some 90$.Ridiculous.Don.t have even digital signatures like many data recovery soft,paid and free.Although its capability is fair.When a pen drive file system is not and data recovery desired,Recuva fails to start and others paid also.It ranked second and I have yet to compare other shareware also.This is very good only if free.

  • Doru Botoiu

    Unfortunately, it tells me that the license of
    iCare Data Recovery Professional is expired.

    Thanks anyway.

  • It says “code expired” though today is the 30th…