Free CrazyTalk 6 SE! [Limited time offer]

Software Description

The following is a description of CrazyTalk 6, as per the developer:

CrazyTalk 6 focuses on animating the faces and gives you the power to import any photo or image into the fitting wizard and bring it to life with easy auto lip-sync. Add emotion to your actor with emotive one-click mood animations and have full control of custom facial expressions with a few clicks. CrazyTalk 6 is a great match for beginners, students, educators and all users that need an easy-to-create solution with instant results.


Transform Your Image into an Actor

  • Go from image to animation
  • Enhanced facial fitting
  • Natural life-like head movement
  • Editable teeth, mouth, lips and eyes


Animate Actor Voice, Emotion & SFX

  • Automatic audio lip-synching
  • Puppeteering with your mouse
  • Real-time puppeteering recording
  • Easy animation with Emotives


Actor’s Stage & Timeline Control

  • Stage multi-actor dialogue
  • Unique actor timeline tracks
  • Camera system and keyframing


Export & Application

  • MPEG-4, NTSC, PAL and HD
  • Flash FLV, TGA, BMP Sequence
  • 3D Stereo Vision Output
  • YouTube video direct publishing
  • Advanced web output

Take note the above description is of the features in CrazyTalk 6, the full version. CrazyTalk 6 SE (“Special Edition”) is limited on some features; the table below, created by the developer, lists out these limitations:

Click on table to view it in full size.

dotTech Advice

The power of CrazyTalk is how easy it is to use. I have no prior modeling experience, nor am I the creative type; so it goes a long way when I say in less than five minutes I was able to animate an image of a person and make him say whatever I want. Sure the animation wasn’t perfect – because I didn’t spend too much time making sure all the animation points lined up properly with the image – but it worked very well.

What makes the package even sweeter is there are templates and sample models one can use to learn the program; or you can import images from your hard drive or snap a new photo with your web cam. Once you import an image (whether from your hard drive or web cam) you are lead through a step-by-step process of animating the object(s) on screen. (They need not be just people — it works on animals, too.) After images are animated, you write the script you want them to speak (you type it in, or select from any of the examples). Then you output it as a movie. Simple.

For novices who want to play around with animations, CrazyTalk 6 SE is a fun software to have. If I can animate images then anyone can. Experts, on the other hand, may find the limitations on CrazyTalk 6 SE to be cumbersome; I am not an expert so I can’t say for sure. If you are an expert, feel free to download this and evaluate it yourself. Who knows, you may find yourself purchasing the upgrade.

Freebie Details

CrazyTalk 6 SE is being given away in a promotion run by What Digital Camera. There is no information on if it is time limited offer nor is there information on if you can install/reinstall at a later date. My guess, however, is this is a time limited offer, hence why I marked this as a limited time offer in the title; I just don’t know how long this will be available. So grab this while you can, if you want it.

To get CrazyTalk 6 SE for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v6.21.1921.1 SE

Free updates and technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 84.5 MB

  • To use CrazyTalk 6 SE, the developer asks you register an account with them. Registration is free but requires a valid e-mail address. So visit the registration page and register:

  • After you register check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from with subject of Reallusion Membership Activation!. In the e-mail there is a link you need to visit to confirm you registration:

  • Once you confirm your registration, download and install CrazyTalk 6 SE.
  • After installation, run CrazyTalk 6 SE and login using your login details:

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting CrazyTalk 6 SE for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Thanks Jeanjean!

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  • Yes! Finally someone writes about spel.

  • hatman


    2 free extras(Bonus) come with it after you have registered the program Log in at

    Check your account. Makes sure program is off before installing the Bonuses.

  • BrooksG

    OK, I just installed so FYI, the offer is still being honored.

    It seems pretty cool.

    But I’m getting the same sinking feeling that I did when an aunt gave my young daughter a naked Barbie doll and said: “now all you have to do is buy her a few things . . .”

  • EleventhHour

    Thanks Ashraf!

    This giveaway is still active (as I just found out). Just make sure to follow Mary’s instructions to register and also get the bonus packs.

  • albert otojunk

    OOPS. Instead of “on page changed” I meant to say “After clicking on the apply button, nothing on the page (that would indicate that an email would be sent) changed.”

  • albert otojunk

    I filled out the application form with a good email address and double checked that the password and reentered password were the same. When I clicked on the apply button, the password and reentered password boxes turned bright red { like they were very embarrassed :>) } on page changed.

    I tried three times. Is the bright red normal?

  • Prema

    are these the two “bonus” downloads Mary was talking about:

    Bonus Image Pack (3.6MB)
    Bonus Emoticon Pack (9.53MB)

  • Ashraf

    @Hyperman: Glad I’m not the only one. :-P

    @Bosco: Ditto.

    @Chris: Thanks for sharing the clarification on the bonus content with the rest of us!

    @Mary: I’m glad you thought of the rest of. :-) Thanks again!

    @Jeanjean: You are welcome!

    @Janet: It won’t install DirectX 9 over 11. The Microsoft installer checks to see if you have a later version installed and if you do it doesn’t install.

    @thaijay: How’s it a YMMV? That’s how it is supposed to work. :-P

    @nick, @Tom, @charly O: This promo is a limited time offer so it may be over. Try registering at then logging into CT 6 SE.

    @hatman: Thanks for helping everyone out!

  • hatman

    @charly O:

    Did you use a throwaway e-mail? Some software sites will not respond to them. gmail,Hotmail or Yahoo should work.

  • hatman


    Did you use a throwaway e-mail? Some software sites will not respond to them. gmail,Hotmail or Yahoo should work.

  • hatman


    Did you use a throwaway e-mail? Some software sites will not respond to them. gmail,Hotmail or Yahoo should work.

  • charly O

    I visited the registration page twice and never received a return email from this $%^%$# site!!

  • Tom

    how long does it take to get this stupid registration?????????

  • nick

    I visited the registration page twice and never received a return email in over 24 hours

  • thaijay

    Hi All,

    It looks like YMMV!

    I downloaded the file from the link in the article. I signed up for an account at realusion. Installed CT 6 SE. On opening, the pop-up asks for realusion email and password to sign into account. If no account, it allows you to sign up for one. After the sign in, it is registered.

    At least that’s what worked for me.

  • Janet

    It wants to install DirectX 9….I believe I have DirectX 11 (how can I tell?–where does it live?–Win7 Search did not help….). Is it advisable to let a program install DirectX 9 over 11…?

  • @ Ashraf : Thanks for the review.
    @ Mary : I didn’t see that because I’ve not install it yet. Thanks.

  • Chris


    See above post. I had to edit and you beat me to it. :) Thanks!

  • Mary

    Hyperman, I didn’t buy any program on that site. I just followed the instructions above, and found an extra step that wasn’t mentioned above.

    I checked the registration in the program itself , to make sure it was really registered, and a link in there took me to that store page, and that is where I saw the link to click for the registration number. I came back here to read if this was something I missed reading the above, saw that I didn’t, so for the heck of it, I clicked the link to get the number emailed to me, and it worked!

    I wanted to post in case others missed that last step as well. So be sure you have a registration number for your download, or it won’t be fully registered.

    I played with the program a bit, and it’s pretty neat! I read some of the tutorials, which are easy enough to understand, so I’m happy with this program. The other ones on the site look awesome too. This stuff is right up my alley!

    In my first post I neglected to thank Jeanjean, so thank you! :)

    Edit to add: Chris: I put the link to that page in my first post. There should be a button or text link right under that registration box/space that you need to click on. Then it sends you a number via email. If you can’t find it, then I’ll go back and look again and see if it jogs my memory. I should have taken a screenshot.

    OK, never mind, you found it! lol That’s how I found it too. In the program, the question mark icon!

  • Chris


    I couldn’t find the “link” you mentioned in your post. I went to the premium login page and logged in after confirming my email and the only thing there is a blank for a serial number and a button for Registration.

    Update: I found what needed to be done. Once you install the program and open it you have to go to the top right corner and click the ? mark and scroll down and select About. Once opened you will see a serial number. That number is what you put in the website account page and then press the Registration button. Once that is complete you can then scroll down and see the registered product along with the two bonus downloads.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • Bosco

    Thanks, Mary, after some searching on their web site I found the bonus downloads but haven’t installed them yet. Would not have found them without your comment.

  • Hyperman

    @Ashraf: I think we ALL missed it, because unless you bought the standard/pro version of CrazyTalk, then its Not happening. But thanks for the CrazytalkSE ver. 6.

  • Ashraf

    @Mary: Thanks for the info on the bonus downloads! I musta missed that part. o_O

  • Mary

    Installed fine on Win 7 / 64.

    After following the above instructions, you need to log into the site, go to the member page (Reallusion Online Store Home) :

    There is a link to click on to get your registration number. Click on it, and it will be sent, immediately, to your email address.

    Copy and paste the registration number from that email into the box on your member page, then click to register.

    Once you are done registering, you will get 2 more bonus downloads. The program must be closed in order to install the 2 bonus downloads.

    I haven’t tried the program out yet, but will. It looks pretty cool!
    Just wanted to post this first, in case anyone else has any problems registering!

    Thank you Ashraf and dottech!

  • Ashraf

    @hatman: You are welcome!

    @greg: Glad to hear it worked. Hope you enjoy it!

  • greg

    installed fine on w7 64. play with it later.

  • hatman

    Thanks. Will try this out. :-)

  • Ashraf

    @Philippe: Did not find what?

  • Philippe

    I did not find it.