Get eBook “PC Security Guide” by Windows Secrets for free [Limited time offer]

eBook Description

The following is a description of PC Security Guide, as per the authors:

For better or worse, more of our daily activities are spent on the Internet. We stay in touch with friends and family, post those fun vacation photos for all to see, check out the latest movies, look up interesting things to buy, and much more.

But we’re also putting more and more sensitive personal information on the Net, such as when we manage our online banking and investments, pay our bills, and purchase those movie tickets with our credit cards. That online activity comes with significant risk — and it’s a threat that’s becoming difficult to counter.

Each of us is now faced with the daunting task of protecting ourselves and our families in the virtual worlds we travel. To make the job a bit easier, the editors of the Windows Secrets Newsletter have compiled some of the best security stories from our archives.

The PC and Internet Security Guide is a concise e-book that provides simple and straight forward advice for secure computing. It’s designed to give you the fundamental tools you’ll need to protect your PC and personal information from most online threats.

dotTech Advice

PC Security Guide is a 58-page eBook by the folks at Windows Secrets. I haven’t read it but Windows Secrets has a reputation for being a good source of sound advice, so it is probably worth your while to grab this while it is free (usually costs $9.95) and glance through it if you have free time. Or read it all immediately if you are really zealous about your cyber security.

Freebie Details

This freebie is sponsored by Windows Secrets themselves but it is being offered for free through TradePub, an online magazine publisher. This promotion is live until December 6, 2011 but it is in PDF format, so once you save it on your hard drive you can access it whenever you want.

Before I tell you exactly how to get this eBook for free, I must warn you the form TradePub asks you to fill out is very, very, very extensive. So either you must be willing to provide a lot of data about yourself to TradePub or you must be willing to… lie. Now I am not encouraging people to input false information (dotTech and Ashraf are not responsible for any fraud you commit); I am just saying it is possible. Also note if you have a LinkedIn account you can login with that.

That said, to get PC Security Guide for free, do the following:

  • Visit the promotion page and register (or login, either with your TradePub or LinkedIn account):

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from with subject of Download Your Requested Windows Secrets eBook. In the e-mail you will find a link to download PC Security Guide:

The eBook is in PDF format. If you have a PDF reader plugin installed in your browser the eBook will open directly inside your browser. If this is the case for you and you would rather save the eBook directly onto your hard drive all you have to do is right-click the CLICK HERE link and click on Save Link As… (or the Save Link As… equivalent for your browser). This will download the eBook directly onto your computer.

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting this eBook for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • Kol

    Hey Ashraf

    Glad you got to rip your cheeks apart and smile : )

    nah never got to work BUT the site never got my details well they did but got SHIT !! now I am smilin :P

    love your work …hey this is the web and not all is at it seems

  • Ashraf

    @Louis: Did you resolve the issue?

    @RobCr: Hmmm… good idea on the “half LinkedIn”. xD

    @Finell: You are welcome!

    @charliechan: Use a spam e-mail address if you don’t want to be spammed, although I’m sure there is a way to opt out of TradePub emails.

    @Gray Lady: Glad you like it!

    @KOL: LMAO! Sorry, the way you typed your comment just made me tickle with laughter.

    Did you ever get it to work?

    @Col. Panek: Hehe @ “No where did it suggest to run Linux”.

    @Louis: Glad you got it to work!

    @Tommy TuTone: Yes but then you have to worry about compatibility. I like Linux as much as the next guy but practically speaking it isn’t nearly as easy to use (in terms of software compatibility) as Windows.

    @rebel: Thanks!

    @Seamus McSeamus: Yeah, they do ask for a lot of information…

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Bah, too invasive for my tastes. You want my email address? Okay, I can go along with that. I have one of those just for spam anyway, so no biggie. But what my job is, how many people work there, my phone number and address? My bridge too far. They can keep their ebook. Most likely, it’s full of common sense info anyway.

  • rebel
  • Tommy TuTone

    Just use Linux instead of Windows my peeps…..then you don’t have to worry about “security”!

  • Louis

    @RobCR :
    @Finell :

    Thank you, got it now.

    Agreed, no more late nights for me — I seem to have mistaken that box for a business physical address, not email adress, and of course, once I typed in a character there, the text prompt disappeared for good, and afterwards could not be found !

  • I already get a load of …uh, Important Messages from these guys so I figured no loss in sending my real contact info.

    The book itself is mostly stuff I (and most people) already know but there’s some tidbits of good info. Although nowhere did it suggest to run Linux instead. :-)

  • charliechan


    @Finell I believe I had opted out of those items like I usually do, I even went onto tradepub and changed my settings regarding what emails I was receiving, I was able to tone it down to a few a week, but it was still annoying, I ended up just killing my account with them. I’m sure I will be able to find this ebook somewhere else online without having to go through this.

  • KOL

    Dear Kol,

    Thank you for requesting “PC Security Guide (eBook) – Limited Time Offer”, from Windows Secrets.

    Please CLICK HERE to download your complimentary eBook.

    We invite you to visit Windows Secrets for more information.


    The link to ‘PC Security Guide (eBook) – Limited Time Offer’ has expired. Please register below to get your free download.

    “PC Security Guide (eBook) – Limited Time Offer”

    Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This $9.95 Value eBook Expires 12/6/2011.


  • Finell

    @charliechan: Did you opt out of receiving TradePub’s promotions and their “partners'” promotions? I opted out of both, but I gave my real contact info. I have no prior experience with TradePub, so I will be very annoyed if I get spammed after opting out.

  • Gray Lady

    Didn’t have a bit of trouble filling out form, getting link by email, downloading and saving.

    Great e-book. I subscribe to Windows Secrets email updates and read about this book. Great to get it as a freebie.

  • charliechan

    Seems very interesting, however last time I dealt with trade pub, I would gets of junk email from them advertising other books I could receive from them, they were all related to stuff I wanted, but the site sent emails everyday and multiple times a day, just clogged my inbox. I want the book, but don’t want to sign up with tradepub again.

  • Finell

    Under “Contact Information”, in the left-hand column, “Business Email Address” is the 5th fill-in field, below “Company Name” and above “Phone Number”. I don’t see how anyone could miss it. Once you click in the field or enter a value, the “Phone Number” prompt disappears, so perhaps that is what confuesed you.

  • Finell

    I followed the instructions and filled in the requested info. The email with the download link arrived almost instantly. I downloaded the e-book with no problem. I very quickly skimmed through it, and it appears to be quite useful. Thanks, dotTech!

  • RobCr

    It was near the bottom of the left column, called Business Email Address.
    That was the only place that I typed my email, and it worked (I received an email with download link)

  • RobCr

    I got half LinkedIn
    I tried my LinkedIn Login.
    I believe it ‘worked’ in the sense that from then on it did not offer that login choice, and the main page did say welcome.
    But darned If I could get it to download.
    So I gave them all my details, and it downloaded ok.

  • Louis


    Filled in the questionnaire and clicked on ‘Download’, however, I received this error message :

    There are 1 value(s) that have a formatting error:
    Please enter a valid email address (xxxx@yyy.zzz).
    Please scroll down to complete the required questions as noted above.

    Scrolling down I find no place to enter an email address in the qusestionnaire, so this is catch-22 !

    Best regards