dotTech Promo: We are giving away nine $5 Amazon gift cards for free!

Let’s cut to the chase. dotTech has nine $5 (USD) Amazon gift cards. And we want to give them away. Keep reading to learn how you can win one.

What is being given away?

Nine $5 Amazon gift cards. These gift cards work towards any purchase(s) on or – including digital content. These gift cards will not work on international Amazon websites, such as

Who can win one?

Anyone that shops on or If you don’t shop on either of these websites then please don’t enter this giveaway.

Is this coming out of your pocket?

If you could look at my face, do you think I’d look like I am that nice? The answer to that question better be “yes”, otherwise when picking winners my random number generator may accidentally skip over your number.

On a serious note, this giveaway is sponsored by Kingsoft Security, the makers of Kingsoft PC Doctor.

How to win a gift card

[Optional] Subscribe to dotTech: RSS | E-Mail | Facebook | Twitter | Google+

To win a gift card simply post a nice message in the comments below. Gift cards will be sent to the winners via e-mail, so be sure to use a valid e-mail address when posting a comment.

You may enter only once and may will only one gift card. Anyone that enters more than once will be disqualified and hunted down by my army of little green men.

This giveaway is open until Sunday March 11, 2012 23:59 Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be selected randomly, with Mr. Boss reserving the right to award anyone a gift card as he sees fit.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Jus

    This is a really great site that I love visiting. If I miss getting a chance to be in the draw, I guess it serves me right for not subscribing earlier! Anyway, Thanks Ashraf, for all the great advice, tips, help and giveaways!

  2. Anonymail

    What a nice thing to do!
    I shop at Amazon almost daily for new kindle books!
    Thanks for the offer and thank you to all the writers for their concise and to the point reviews!
    I always look at the “DotTech advice” part before I do anything.

  3. Linu George

    Thanks for this unique giveaway without much requirements. Kingsoft is making some noise with their software and I might try out their doctor software after reading your review.

  4. B J Swenson

    Over the past couple of years i’ve learned quite a bit about software from I especially have enjoyed the great insight Ashraf brings to his reviews – here and on Giveaway of the Day. That’s where I first learned about I also really appreciate the Giveaways, Promos, and Freebies.
    Thanks Kingsoft Security for sponsoring this contest… I do most of my online shopping at

  5. DMC

    I’ve thankfully learned so much from Ashraf and other contributors at From the days when Ashraf used to be the most sought after and trusted reviewer on, to his current contributions on, which are still amazingly informative and helpful, I feel like I’ve become an expert in so many areas, especially in video editing and PC maintenance. Thank you for all that you do!

  6. Kingsoft Security

    Thanks dottech!

    I’m Logan from Kingsoft, Thanks dottech for organizing this giveaway, Hope we can hold more in future :D

    Besides, anyone having issues/problems regarding usage of kingsoft pc doctor, do not hesitate to contact us via email or facebook.

  7. tony

    It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down to dottech
    Everybody looks forward to the free gift
    5 dollars amazon free YEAHHH!
    5 dollars amazon free YEAHHH!
    Looking forward to the FREE GIFT =))

    (jk, Friday is a great song in the end although everybody thinks it sucks LOL)

    P.S: wish everyone has a great weekend and goodluck!

    And i want to be one of the lucky ones :P

  8. Nite Owl

    I think what I like best about dottech are the honest reviews with a great deal of useful and unbiased information. The time and effort that Ashraf and others put into this site benefits all of us and we DO appreciate this because I see almost none of the negative type trolling comments on articles or software that seem to show up on other sites. To me, this shows respect for the work and the dottech community as a whole. In other words, we love you guys! Thanks! P.S. I didn’t post this comment to win a gift card, I just took this opportunity to say how I feel about dottech.

  9. Rick Snail

    I’ve subscribed to for a couple of years and really enjoy it. Ashraf does an excellent job of introducing us to good new software and offers. As an added bonus, he knows his stuff so you can trust his judgement when he gives a review of a product.

  10. Jerry

    I think this site is one heck of a great learning experience for young and ole alike me..who are 6 thumbs and always in a constant which way do i Go George state of affairs about the fast paced changing www thanks for all your help…

  11. david roper

    I can always count on dotTech to keep my DOS up to date, currently at 2.11, I cannot imagine what will happen to my equipment when DOS goes higher such as DOS 3.0, 3.1. No, let’s skip DOS 3.0 and go to 3.1 or 3.11. Thanks , Ashraf, for helping us keep up to date**((**poof it’s DOS 7 **))** er, I mean 7.0… what happened??? I just blinked…

  12. Patara

    I’ve been hanging around here from the early days and it has been really good to see the site grow. I always follow on from the emails to see what goodie you have in store, whether freebie or excellent reviews, which IMO are the best around. It’s great to see some gifts added into the mix. Thanks Ashraf for giving me the opportunity to win one.

  13. Kerry

    Thank you for Blessing us less fortunate, who can’t afford much with so much you give in software and recommendations.
    Also Thank You King Soft for keeping us safe and still going.

  14. John Burse

    We have tried and tested the others but none of the others come close to the best and they are folks…… Dot Tech and Amazon .
    So take my advise and remember to always do this…. “ONCE YOU TRY THE BEST FORGET ABOUT THE REST” ! You will be happy that you did .

  15. textboox5

    I noticed that this comment will make the comment counter read 115 comments, and out of curiosity, I looked at the most recent posts tab and noticed that on average, only ten people posted comments. Hmm. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway. As others have said, this just makes an already very good site even better.

  16. Kathy Skipper

    I love your site & view it every day. Got used to seeing your reviews while at the GAOTD site & followed you to your site just to keep up with your reviews when you stopped showing up there. I was amazed to see that you not only did reviews on software but also did give aways & tech tips. I have been a regular “lurker” ever since. I read the tips and reviews & now depend on both & miss them when you take time off. Thanks for all you do & keep up the good work!! Love the fact that you are doing the amazon gift card btw.
    Thanks again Ashraf.

  17. nganchaihou

    I appreciate your hard and good work towards making what it is today. Your contribution all these years will not go unnoticed in vain. Also like your freebies news and occasional promotions which you gladly presented to all of us. Thanks for all these.

  18. David

    I like this site. Articles posted here are always interesting and informative. I Also like the reviews and giveaways. There is always something useful here, this is why I keep coming back. Thanks Ashraf for the time and effort.

  19. annie

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is the best general tech software review site on the internet!

    Thanks Ashraf – I have said this before, but I’m craven enough to say it again just to go into the draw.

  20. BeachSandGuy

    I’m so glad to see all the action on the site again! Missed your articles Ashraf, totally get the commitment too. Quality over quantity anytime. Thanks again for your dedication to keeping your website alive!

  21. alex19100

    Thanks for all your work and keeping up a great site!
    I have subscribed to for a while now.
    I really like your recommendations and reviews
    Thanks for this opportunity

  22. Janetb

    I’ve always wanted to donate to my dear Ashraf/dotTech, but my studio overhead is now greater than my income….:-(….If could win the $5 I would donate it to dotTech, so PLEASE let me win!!!!

  23. Sean

    Amazon addict who is umbilically attached to all the wonderful ideas, advice, content, offers and giveaways on Dottech lays prostate before the Boss beseeching the granting of such a fantastic gift card!

    Keep up the great work!

    Thanks :-)

  24. Terryb

    I have been meaning to post a comment anyway. I’ve been following you from GAOTD to the start-up of your column. When you asked for donations, I sent donations. Why? Your posts are always educational and easy to understand. I’ve learned so much about different programs; what they do, why they do or don’t work, what to look for in a program and whether it’s worth downloading or not and why. You are always respectful, helpful and positive in your feedback to comments. Beyond freeware, I would purchase a program only if you recommend it. I am a loyal follower for as long as you continue this or any other format.
    Thank you again for all your efforts and passion (I would say all this with or without the gift card).

  25. Dave Posh

    Wow. I have subscribed to for a while now (since my wife turned me on to it). And this is the longest section of comments I have ever seen. On most previous posts, the comments were empty and I wondered if there were many others reading it. I get notifications via RSS feed to my google reader, so maybe I am just looking at it before others get to comment. It is a great site, one of the first I browse when I have 200-800 in my RSS reader.

  26. Michael

    I, too, am an Amazon shopper. And I love this site too. I have found more valuable information here then anywhere else on the internet. Your honest and detailed reviews are the Best!!

    Keep up the great work!

  27. Harry44Callahan

    Hi Ahsraf,

    I run a small tech service and am often called upon for the latest and greatest software / freeware to use. Your site is most valuable for this and saves me time in testing and analyzing on my own.

    Thanks for the great info service to us smallies out here.

    Harry C.

  28. Jim IT geek

    I added your RSS feed to my iGoogle a long time ago. I always look forward to the great tips, tricks and giveaways from you and your knowledgeable stable of guest authors. Kudos for a great site!

  29. Joseph Allgren

    I am grateful for the many tips and giveaway alerts you have published, often passing them along to friends who I know would find them useful. A free $5 Amazon gift card would seal my devotion.

  30. Andrea Taylor

    I would love to win the $5. I have followed this site for a while now. I really like being able to get the pros and cons of some of the software before I download. Keep up the good work! We really do appreciate you.

  31. David

    Love the site! Miss it when they’re aren’t frequent updates… I always think I’ve missed something important if I don’t see something in my inbox for a few days. $5 amazon credit would be a sweet bonus!

  32. leland

    Thanks as always for the great site Ashraf. It was nice to see you get some new talent at the site to publish and take some of the pressure off of you. Please count me in for this giveaway.

  33. Sequoiah66

    Thanks for all your work and keeping up a great site!
    I don’t use Win much any more, but those few times are usually to run a program I got from here. And, I still do computer work for a lot of my friends, most of which end up with at least a backup program gotten here and often many more progs as well.

    Yes, please put me in your drawinng for the Amazon card. Being between Grad school and a “real” job, I could use it!

    — S

  34. Home User

    Great site! You can find out about almost any computer software question you have, the reviews are in great detail so you can know what to expect and if it meets your needs. Lots of helpful people to answer questions. And there is ASHRAF. What more could a person ask for? I purchase several things from Amazon and if I win I would want Ashraf to keep it for himself. I appreciate all the time and effort he puts into this site! Thanks

  35. Kevin

    I would like the opportunity to win the $5 gift card. I visit this site daily and have learned a lot from the information you and other authors have posted. In addition, this site is one of the only few sites that I have disabled my ad-blocker on.

  36. Robert Burget

    A note of thanks for the info that you provide on this website. I especially appreciate your personal comment on the software that is being reviewed. An individual that has used the software carrys more weight with me than the review by the producer of the software. Keep up the great work.

  37. Carol

    Also interested in your newly distributed emails. Glad I joined the list. Seems like there is something always interesting or fascinating that you write about. Thanks for the great website. P.S. Would love to win :)

  38. Matt Alava

    Thanks for the heads up on neat programs and your take on them. You have provided a valuable and informative service to us for many years now. Many thanks for your time and effort.


  39. Frank Demelio

    I find it refreshing that a techie takes the trouble to explain so well. I get so frustrated by experts who use a short phrase as a solution to a problem. This site explains what the software does, how to use it, and even provides a thorough explanation of how to obtain the software. Many thanks

  40. Darlene

    Hello from Sherwood Park, Alberta:

    I’d love to win a gift card … this morning I ordered three books from Amazon, and there’s lots of other goodies that I want.

    I really appreciate your dotTech emails and comments about the products (especially since I’m terribly computer illiterate).

    Thanks again, Ashram! Please pick me ….

  41. Donna Rae Smith

    I receive your email updates and love visiting your site. It’s great. Now a giveaway! How fun is that! Thanks for the chance to enter. Sure could use it if I win.
    Thanks Again,
    Donna Rae

  42. Rob (Down Under)

    I was hoping to be quick enough to beat the vultures.
    I think I have mentioned that my mate who lives in our best suburb, has been asked to give me a ‘heads up’ when they are leaving electronics etc out on the footpath for twice annual ‘rubbish’ collection.
    I have told him to let me know early, so that I can beat the vultures.

  43. Steven Libis


    I would love to get a free $5.00 credit at

    I only recently found this web site and I like the reviews and offers that I find here. In fact, I like it so much that I even subscribed so that I wouldn’t miss any of the freebies. There are very few web sites that I subscribe to. I even posted a comment on the AnVir Task Manager, a product that I have been using for a few years. Keep up the good work.



  44. GEO

    Thanks alot for offering great deals nearly every day. This is just one in the vast array of great “free stuff” you make available to us..but that does NOT mean I dont want the gift card! Either way,as a “little green man” I am volunteering for your “army”. :) Keep up the great work!

  45. veronica1

    Love dotTech for all it’s reviews and freebies. Have shared this site with many friends and clients. Thank you for another great giveaway. (Also I am an Amazon Prime member…enough said.)

  46. BeeGee

    Doesn’t anyone read the instructions anymore? No wonder all the TechSupport people I know are crabby people.

    If Ashraf specifically says: “On a serious note, this giveaway is sponsored by Kingsoft Security, the makers of Kingsoft PC Doctor” do you really think (verbally) kissing the big Amazon Tush will get the card?

  47. iamvirtual

    I learned about this website last year and I love it! I am an IT professional and I find great stuff here, including links to great software and giveaways. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  48. Vincent

    I want to thank dotTech for so many wonderful articles. I get them both at work and at home. Thanks to you also Amazon. I have bought a lot of tech equipment and other goodies from you. Never once have I had bad service. eBay…who?

  49. Shava Nerad

    As a semi-usual suspect and fan, I was quick to come and add an appreciative comment and /wave to Kingsoft when I saw the email. I seriously pondered your call for writers, Ashraf! If you’d be interested in an *occasional* freelancer, drop me a line…

  50. Gary

    This is one of my all time favorite sites. I used to work in computer field when I was younger. Now, being semi-retired, I count on Dottech to keep me in the loop. I’ve been an shopper for years (just made a purchase a couple of days ago) and like all of the different services they offer. Hats off to both of you!

  51. MerryMarjie

    I am an Amazon Woman! Hear me ask politely for one of your free gift cards!

    Sincerely, I have just downloaded Kingsoft PC Doctor as a replacement for CCleaner and am looking forward to better control of my system. When I read about the advantages of Kingsoft over CCleaner, I decided I could be more aggressive in deleting junk files, and will try this one for efficiency.

    Thank you!

  52. Commonkore

    I’ve gotten a ton of great software from this site and the friendly help and assistance whenever I’ve run into a problem is outstanding. I can’t say enough good things about this site. I look forward each day to new posts. Thanks for all the good work and I’ll keep an eye on my inbox for a nice gift certificate from Amazon which I also use extensively believe me.

  53. Brenda

    Hi Mr. Boss, – I sure hope I win one of the cards. I love the dottech site and really enjoy getting a chance to get free software that I like, read all the reviews and tips. You do a great job. Thanks a lot

    btw – I shop Amazon – haven’t heard of until today.