[Android] Tip: Don’t accidentally accept Google Play newsletters when using the new Play Store app

Google is in the process of rolling out the new Play Store app to Android devices. After you get the Play Store update, the first time you run the app you will be prompted to accept Google’s Terms of Services. If you hit Decline you won’t be able to use Play Store, so you essentially have to Accept. However, before you trigger finger the Accept button, take note Google has everyone opted-in to receive Google Play newsletters:

If you don’t want to receive e-mails from Google Play about news and offers, be sure to uncheck the check box before hitting Accept.

I’m an Android fan (Fandroid, if you will) so I say with a heavy heart: Shame on you Google, I expected better.

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  • Not a fan of this. I dislike companies that force you to accept of they wont let you use. It should just say if “use dont accept your at your own risk”

  • FrankF

    This is disgraceful from Google. I cannot update my apps on my Android phone now without accepting these blanket t’s & c’s. I keep declining! Do you think I can take my phone back and get a refund as the t’s & c’s have changed without my consent? Time to try something else!!

  • Frank

    @Ashraf: If only one could trust them…

  • Ashraf

    @JohnP: I’m not sure what that is for, but one reason I can think of wiping out malware apps (Google has the ability to remote wipe apps on Android device, in case of malware).

    @Ed: Interesting take on things.

  • Ed

    I missed this too & it further adds to my increasing irritation & dislike of all things Google. So much so, that I am stopping my use of all things Google as much as I can. The only way to affect change is to stop using Google services. Fortunately, I also rarely use YouTube. There are other options out there. It would be nice though to get a worldwide petition going to get Google’s attention, such as the recent viral KONY campaign, or heck, even a viral YouTube video. Google is becoming as evil, restrictive & greedy as Apple & the others.

  • JohnP

    And have you noticed that as part of the mandatory Terms and Conditions, Google has the right to delete from your phone any apps or other material which you obtained through Google Play… following the bad example of Amazon which (quite rightly) landed itself in a pile of **** for doing that.

  • Ashraf

    @Frank: BTW how have you had Play Store on your device for a week? Google Play hasn’t even been out for a week.

    Funnily enough, I was thinking while writing this article “I may be too late — some people may have already got Play Store”.

  • Ashraf

    @Commonkore: In Google’s defense, the whole “opt-out if you don’t want this” is one of the elephants in the room for Web 2.0. Most everyone does it (because you get a whole lot more subscribers who don’t out-out vs the number you would get if you made them opt-in) but no one wants to talk about it.

    That said, however, Google should not have done it.

    @Frank: What Locutus said.

  • Locutus

    @Frank: when you get an email from them there will most likely be a link to unsubscribe.

  • Frank

    I am with you, Ashraf!
    But: Your notice is a little late, Google Play on my devices since 1 week.
    How to withdraw that ‘consent’ to be informed?

  • Commonkore

    I agree fully with you Ashraf. I am often too quick to just hit “Accept” without taking a close look at what I am opting into especially with an otherwise reputable outfit like Google. This type of trikery, and I say that purposefully because any reputable company would make it so you had to check the box yourself if you wanted the newsletter, dashes your confidence that there are companies still out there who won’t stoop to such lows. Kudos to you for sending this note reminding us all to be cautious.