Free Focus Photoeditor (v6.3)! [24-hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of Focus Photoeditor, as per the developer:

Focus Photoeditor is comparable to software used by the world’s most successful professional photographers, but even without any prior experience using photo editing software, even if you’re a complete novice, you can use the powerful photo wizard functions to enhance your digital photos instantly.

You wouldn’t believe the difference if you hadn’t seen it happen right before your eyes. You’ll see even photos you thought looked “pretty good” being enhanced and improved to jaw-dropping vibrancy.

Here are just a few selection of amazing characteristics of Focus Photoeditor:

  • Full compatibility with Windows 7.The only Photo Editing Program on the market to support all versions of Windows (from Win98 to Win7 in both 32bits and 64 bits modes). Loads blazingly fast, Won’t eat up memory.
  • More than 150 camera models supported and dozens of graphic formats
  • RAW formats are updated to the latest models. Unlimited free updates
  • Save and Export files previewing and optimizing size for all formats
  • Compatible with the PSD Photoshop File Format
  • Quick Fix Wizard – To fix all the most common photo problems in a single step.
  • The Best Set of Automatic Photo Corrections you could ask for
  • Auto Contrast, Auto Colors, Auto White Balance
  • Great Control over Dynamic Range with Smart Flash, Reduce Highlights, Dynamic Range Improver
  • Full Arsenal of Exposure and Color Corrections
  • Professional RGB Curves Correction to achieve tone changes precisely
  • Hue – Saturation Control – Selective Color – Replace and Calibrate Colors
  • Remove Chroma, Luminance Noise and any kind of digital noise
  • Top-Notch Unsharp-Mask Filter to render the sharpest and cleanest picture details
  • Easy to use Batch Processor with ability to undo the changes applied to some or all the pictures
  • Layers: both Image and Text with many option to customize and to organize
  • Selections – A Big Variety of ways of selecting pixels, including free-lasso tool and Magic Wand
  • Drawing, Painting, Retouching. Great control over precise editing.
  • Be creative by painting with the Pressure Sensitive Graphic Tablet Support
  • Create elaborate decorations with Textures, Patterns and Gradients (up to 256 colors and in a multitude of shapes)
  • Unlimited possibilities with hundreds of Built-in Filters and thousands of parameters to experiment with
  • Effective Anti-RedEye retouch tool. Get rid of this annoying problem very quickly.
  • Clone tool to remove unwanted details or duplicate existing ones.
  • Lighten / darken details, improve sharpness, increase saturation by painting over your photo!
  • Easy-to-use picture browser: lets you rotate, make backup copies, copy & paste, print picture files in a sheet.
  • Have access to thousands free and commercial Filters with the Photoshop Plugins Support
  • Save and Reload your Photo Projects
  • Share your photos with the web album builder
  • Enjoy all the rich editing tools found in more expensive software
  • And other ones that you can’t get elsewhere!

dotTech Advice

Digital photography and photo editing isn’t my forte in the least, so there isn’t much advice I can give about Focus Photoeditor. I can say, however, Focus Photoeditor has received 4.5/5 stars from CNET, 4/5 stars from Snapfiles, and 5/5 stars from Softpedia — so it must be doing something right.

(Anyone looking for excellent freeware image editors can check out Paint.NET, GIMP, or RealWorld Paint.)

If you grab Focus Photoeditor, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Freebie Details

Focus Photoeditor is being given away in a 24-hours promotion by Giveaway of the Day. The promotion is live until 23:59 Pacific Standard Time Friday March 12, 2012. You must download, install, and register within these 24-hours — you won’t be able to install/register later.

To get Focus Photoeditor for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v6.3.9.8 SE

Free updates: No

Free technical support: No

Supported OS: Windows 98 and higher

Download size: 37.3 MB

Giveaway limitation: This is free for non-commercial use only

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from NWS Centurybyte with subject of Verification Required!. In the e-mail is a link you must visit:

  • When you click (or copy + paste) the link, you need to login at the page that loads with the email address and password you just registered with:

  • Once logged in, click the Get me the Code button and you will be given your registration information:

Keep this registration information safe because you will need it soon.

  • Download the giveaway installer ZIP file.
  • Extract the ZIP file and run Setup.exe. Make sure you have a valid Internet connection at the time and wait while the installer checks to make sure the giveaway is still live. Once the installer confirms the giveaway is still live, the installation of Focus Photoeditor will launch:

Install Focus Photoeditor like you would install any normal program.

  • After installation of Focus Photoeditor finishes, the Giveaway of the Day installer will popup again — click Close (unless you want to install an optional third-party program Software Informer, in which case click Software Informer):

  • Now run Focus Photoeditor if it isn’t already running and register it using the registration information sent to you earlier:

Note: If you get an invalid code error then make sure there isn’t a space after or before the name or code. Also try putting two spaces between first and last name if one space doesn’t work; or if there are already two spaces between first and last name, delete one space and make sure there is only one space left. If the IP address in the program is different than what showed on the website, go to C:\Program Files\NWSoftware\Focus Photoeditor 6 and edit fp6Lic_SE.ini — change the IP address in that file to what is shown on the website when you register. [Thanks everyone for the tips!]

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Focus Photoeditor for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every day.
    It will always be useful to read articles from other authors and use something from their web sites.

  • I commented on the day the program was offered. I recieved a registration successful date 2012-03-12-12 13:06.19. My comment was #40 on the articule page. but didn’t find any answer or help. I tried newest no site page If you happened to check the “old” download comments I hope to hear something if possible

  • Dear Ashraf-Thanks,AGAIN,as you are the one beacon of knowledge that still makes any sense-tried to DL this Beast from-well,you know where,and,well,read my rant-#206?I was about to lose my sanity and blow my top—-but, I thought,perhaps Ashraf can Explain…,I looked to you for you for guidance,and your posts NEVER fail to enlighten-You may think I am waxing Poetic,and philosophical,But Once again, ,I have managed to keep my sanity whilst downloading problematic Installs. Thank you,again-your effort and Knowledge is not wasted upon me-I will sing your praises any,and every,Day. (Insert Deity HERE),bless you,Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MGV.

  • A. Wilcox

    Well that us a waste of time. Won’t install as it won’t accept the license number. Why even have this rubbish on the freebie site when it doesn’t work.

  • sos22

    I was helped by the comment by NS, which I will repeat here:

    If you get “An Error occurred. Could not complete your request.” after pressing the “Get me the code” button, click on the “Purchases” link (in the line where links are listed: Home, Purchases, Downloads, New Purchases, Change Password). This displays the Registration Code that does not display after clicking the “Get me the code” button. At least, this was my experience (I used Firefox).

    This worked for me – after a frustrating hour of trying everything I could think of. Thank you NS!

  • doofus

    after following all the guides and “updated” advices, and maybe some stuff past what was written here,
    we still get wrong code errors… thanks for not deleting my previous post… maybe its my win7, 32bits…
    i remember a key at another software i had working in xp no longer worked under win7 (using same kit and key)

  • ns

    If you get “An Error occurred. Could not complete your request.” after pressing the “Get me the code” button, click on the “Purchases” link (in the line where links are listed: Home, Purchases, Downloads, New Purchases, Change Password). This displays the Registration Code that does not display after clicking the “Get me the code” button. At least, this was my experience (I used Firefox).

  • And thank you again to Ashraf and the community here for the original post here and also the extra details for registering.

    I had no problems.

  • Sue

    I tried every suggestion and I am still getting an error after I paste in the code. I don’t think I am the problem. This appears to be a universal situation. Please fix it and send me an email with the fix.

  • Hi Lisa – when my install ran it said it needed the dll, then gave me an option to search for it – I clicked on the dll it found as being ok to use, then the close button for that dialog, and it continued from there.

  • Ashraf

    @Lisa Prestegard: You are welcome!

  • Lisa Prestegard

    No worries. I don’t have Photoshop and the program seems to be working just fine :)
    Thanks again!

  • Ashraf

    @Lisa Prestegard: Honestly I don’t know. I didn’t really look into Focus Photoeditor that much to find out. From what I understand the plugin is for Photoshop plugins so unless you have Photoshop installed you may not even need it. If you really really want it I suppose I could install Focus Photoeditor later if I have time and find out for you. No promises, though.

  • Lisa Prestegard


    What”s the name of the .dll should I be looking for? And where should I save it?
    *novice user*

  • Ashraf

    @Pamela: :-( That’s all I have in my bag of tricks :-( Are you open to trying freeware editors?

    @Lisa Prestegard: You are welcome! I believe you have to grab it from Adobe, which I’m sure if its possible without having Adobe Photoshop. Maybe if you download the trial but that’s hundreds of MB. Have you tried Googling for it? (Be sure to download from a safe site only.)

  • Lisa Prestegard

    Thanks Ashraf! It installed perfectly running windows 7 64 using your detailed instructions :)

    One hitch… it said it could not find the .dll file on my system and I can’t find a link to it on their site. Ideas??

  • Pamela

    Tried all of that and it still doesn’t work. :-(

  • Ashraf

    @Rookgaroo: Thank you for the heads up, I didn’t see that. And you are welcome!

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Thank you for helping diagnose why some people can’t register. I’ve added all the tips to the article.

    @Everyone who is having issues: Try any of the following. If you get an invalid code error then make sure there isn’t a space after or before the name or code. Also try putting two spaces between first and last name if one space doesn’t work and vice versa. If the IP address in the program is different than what showed on the website, go to C:\Program Files\NWSoftware\Focus Photoeditor 6 and edit fp6Lic_SE.ini — change the IP address in that file to what is shown on the website when you register.

  • Rookgaroo

    Hi, Ashraf,

    If you haven’t heard yet, NeWest Software wants you to contact them so they can give you a free commercial license for this software for all the help you gave. It’s posted in the GOTD comment section (#99).

    Thanks for the help!

  • Debbie

    I also am getting wrong code,was hoping I would not have to uninstall,usually have no problem
    with giveaway products-hope you can fix this error

  • Pamela

    Did what it said to register but it keeps saying “Wrong Code”

  • Marc

    I had no problems following Ashraf’s directions except that both and put the email from them in a spam folder. I tried first and it took its time appearing in the spam folder, so I went back to their website and tried, which delivered to my spam folder quickly. I mostly go for the Quick Fix with Undo/Redo, and it does make good improvements, although much slower than Irfanview.

  • Chuck

    @Bob Levy: Follow eleanor, put an extra space in between your name (so instead of one space it’s two) and then try it. the code should have no spaces behind or in front.

  • Umar Patel

    “An error occurred. Could not complete your request.” I keep getting this message when I try to retrieve my code.

  • sylnor

    Please follow these steps and you should have no problems:
    1. Enter a valid acceptable email (, etc)
    2. first name should be at least 8 letters
    3. check that the IP address shown in the web registration page is the same as in the ini file of the software folder. If not edit it. (You are probably using a dynamic IP)
    4.Copy and paste registration details exactly as from the website. Be careful of any extra spaces.
    5. congrats! you are now good to go.

  • Todd Rosen

    Followed instructions as well 3 times, no spaces after userID or password. Keep getting wrong code. Looks like this will not be a good review for my user group.

  • Eric 506

    I could not get a code using either a Netscape or address (message: An Error occurred. Could not complete your request.). This was posted on the GAOTD site, and worked for me:

    I had the same problem as #33, could log in, but got an error when I clicked to get the code. I clicked on Purchases and all the information was there, including the registration code. Registration went fine (I removed the extra space at the end of the code when I pasted it). The program did lock up the first time I ran it, while it was searching for DLLs. After that, it opened and ran with no problems.
    Comment by Klacey — March 12th, 2012 at 11:07 am

    I typed in the name and code manually and it worked. Let’s hope the program is worth the hassle.

  • Bob Levy

    Wrong code and NO spaces.
    Sorry but this is a BAD offering from GAOTD!
    BUT thanks to # 43 put extra space between first and last name nad it registered?????
    I also tried a copy paste but on the name there is only one space between first and last name.
    Go Figure.
    Does not create a very good feeling about the vendor…..


  • an

    @dada: also have win7 64, clearing the spaces behind name and code didn’t help but putting an extra between my first and last name did, don’t know why, maybe if you only have one name, you can try having a space in front ?? anything weird might help with the spaces …

  • Stump.M

    Same problem, all works fine until registration, the code obtained in e-mail correctly filled in, but it won’t register, wrong code message

  • Eleanor

    they put 2 spaces between the first and last name, added the second and it works

  • Swabby

    I followed Ashraf’s notes to the letter and viola everything worked fine. Got the code; got the software; installed the code and I’m ready to go.
    Patience and no spaces works.

  • I’ve had the same problem many other have message invalid code.

  • Giovanni

    Besides GIMP and Paint.Net, another cool FREE Photo Editor app, almost nobody seems to be aware of, is this:

    * (PORTABLE) StylePix (==> COOL lightweight app)


    (Video) Tutorials:

    Yes ==> FREE & PORTABLE with cool Photo Editing Options!!

    So no installation needed!!


  • Emjay64

    Opened firewall after it said I had no internet connection. That worked. Used my business email address (my own website, “” result = invalid email. Tried private (Australian) email address – again, invalid. Used a address – accepted, BUT NO EMAIL EVER RECEIVED!!! What an absolute waste of time!!! Who knows if it’s a good piece of software or not? GOTD, get your act together and make sure your providers have a process that doesn’t cause people grief!

  • utea

    People dont worry this is crap from a crappy place get one of the free ones, if they dont like the ip they put in there you wont get crap i paid for another program by them and never got it and never heard back from them, they are crooks.

  • RR

    What about the photo-edit QUALITY of the program?
    Is it worth all the time of troubles of installing/registering the app?

  • dada

    The registration code does not work – waste of time.

    Please, don’t reply with “dont leave any spaces after”

    Windows 7 64 – just does not work.

    Its not free anymore when you have to waste time.

  • Leslie


    Thanks Iggi you have likely saved me. I ONLY have dialup internet available as I am in rural Australia and high speed broadband is a couple of years away yet. I make mention of this because I got logged off whilst downloading the actual file and when I logged again you guessed it – I got allocated a different IP address.

    These guys are idiots to use the IP address as part of the identification process. Just what are they thinking ? I sent them a question regarding this issue so I’ll report back here on their answer.

  • Cyril

    Author: you put 2 spaces between the first name and the family name when I signed up. Only noticed this when I went to get a new registration code.
    To make sure you understand this, when you send the code to me on your registration page, there is only one space between the first name and the second name and also a space at the end of the family name. But clearly your registration is putting 2 spaces between the first name and the family name.

  • Stinky

    @Karen Field: AMEN TO THAT SISTER!

  • Karen Field

    @Peter Bruce: @Peter Bruce:
    I have never had this much trouble registering a product on GOTD!! Why cant you just revise the way we register! You can see all of the problems we are having. I have verified my account and they when I enter the code without all of the spaces I continue to get the wrong code. Then uninstalled and re-installed and same thing. I give up, what a waste of my time!!

  • Peter Bruce

    I am finding this impossible to register because I keep getting “email address is invalid”. I did try another email addy and this was accepted but I received no email. I tried the 2nd. addy again (which had been accepted) and this time it said that that email has already been used, but if so, how come no email?

    Time to give up on this one methinks and I certainly wouldn’t purchase anything from this company as they can’t seem to get their promotional stuff working.

    Cheers – Peter.

  • Iggi

    Thanks Maria, You gave me a clue!
    In installation folder I noticed the file “fp6Lic_SE.ini”, opened it and voila!
    There was a line with wrong IP address (it was different from the one in registration details).
    Once corrected, registration was finally possible!
    Btw, wrong IP address is a result from using http tunnel software (I should’ve turned it off once it passes a giveaway license check).

  • Maria

    -Maybe if you uninstall the program.
    -Delete the NWSoftware folder manually .
    -Restart your computer.
    -Open your browser with the site and login (for the code)
    -Run the setup again
    -Copy – Paste name and code
    -Delete spaces

    I hope this works

  • Iggi

    Thanks, tried that too (and many other possible combinations with or without spaces), but no-go…

  • Iggi

    Thanks for answering but firewall is not the problem, proxy without authorization probably wouldn’t be
    a problem too, but in my case, extra proxy authorization network setting seems to be the problem.
    I could bypass proxy, but then I will end up with new IP address, which means creating new NeWest account to match the code, and… that’s just about way too much fiddling for my taste, just to register.

  • Maria

    Just delete the space between your name and your last name
    (plus the last spaces of the name and the code)

  • Chris

    As Jack, #13:

    Tried to register and not received verification email though I keep refreshing and checking and checking spam folder.
    I’ve sent an email request to blendpic but worried I may not get a reply whilst program is free.

  • Sibill


    1. During installation be sure that the program has access to the internet! Allow it in your firewall, if any.

    2 For registering be aware to clear all Spaces behind “Registration Name” AND “Registration Code”
    “abc ” …WRONG
    “abc” …O.K.

  • Sibill

    @Jack Newman:

    Alternatively register here:

    be sure your email-adress is correct, you must confirm the mail….

  • Iggi

    Can’t register either…
    Keep saying “Wrong code” although I double checked all the fields.
    Seems to me that registration has problems if behind proxy with authorization.

  • Sibill


    SE stands for Special Edition or Selected Edition not Second Edition.
    Program is very mighty and far away from Beta…

    see here:
    and here for the detailed help:

  • Sibill

    Thank you Ashraf! Well done introduction!

    1. During installation be sure that the program has access to the internet! Allow it in your firewall, if any.

    2 For registering be aware to clear all Spaces behind “Registration Name” AND “Registration Code”
    “abc ” …WRONG
    “abc” …O.K.

  • zephyrdell

    Well I am using xpsp3; I have add the identical problems all above. I even typed everything in.
    Still wrong code came coming up. I then saw “an” comment about space between the two names.
    I originally had that space, so I took it out; still wrong code came up. I then put the space back in and now I am registered. Go figure. After all of this, I will now check and see if this software is worth all the frustration. During installation, I accidently clicked “yes” for the search and for a few seconds my mind told me that someone is checking my computer so I canceled out. So I thought that might be the problem at first.

  • an

    I had the same problem as nancy, did everything ashraf suggested but no luck, it kept saying ‘wrong code’.
    I had to remove space at the end of name and code so I started fiddling around with that and for some reason I added an extra space between my name and surname and hey presto it said the software had been registered correctly.
    Hope this helps someone

  • Giovanni

    Where is our Italian friend with some FREE alternatives? LOL!!


  • Guido

    remember what I said on another post.
    Downloading from GOTD is the most strange (wrong) decision you can take if you want to get a good and functional software.
    But if you want a crappy one, go on GOTD….

  • Sherwood Tucker

    Win 7 x64 i5 ( waiting for price drop on i7 3930 extreme) LOL
    Installed with no problems
    Got the reg key no problems
    BUT when I entered it the screen froze and
    had to use task manager to end.
    Ran program
    clicked on register
    re-entered (same screen came up) reg and name and clicked register
    Said it registered fine

    The usual GOTD screen popped up earlier and said it was activated but
    I do not believe it did anything LOL
    Ran the software and the UI is a bit bland to say the least.
    And it searched my C: drive for plugins from adobe photoshop elements???

  • Jack Newman

    Registered for give away of day for your program. Filled in all information to receive code by email.
    Email never received…Tried to re-register and receive “Email address has been used?”
    That was some time ago…
    Would like the program !

  • doofus

    Yeah, same here, wrong code given by their server,
    and something that looks like wrong IP in Other ID field.
    Also they have only 3 products on their site,
    third is a bundle of the first two.
    Again non of the 3 products are as expensive as this so called “second edition”,
    by the way this looks and feels like a beta build.
    Still have no idea why it would cost more then their two products, bundled or unbundled together,
    or why the wrong code is given to some users.
    Oh yeah, the program offers to find 3rd party “plugin.dll” on your pc,
    if you don’t have Adobe? (most likely Photoshop) installed.
    And if you don’t have it installed, it may take forever for the search to complete,
    with no results of course… Granted they have a link to the said dll on their site,
    but they were too busy to say hey you can download it from this link…or visit the site…
    thanks for wasting our time

  • Vlad

    Ashraf, you are great! Thank you very match.

  • Ashraf

    @Trevor: Dang. Sorry to hear about your bad experience — it works fine for me. For what it is worth, have you tried opening the login page in a different browser?

  • Trevor


    Well you cannot. That IP field is not editable.

    I give up on this one. What a waste of time!!

  • Ashraf

    @Trevor: My best suggestion is match whatever IP address the website shows to the program when registering.

  • Trevor

    Well, this is a crock!
    The soaftware enters an IP address which certainly is not mine and just will not register.

    Any suggestions?

  • Ashraf

    @Nancy: Can you double check if you are using the proper name and code? You can check by logging in and going to Purchases.

  • Nancy

    Still getting wrong code! :(

  • Ashraf

    @Nancy: Same thing happened to me. Make sure when entering the name and code there is not a space at the end.

    And you can’t get more than one code per IP address.

  • Nancy

    I keep getting wrong code after doing the process. When I tried to get another code, i get a message that says an error occurred could not complete you request. I try uninstalling but nothing.
    What can be done at this point?

  • Ashraf

    @paige murray: Has someone at your house already tried it? Are you on a shared IP? Only one code is allowed per IP address.

  • paige murray

    i would like to download this software but all i get when i try to get the code is a message that says
    an error occurred could not complete you request
    do you have any idea that can help