Update on GOTD reviews

Hello all,

First let me thank you all for reading my work and keeping this website going.

The point of this post is to let everyone know that this week or so will be a little odd in terms of the reviews i write for GOTD software. What I mean by that is that a new semester has started here and I need to figure out a schedule were I can work in a couple of hours for a review each day. This does not mean I am quitting; rather this means that the reviews may not be up within a few hours of each GOTD release each day like they have been. Once it all settles down and my schedule is fixed, inshAllah I will develop a routine where it will be very predictable when I write my reviews so people don’t have to keep second guessing.

Thanks for understanding,


P.S. The best way to know exactly when reviews are up is to either subscribe to the Giveaway of the Day reviews RSS feed or sign up for email reminders.

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