Very cheap external hard drives at Office Depot – YMMV!

I was surfing, another forum I frequent, and I came across a post that mentioned that there are many external hard drives at Office Depot that are available for rock bottom prices:

ITEM #ModelCapacityPrice
111325Simpletech external500GB$37.93
605975WD My Book500GB$32.93
420340Simpletech external320GB$24.93
420205Simpletech mini250GB$32.93
435725Simpletech mini160GB$24.93
613890WD My Book World Edition500GB$44.93
399305Toshiba external160GB$24.93
435010Simpletech mini320GB$39.93
396855Toshiba external250GB$34.93
138615WD passport320GB$42.93
466215WD passport250GB$32.93
469100WD passport160GB$24.93
426055Simpletech external1TB$64.00

You cannot buy these online – website shows normal prices. You must buy them instore. Also note that this is the third time these hard drives are marked down so many of them might already be sold out – YMMV. You can try calling in advance and have the store hold the item for you but unfortunatly there are many dishonest workers out there. Once they hear about the rock bottom prices they might just tell you they are out of stock and then go in the back and reserve a handful for themselves. So my suggestion would be to print out the above list, go to your local store and see if they have them. When in store, tell them the item number – you probably will not find the items on display. Good luck! I am going to pick at least one or two of these if possible.

Here is a PDF file for anyone that wants to print this list: CheapHDs.PDF

Update: Bloody hell there is no Office Depot in my city. What kinda messed up place is this.

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  • whiteshell

    Thank you, Ashraf. take care!

  • USA whiteshell.

  • Mario

    Brazil! the cheapest ones, for 500GB will be US$120 on Brazilian e-bay. On regular stores, prices will be around US$ 250

  • whiteshell

    Are you in US or UK?

  • Mario

    Hi Ashraf,

    1TB for US$ 64,00 is something incomprehensible for me – here in Brazil I would pay much more than that for a 16GB pen drive. It may be worth to take a trip to a next by city that has an Office Depot. It’s kind of strange for this franchise to have such low prices. I’ve already been several times in Office Depot’s but always the prices were more expensive that in other stores. Must be the crisis!!