Microsoft branded Windows 8 tablet to be revealed on June 18

For over three decades Microsoft has been ruling a large part of the software market, with the Windows operating system still running along as the most used among personal computers. At the same time, Apple, which has found run-away success with the release of iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010, currently develops both hardware and software for its products, thus having full control over their designs and specifications. (Note: This does not mean Apple manufacturers its own products; it designs them then contracts out to other companies to manufacture the products.)

Microsoft expects to get similar ‘control’ by stepping into the hardware zone: according to some sources, it is believed that Microsoft will make an official announcement about its own Windows 8 tablet on June 18, 2012. Windows has been largely dependent on third party hardware developers to support its software packages. But, there have still been exceptions with Microsoft building its own hardware, as in the case of Xbox 360.

The introduction of a Microsoft tablet might not only provide Microsoft with more power in regards to the relationship between OEMs and Microsoft, but also might help it design better products, packaging both the software and hardware parts. It will also probably help the product in achieving better stability and longevity. Or so we hope.

According to the New York Times, Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet will run a variation of Windows 8, known as Windows RT, that is specifically designed for tablets:

The Microsoft tablet is expected to use a variation of Windows 8, known as Windows RT, that is designed specifically for tablet devices based on a class of microprocessors called ARM chips. That is the same class of chips inside the iPad and other mobile devices.

There have also been some reports that said Microsoft is designing it’s own tablet because it couldn’t get anyone to build one for it, since Windows RT’s future is largely uncertain with Android and iOS ruling the market. This,of course, sounds a bit strange with Windows being such a big name. So what’s your take about this new Windows tablet from Microsoft? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

[via The New York Times | Image Credit: PCMag]

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