Website overhaul – what you think?

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To honor PMnet’s 10th year anniversary, I decided to give him (her?) a make over. Okay, so it is not the 10th year anniversary. Heck, it has not even been 6 months yet. Truth be told, I was getting tired of the old look. Not to mention it was not very organized, and it restricted how much content I could have on it. So, as I am sure all of you noticed, instead of writing a review for Desktop3D, I spent most of my time changing how the website looks. What do you guys think? Like it, hate it, love it? Post your thoughts. And vote!

Oh, and I also made a few changes that do not deal with the look of the website (added stuff mostly). Lets see who can spot what change. First one to spot a change gets a virtual cookie. :)

One last thing to note: changing from theme to theme may cause some things to not be properly formatted. Everything should look good enough, but if something is really bothering you, just let me know and I will fix it.

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