“Why does Ashraf keep posting new articles but not that **** review?”

Hello friends,

I don’t claim to be a guru, or a genius, or a tech master (tech master…huh? Ashraf this isn’t Pokemon). I am just a simple guy who writes simple articles on a simple blog.

[Insert 5 seconds pause here.]

Ah to hell with all the modesty. I am awesome. I know technology like the back of your hand. I am one cool dude.

Okay enough joking around. Now I am being serious:

I know that quite a few people come to dotTech.org and depend on the reviews I write. I even know those people who bash my reviews because they *suck* and claim to *hate* my work come here. Yes you know who you are. I try to surpass the expectations people have of me; I stay awake during the middle of the night writing the reviews so people can use them to decided to grab a giveaway or not. I know a great amount of people appreciate that – all that. And I appreciate you appreciating that (jinx – now you can’t talk until I say your name 3 times….its a childhood thing).

However lately it may seem that I am faltering in my reviews, i.e. reviews are not up early in the day and I think I skipped one or two in the past month. This is because sometimes (emphasis on some because this does not happen often) I am just busy with life and/or don’t feel up to spending 2-4 hours writing up a review. Instead I concede to writing short articles that take me 20-30 minutes yet still contain a butt-load of information (no sexual reference intended – I am a good kid), such as a Freebies or Tips ‘n Tricks article. It happens; after all I am only human. I just wanted my loyal readers to not worry. I am okay and will usually rediscover my path the next day.You guys can’t get rid of me that easily =).

P.S. If you have not downloaded SWF Decompiler 4.5, you probably should (even though most of us will probably never most of the features of SWF Decompiler, the SWF -> FLV feature is nice + you get bragging rights you have an awesome program =P).

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