“Why does Ashraf keep posting new articles but not that **** review?”

Hello friends,

I don’t claim to be a guru, or a genius, or a tech master (tech master…huh? Ashraf this isn’t Pokemon). I am just a simple guy who writes simple articles on a simple blog.

[Insert 5 seconds pause here.]

Ah to hell with all the modesty. I am awesome. I know technology like the back of your hand. I am one cool dude.

Okay enough joking around. Now I am being serious:

I know that quite a few people come to dotTech.org and depend on the reviews I write. I even know those people who bash my reviews because they *suck* and claim to *hate* my work come here. Yes you know who you are. I try to surpass the expectations people have of me; I stay awake during the middle of the night writing the reviews so people can use them to decided to grab a giveaway or not. I know a great amount of people appreciate that – all that. And I appreciate you appreciating that (jinx – now you can’t talk until I say your name 3 times….its a childhood thing).

However lately it may seem that I am faltering in my reviews, i.e. reviews are not up early in the day and I think I skipped one or two in the past month. This is because sometimes (emphasis on some because this does not happen often) I am just busy with life and/or don’t feel up to spending 2-4 hours writing up a review. Instead I concede to writing short articles that take me 20-30 minutes yet still contain a butt-load of information (no sexual reference intended – I am a good kid), such as a Freebies or Tips ‘n Tricks article. It happens; after all I am only human. I just wanted my loyal readers to not worry. I am okay and will usually rediscover my path the next day.You guys can’t get rid of me that easily =).

P.S. If you have not downloaded SWF Decompiler 4.5, you probably should (even though most of us will probably never most of the features of SWF Decompiler, the SWF -> FLV feature is nice + you get bragging rights you have an awesome program =P).

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  1. windowsexplorer

    Q. re SWF Decompiler you mentioned. The only one I’ve found so far by that name is a free trial although one source says the cost is only $4. Is that the one you mean? If not, can give a link or other directions? I searched your site to see if you had written an article or review on it, but nothing turned up except the mention in the one herein above.

  2. Dan

    Anyone who does not appreciate your reviews is either an idiot or a jealous idiot. Half the crap I get from GOTD, I don’t end up ever using, but I like to know if it is worth having at all, and when you say something isn’t worth it, I know it isn’t and don’t bother. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. compu2

    OH NO!!! Father Christmas isnt real, the Easter bunny isnt real, the tooth fairy isnt real, superman and batman are fictional characters and now ASHRAF IS A MERE MORTAL. OK buddy, all the rest may not be real but YOU must be superhuman – either that or your name is a cover for a team of 20 people. You cant really ask us to believe that all the tech knowhow comes from an ordinary person!!!! But if you want to go that way, so far as I am concerned, take off some time to have a life. I never download any of GOTD programs unless you give the thumbs up – your incisive and unbiased comments are worth waiting for. In fact I think GOTD should not only be giving you prior access to their programs, they should be paying you.

  4. Mario

    “Ah to hell with all the modesty. I am awesome. I know technology like the back of your hand. I am one cool dude.”

    well Ashraf, if you take only 2-4 hours to review a software – that is – install it, run it, test most, if not all, of its functions and tools, find and compare it with competitors, understand what the hell it must do, does or should do – one can only say you are all that and MORE!
    thank you for the time and knowledge you devote to this work and to the great tips you always give us! please keep on going on!
    mario from Brasil

  5. Mags

    All I want to say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Did I say Thank you? :)

    Anyway, I’ve been going to GOTD for almost a year now and look forward to your reviews. I understand that ppl have a life and sometimes just can’t get around to doing “stuff”. But your comments on the software are greatly appreciated.


  6. Bill H

    Ashraf, forgive me for responding here but your email link takes me to an IE window and I have come to love OPERA. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your review of Criptdrive might have included a word on the “container” concept. I found that Wikipedia served tolerably well,however. Lo, this very second the RSS window tells me of the arrival of your feed with this selfsame review. I will post this anyway because, as I type with but one finger, I just have too much invested in this freaking paragraph…Later, Bill

  7. Bill H

    Ashraf,do you actually expect me to believe that you are a mere mortal like the rest of us? How…disillusioning.Ah well…listen,you have spoilded us,my friend, but we will adjust.An idea,if I may: perhaps you could give us an early either thumbs up or thumbs down; we could then choose to download or not, and, pending further information from you at your liesure, we could choose to delete or not.Is it possible for GOTD to give you a day or two’s advanced notice? Do they appretiate,I wonder,the relevency/legitimacy that you bring to their,too often,dubious offerings? (Rest easy, my friend,”butt-load” has no overtly sexual connotation in American slang.) Bill H.

  8. wendell simmons


    I’m so impressed with all of your reviews (excellent advice and tips), that I have sent a link to your site to all of my email contacts. Keep up the great work and don’t let anyone or anything deter you from turning this endeavor into something GREAT and lucrative!!


  9. Emrys

    Hey, I for one am glad you do as much as you have. I’ve learned a lot from you and you should know I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Any that feel that they have been short changed by your occasional day off should reserve comment until they’ve paid up for their subscription. Sheesh…they could do a little research themselves as well. Good work Ashraf; keep it up as long as It’s fun.

  10. Ozzie

    Hey there Asraf. We appreciate what you do when you get the time to do it. Life’s gotta have balance. So please don’t feel you have to justify when and if you write reviews. Anyone who doesn’t get that probably isn’t worth wasting words on. And why on earth would anyone say your reviews “suck” or that they “hate” what you do?! That’s appalling!

    Speaking as a rank amateur and non-techie, I’m just happy that there is someone out there like you who takes time out of your busy schedule to write such balanced and insightful reviews. And I know full well that I’m not alone. I also love that you give descriptions of alternative programs. I’ve found your blogs to be a wealth of valuable information. So keep on doing what you’re doing, and don’t ever feel you have to explain yourself to anyone. When your blogs are there, great. When they’re not, well the world’s not gonna stop now, is it?

    Those folks who whinge and complain just need to get some damn perspective. As for you Ashraf, keep on keeping on – and know that you have a legion of fans out there who are truly grateful for your hard work.