You got eXPert PDF 4 Pro for free. Now upgrade to eXPert PDF 6 Pro for free!

Update 7/24/2010: Everyone can now get eXPert PDF 6 Pro for free! Visit for more details.

Recall how on 3/13/09 I posted about how you could get eXPert PDF 4 Pro for free. Well recently I posted about the same deal on Gizmo’s and someone posted a comment on how they were able to attain eXPert PDF 5 Pro for free from the developer’s website. This got me curious so I tried to install PDF 5 Pro. To my surprise PDF 5 Pro was registered once I installed it. Now I knew that the download from VisageSoft of PDf 5 Pro was a trial version so I investigated a little found out the reason PDF 5 Pro was registered is that PDF 5 Pro recognized the registration information from PDF 4 Pro. This got me curious even more so I uninstalled PDF 5 Pro and installed PDF 6 Pro (the latest version). To my  surprise (again), PDF 6 Pro also recognized the registration information from PDF 4 Pro.

Now being the self-righteous prick that I am, I emailed the developer letting him/her know about this because I feel that the original intent of the freebie did not include a free upgrade to the latest version (maybe it did, I don’t know). The developer was actually lucky I even did that much because I was still pissed at the fact that the developer had yet to respond to an earlier email I sent to them. It does not seem to matter though: Judging  by the response from the developer, it does not seem like he/she plans on doing anything about this free upgrade. *Shrug* their loss. I did my fair duty and warned them; in my eyes if they don’t want to plug it, it means it is okay with them to do the upgrade. So enjoy :) (keep in mind you heard it from dotTech first!).

Okay enough of my rant. How to get PDF 6 Pro?

  1. If you don’t have PDF 4 Pro already, go to the Free eXPert PDF Pro 4 page and get it. Follow all the directions to the last letter (you must follow all the steps including renaming the shortcuts and replacing the help files).
  2. Uninstall eXPert PDF Pro 4. If you have RevoUninstaller do not use it; just uninstall PDF Pro 4 normally.
  3. Download eXPert PDF Pro 6 from here.
  4. Install eXPert PDF Pro 6 normally.
  5. Run eXPert PDF Pro 6 and make sure it is registered. Check under Help -> About. It should show your registration number. If it says “Trial” that means the registration did not work properly for you. If it does not work properly for you, my only advice is to try it all over again (all the way from the beginning of installing PDF 4 Pro).

This method has been confirmed to work; however some people have trouble with it. As I said above, if it does not work for you, the only advice I have is to try it all over again. Or if you are happy with PDF 4 Pro, just stick with that. Good luck.


If you are having trouble getting eXPert PDF 6 Pro to register, try installing eXPert PDF 4 Pro with the following method (thx Paul) and then upgrading to eXPert PDF 6 Pro:

  • Download the archived last version of eXPert PDF 4 Pro: click here.
  • Goto your local temp directory (if using windows should be here C:\Documents and Settings\**substitute you login account here**\Local Settings\Temp\)
  • Now clean this dir up and delete all useless stuff. Don’t worry if you try to delete a temp file that is actively being used, the system will not let you delete it. This will all make sense in the end.
  • Now go to install the archived last version, but stop at the first screen.
  • Now go back to the temp directory and find the directory that was just created to unpack the files to.
  • Copy the file inside that directory called to another directory (doesn’t matter) BEFORE you cancel this install. YOU NEED THAT FILE.
  • Now cancel this install. The install prog deletes this file, but leaves some others behind. You can delete these left over files to clean the directory up again.
  • Now run the French version to install it (you should already have gotten the French version by following the directions printed here). Do the same as before and wait for it to unpack into the temp directory.
  • Find this newly created temp directory and copy all the files in this directory to another drive. After this is done, you can now cancel the french install.
  • Now goto where you saved these files and delete these two files: expertpdf_v4_fra.mst and
  • After this is done, copy the file you got from the archived version ( to this same directory.
  • Now you can install your ENGLISH version of the software. To install the program run expertpdf_v4_enu.msi


by littled (see comment below)

SOLUTION FOR VISTA Users of XP are reporting it works also! So XP and Vista.

Hey… I got it working after having many failures. Those who have VISTA/XP may have to do the following:
(see the main instruction above)

1. Before you uninstall ver4, open RegEdit and go to the following:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Visage Software>PDF Printer>Options

2. Take note of all the keys and values because you will need to recreate the missing ones once you install ver6.

3. Once you install ver6, open RegEdit and go to the following:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Visage Software>PDF Printer>Options

THEN add these keys (by right-clicking, then NEW):

i. String Value (Value Name: Serial and Value Data: “YOUR ver4 SERIAL”)
ii. DWORD (32-bit) Value (Value Name: ProductID and Value Data: “YOUR ver4 PRODUCT ID”)

All the best! Hope it works for you now!

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  • Chris


    This worked for me, running 64-bit Windows 7.

    However, I found the Options registry entry in a different location (probably because I am running 64 bit Windows):
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Wow6432Node>Visage Software>PDF Printer>Options

  • YossiD

    The link in step 3 of the posting now goes to Version 7. Version 6 is now here:

    I was able to upgrade to this version using the procedure described by Luke in comment 103.

    I did not try this with version 7.

  • Melatonin

    I am receiving a watermark as well…
    anon (#92) mentioned this, has anyone found a solution?
    Everything else seems to be the full version…

    (Windows 7 64-bit)

  • First off, Asharf, you are the man! Every since finding it has become my first stop when looking for some new software. Your reviews are extensive, informative and down-right fun to read! =) Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into your site!

    Next, this is for any Windows 7 users (I’m on 64bit, but maybe 32bit will have the same issue.) When I first installed eXPert PDF Pro 4 & 6 I got an error message about not being able to install the printer driver (something about it being invalid, I can’t recall the exact message.) Ignore the error completely for version 4 and just un-install it and install eXPert PDF Pro 6. When the install completes, if you got the same error message, re-run the installer. It will have a repair option, choose that, the driver should get setup just fine!

    Also, if you find that the installation is hanging on “Installing Printer Driver” for a long time, try looking for a window BEHIND the installer window. That was where I got the Invalid Printer Driver message, but it was hidden so it took a while for me to even realize it was there!

    Thom Porter

  • Su B

    I am not the authority to say this but is fiddling with registry an approved method to force an upgrade?
    Personally I’ll be happy with either version 5 or simply not use it.

  • MicroLabrat

    Thanks Luke!
    Method worked perfectly!

  • Aoa Ashraf
    Very nice :).
    I installed V5 from and then registered as guided.

    Then I uninstalled it and installed V6 and it is showing the registration number in About Dialog Box of Editor.

    I didn’t touched registry key as mentioned by Luke.

    So is that fine if it is showing my registration key for V5 in V6’s About Dialog?
    Very Genius :).


  • Jon

    Just wanted to say that Luke’s suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks Luke for the advice.

  • Luke

    Hi, I found that it was easiest to do the following:

    1. Install eXPertPDF5 using your instructions
    2. Open RegEdit and find and Export the following (right click and select Export on the folder – choose a location and file name that is easy to remember):
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Visage Software>PDF Printer>Options
    3. Uninstall eXPertPDF5
    4. Download and install eXPertPDF6
    5. Double click on the registry file created in step 2 and choose Yes to import it to your registry

    That is it. You will have a successfully registered program. This should work with XP, Vista and Windows 7



  • Jon

    Hey Ashraf,

    Thanks for this awsome opportunity. However, I am having a problem downloading version 4. After I sign up and hit “Telecharger” to donwload the software, it asks me to log into the FTP which I can not seem to do.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Arthur


    I tied the registry work around for upgrading from version 4 to the English version 6, but I get an invalid serial error when I try to run the PDF Editor. When I start the PDF Creator and go to help it says nothing about a trial version. Has anyone experienced this? Did I need to change the registry URL to the French site to have the serial work?

  • Roland

    Thanks for this tip. Solution 2 (by littled) worked for me on WinXP Home SP3. All others tricks failed.

    BTW, for French speaking people, you can use this same trick to install ExpertPDF pro 6 french from Avanquest.
    Total Uninstall made it easier for me. After comparing the post v4 install with the post v6 install i noticed those two registry keys had been deleted, so i cancelled those changes from within TU and now i have a registered V6.

    Many thanks to Ashraf for the tip and to littled for pointing me to the registry.

  • Ashraf

    @Wong: No idea what is up. I personally have not tried that temp-cab-msi method so I can’t help you out there. Sorry! I say just get eXPert PDF 5 Pro.

  • Wong

    Help Ashraf:
    Installed v4 and registered no problem. V6 no success. So I tried option 1 downloading the last archived v4 from your link. However when I stop at the first screen I cannot find but i get 3 files in Temp folder: instmsi.exe and expertpdf_ver4_enu.msi
    pl advise

  • Nick

    The Solution for Vista offered by littled worked for me!

    I tried several different things to upgrade to version 6 previously, but they failed.

    Making those changes to the registry did the trick for me.


  • littled


    Hey… I got it working after having many failures. Those who have VISTA may have to do the following:
    (see the main instruction above)

    1. Before you uninstall ver4, open RegEdit and go to the following:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Visage Software>PDF Printer>Options

    2. Take note of all the keys and values because you will need to recreate the missing ones once you install ver6.

    3. Once you install ver6, open RegEdit and go to the following:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Visage Software>PDF Printer>Options

    THEN add these keys (by right-clicking, then NEW):

    i. String Value (Value Name: Serial and Value Data: “YOUR ver4 SERIAL”)
    ii. DWORD (32-bit) Value (Value Name: ProductID and Value Data: “YOUR ver4 PRODUCT ID”)

    All the best! Hope it works for you now!

  • I must say that I found the hidden meaning from this “free” upgrade to version 6. I found after rebooting my computer the other day I got an error message asking me to upgrade to version 6 or not to load the file during boot. It appears the free upgrade was more of a silent trial to try to force you to upgrade later as it did to me. It was nice while it lasted. Now it’s time for me to go grab version 5 and make use of it. For the user who upgraded version 5 to 6 just like the 4 to 6; I suspect you will have the same issue in a while. I hope you kept the v5 install files.

  • Amnesia

    Hi all
    I dont know if anyone else has written this, cause i can’t be bothered reading thru everything, so here goes, I was one of those who installed v4 and tried to update to v6, but it didnt work, so i stuck with v5. I have just uninstalled v5 (as Ashraf said to do with v4)and then installed v6 and it seems to have worked.

  • Well, it didn’t work for me. *shrug*

  • anon

    do you guys receive water mark about trial on printed pdf?

  • Abbasgirl

    Part of this is in english and part of this is in German Help

  • Abbasgirl

    Ok anybody got an answer to my question? Please

  • Iberg

    Thanks for all the well laid out instructions. Unfortunately I didn’t read through the updates first as that method of grabbing the file was so much easier than the original instructions. I was going to give up on PDF4 and install PDF5 but decided to follow the new instructions, load PDF4 and register it and then upgrade to PDF6 skipping over PDF5. Worked like a charm.
    Thanks again.

  • Abbasgirl

    Ok I know I am going to sound really like I …….but I went to the web site and I don’t understand German……so if that is where you are saying to “Just follow the instructions above in update, download both the german version and the archived v5 pro version.” Please start over and say it in english…………I know I can be a pain but I really don’t understand or I wouldn’t ask…. really A

  • jda2000


    Just follow the instructions above in update, download both the german version and the archived v5 pro version.

    Then substitute the english cab file for the german file, as was the case for the french version.

    Then you’ll end up with version 5 Pro in english.

  • BTW I bet the same delete-resources-content will work. I will confirm after the download is finished.

  • Working on a post as we speak. However the download is soooooo slow from their website it may be an hour or two before I have the post up.

  • Abbasgirl

    Hey guys This just came in on my e-mail and I would love to upgrade to 5 but I don’t speak German so could one of you wonderful gensiuss help me and everybody else out who might want to up grade? thanks Abbasgirl

    Author: jda2000
    I got version 4 in English working fine, could not upgrade to v6, BUT, has eXPert Pro v5 for free, in german though. I upgraded to version 5 just fine using the technique above in update, replacing the english cab file for the german one.

    If not version 6 pro, then v5 pro is good enough.

    Thanks, Ashraf and guys

  • jda2000

    I got version 4 in English working fine, could not upgrade to v6, BUT, has eXPert Pro v5 for free, in german though. I upgraded to version 5 just fine using the technique above in update, replacing the english cab file for the german one.

    If not version 6 pro, then v5 pro is good enough.

    Thanks, Ashraf and guys

  • MikeR

    Re Wes:

    Many thanks for the info Wes — sorry for this late response but I’ve been away.

    I’ll check out your advice on my other PC because (yikes!) I’ve actually given up on this product where my laptop is concerned (I’m using the laptop right now) and so I’ve uninstalled eXPert PDF 4 Pro and junked the downloaded PDF 6.0.

    If however it is the case that a task as simple, and as so frequently required, as rotating a page view is being handled by PDF Pro is such ludicrous fashion, then I’m not sure I can be bothered dealing with it anyway.

    The combination of Foxit Reader, PDF Creator (virtual printer) and the GOTD PDF to Word Converter seems to be managing everything I need without the arcane complexities of a relatively large app like PDF Pro that can’t even rotate a page without making a pantomime of it.

  • Taz

    Now being the self-righteous prick that I am, I emailed the developer letting him/her know about this because I feel that the original intent of the freebie did not include a free upgrade to the latest version

    “Self-righteous” is a bad description of you although I assume you are being facetious. I appreciate the integrity and humility you show on this site. It has built my trust in what you say and recommend.


  • Jean-Luc Picard

    The Translate option in the sidebar is broken (can not translate

  • Wes

    MikeR said he has trouble to rotate page? you might want to try [Exract Pages] above it after specify [Rotate Pages], don’t know why they design application like this, totally not make sense to me.

    ps: in v4, XP Pro

  • tinauser

    I also failed the upgrade,with both methods.
    I’ve Xphome, SP3.
    Also the v5 does appear as trial.
    Maybe they did change something after your mail…
    If you find a workaround, I’ll try…by then,I’ll stick with the v4

  • Mike,

    Good theory but others have gotten v6 just fine w/o installing v5. And yes I installed the trial version of v5; it was detected as registered when I ran it.

  • Mike

    Is it possible everything worked for Ashraf because he installed v5 and then v6? I cannot find v5 to download anywhere – except the trial version.

    Ashraf, did you install the v5 trial version and then have it come up as fully registered as the pro version?


  • Riki

    Hello Jda2000:
    I, too, installed version 4 and then version 6. As with AlexSJ, PDF Creator 6 was indeed registered, but both PDF Editor and the PDF to WORD Converter were showing as trial with limitations. So I uninstalled version 6 and then reinstalled version 4. At that point there were errors that some .dll files were missing. I went in to Windows Add/Remove Programs and selected PDF Creator 4 and had it do a repair. Everything in PDF Creator 4 worked after that.

    Was anyone able to upgrade to version 6 and have the PDF Editor and the PDF to WORD Converter registered and not trial versions?

  • AlexSJ

    Hello Jda2000:
    I had similar inconveniences when playing around with this. The setup files for any version would want to uninstall something first that it didn’t find and that was a point of no return.

    What got me back on track is the little Windows Install Clean Up utility. In my case it had an entry for one of the ExpertPDF installations, once erased you can install ExpertPDF again.
    Just google the utility and/or find on the Microsoft page.
    Pura vida, AlexSJ

  • jda2000

    I have a problem reinstalling the free french version. I installed the french version OK the first time, then I uninstalled version 4 and installed version 6. Version 6 was a trial version.
    Thus I uninstalled version 6 and wanted to keep version 4. But now I can not install version 4 or even version 6. Apparently version 6 corrupted the registry and I can’ install expert pro 4.

    I get errors that some .dll files are missing and also a notice that the file that asks wichh PDF software is the default, is missing.

    Any ideas

  • Helen M

    Thanks Ashraf for sharing the freebies you find or negotiate! And because you and others share opinions, knowledge and experience, I was able to reinstall eXPert PDF Pro 4 so that it works. Like others, I’ll wait for a while before attempting the “upgrade” to v6.

  • AlexSJ

    Hello Ashraf:
    Funny thing about the PDF Creator: PDF Creator 6 seems to be indeed registered (no Trial message there), but both PDF Editor and the PDF to WORD Converter are showing as trial with limitations.

    PDF Editor was registeres under vers. 4, but not with vers.6
    I tried messing a bit with the keys to no avail. Any clues?
    Pura vida, AlexSJ

  • Pamuk

    Hello again,

    had another go on a different machine – no success with the upgrade using the five step method to the letter. Again I end up with the trial of vs6. Strange.

    The serial field in the PDfEditor folder of the registry is empty after installing vs4, while it shows the serial in the folder PDF Creator… But somewhere else there is a folder called Licenses which has a long string which survives uninstalling vs4… Not sure where the relevant information is actually supposed to be imported from.

    Anyway, last thing to check: would I need to register vs4 (only the PDF Creator gives me the option to do so) before uninstalling it?


  • Think this is the comment that will make this the 2nd most commented article?

    Aw dang… it wasn’t… this one is.


  • Any updates on eXPert PDF 6 Pro upgrading you’ve done?
    Think I need to get more sleep so you can understand my questions (grammar FAIL!)?

    Think this is the comment that will make this the 2nd most commented article?

  • You do huh?

  • I plead the fifth.

  • SO ashraf, have you restored your computer, or did you decide not to?

  • That is correct majisterludi. You cannot install v6 without first installing v4.

  • majisterludi

    Just installed version 6 via the 5 step easy method and it installed and works just fine, showing the appropriate reg information when help>about is clicked. Just edited a pdf file and it works a treat.

    Thanks Ashraf

    PS. installing ver 6 over ver 4 did not work. I got the choice in french to repair or remove, not update or anything else that I could translate/decipher.

  • John W

    Is there any reason not to just install ver 6 over ver 4, without uninstalling? After all, program upgrades are usually done without uninstalling the earlier version.

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    It looks like you should just uninstall whatever version you have now, and delete the reg entries. Then install v. 4, register it, then install v.6.

    Also, it looks like this program is meant for lifetime upgrades, as there are v4 and v6 folders in my registry. The code was in both, so it seems to have carried over.

  • @Giovanni’s questions from yesterday:

    1) I am not sure why it is not working for you. It may have to do with the fact that the help files I uploaded have a “C:/” path built into them instead of a “E:/” path (although I am not sure why they are showing French instead of giving you an error if that were the case). You may have to manually download the English version and rip the help files yourself.

    2) Yes it should be possible to turn the program into Italian. I have not tried it myself but my guess would be you need all the files under “Resources” from the trial Italian version. Also, grab the help files from the trial also.

    You may also need “” I am not sure (as I said I have no tried it).

  • Pamuk,

    Installing into “eXPert PDF” and “eXPert PDF 6” respectively should not b a problem because the registration in held in the registry; for everyone that upgrading to v6 has worked, the installation has also been into two different foldrs.

    As for the French version: I don’t know for sure but if I was to guess I would say yes it should be possible. You just need the French version for v6 instead of the English version.

  • Frank


    Jean-Luc, I’ve got no good news for the community.
    Using JLs reg files does not help in any way, neither analyzing them.
    These Avanquest guys will have bug in their copy protection that lets the software run on some systems.
    I guessed even w/o installing v.4 before.

    Whatever I do /w JLs files does not work :(
    I’ll have to stick with v.4 :(

    Anyway many thanks to JL, may the power be with you (I know, another movie :)


  • Pamuk


    thanks for your clarifying reply to Q1.


    I did have Visagesoft(1), (2), etc but I removed them after doing a restore.

    What I meant with my question is the following: vs4 installs into

    /Visagesoft/eXPert PDF

    while vs6 creates

    /Visagesoft/eXPert PDF 6

    or similar if I remember correctly. In the shortcuts this was also obvious: I had *two* folders below the Visagesoft level.

    So, should I force vs6 install into the vs4 folder where the replaced help files reside?

    One other question: might the upgrade from vs4 also work with the *French* vs6? If one does mind eXPert PDF talking French,one could avoid the language gymnastics entirely.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Pamuk,

    There is no difference between the Windows and software uninstaller. They are the same thing. Windows calls the software uninstaller if you uninstall via add/remove programs.

    Secondly, v6 should be installing into the same “Visage Software” folder as v4. What folder is it installing into for you? You may be having the same “Visage Software(1), “Visage Software(2)” like me and a few other people were.

  • Frank,

    Apparently my short nap turned into a 13-14 hour slumber (which was kinda nice for a change), hence also why there is no review up for today >.>’

    And my queen lives thousands of miles away so…ya :P

  • Pamuk

    Hi Ashraf,

    thanks for this interesting tweak to upgrade vs 4 to vs 6.

    Unfortunately I do not get it working with either of the methods described although I thought I’d follow all the instructions step by step.

    Two questions where I might have gone wrong though:

    1. I uninstalled vs4 using the Windows uninstall. Should I run the software’s uninstaller instead?

    2. Do I need to install vs6 into the *same* folder as vs4? By default, vs 6 creates new folder and does not use the one remaining after uninstalling vs4.

    Thanks for any suggestion.

  • Frank


    independent of the results of my investigation (and the lack of hair you have) you’re one of my heros. :)
    Thanks for your help! I fetched the files (you might delete them now) I’ll keep you and the community posted about my proceedings.

    Yours, Frank

    P.S. keep my explanation of HKLM/HKCU, it’ll help you when googling for patches to other software

  • I named the files oddly:

    [Removed by Ashraf. Reason: Frank got what he needed; now no need to spread it around =)]

    And, before screwing with your registries, everyone, make sure I’m not going to kill your computer:
    Check and see if I stuck evil entries in the reg files.

    Also, for anyone that reads my reg files, please DO NOT LAUGH at who I registered this to please.

  • Frank


    where’s your reg file?
    It is hours ago and “I had to attach to a party” does not count.
    Well, at least not over here – except you post a pic of the queen that took your time…


  • John W

    Thanks for the pointers Ashraf. I finally got ver 4 working again. I had to delete the registry folder you mentioned and use Revo Uninstaller, reboot, and then reinstall ver 4.

    This time I had to use DelAny to delete the .fra files.

    I think I’ll wait until you post your experience getting ver 6 to work again before I even consider trying.

    What is the reason for uninstalling ver 4 before installing ver 6?

  • Giovanni

    Hi Ashraf,

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    1) I followed your instructions STEP by STEP to install this GEM and everything went fine but the procedure to turn the HELP FILE into the English version, although I unzipped the 2 files you stored on FILEFRONT saving the “expertpdf.chm” and “pdfeditor.chm” in E:\utilities\Visagesoft\eXPert PDF Creator (I didn’t save the program on C because it’s likely that I’ll have to format my PC soon…LOL!!).

    To save them I right clicked on both of them and then I selected the “Extract to the specified folder” option to send them in the EXPERT PDF CREATOR folder mentioned above.

    Both files are now in the EXPERT PDF CREATOR folder but despite that, whenever I open the program and I click on the HELP option, the HELP file is still in FRENCH.

    Did I do something wrong?? How can I solve this issue?? Maybe by following PAUL’s method mentioned above(it’s quite complicated though…LOL!!), right?

    2) some Italian people of my acquaintance have asked me whether or not it’s possibile to turn the FRENCH version of this program into the ITALIAN one. I’m absolutely sure that it’s possible to do so, taking into account that AVANQUEST is an Italian company…

    But do you know where can I get the eXPert PDF Pro HELP FILES in ITALIAN and how can I rip them to make them available on FILEFRONT or other free FILE HOSTING SERVICES?

    Simply by downloading the ITALIAN TRIAL VERSION of the program, right???

    Sorry for my silly questions man but unfortunately it’s not my fault if 70% of Italian people (lazy and provincial as no one else…LOL!!) don’t know the English language (and the French one) at all, although the ENGLISH language is or better still should be nowadays the first and ofter the unique and compulsory requirement applicants should have to find a good job in ITALY and elsewhere especially in the IT and Business Environment (but you know, in my country it’s enough to have “good connections” to bypass this skills….LOL!!).

    By the way, why don’t you use professional online translators services capable of automatically translating your webpages into at least 20 different languages so as to make your blog instantly accessible to a much wider worldwide audience??

    I know a program that does this JOB in a very indeed professional way providing a heavily search engine optimized option as well as a super-fast translation service with new robust intelligent caching engine, nice permalinks of translated pages, live statistics and lots more.

    It could actually boost the number of visitors to your nice website dramatically and I could be a good sponsor for you….LOL!!

    “ASHRAF, The King of FREEBIES now available even in the ITALIAN LANGUAGE!!!” ah,ah,ah,ah…too good to be true!!

    Of course GOOGLE TRANSLATE is FREE and quite promising indeed but still pretty DUMB as online translator, isn’t it??

    For instance a couple of days ago I tried to translate an article of yours in Italian using GOOGLE TRANSLATE but the resulting translated webpage was absolutely ludricrous, producing a totally mistaken and often incomprehensible and unreadable translation….LOL!!

    Waiting for your reply!!

  • Frank,

    To avoid spammers and scammers from posting dangerous links, every comment that has a URL/link in it must be moderated by me =). You did nothing wrong.

    Thanks for the heads up on I will check it out.

  • Frank

    Why is my last comment “awaiting moderation” whilst the last 10 haven’t been?
    Did I behave wrong? If so – where, when and why do you feel so?


  • Frank

    nope, pls. use the spamgourmet address. Mailinator doesn’t allow attachments.
    BTW is an eternally usefull service very well worth being featured by you!


  • MikeR


    Ah! Many thanks for that particular insight: I’ve DL’d v6.0 but in view of the hiccoughs being reported here, decided not to install it, or uninstall v4.0, until the situation was a little clearer on here.

    I’m a writer so my work is all about documents, and anything which might for whatever reason cause a problem to arise and scare the living daylights out of me isn’t something I can face: aaaargh!

    After playing around with v4.0 I’m not now sure I’m the kind of user who’ll actually make that much use of even v4.0: as noted earlier, I can’t do with this software what I can do with Foxit’s simple reader, and when it comes to entering text — my fault, I guess: I thought it was something I could do with pdf documents such as downloaded booking forms — I haven’t been able to manage that either.

    So it’s been a case of using that brilliant GOTD PDF Converter again to convert into MS Word.

    What with PDF Converter, PDF Creator — the freeware ‘virtual printer’ — and Foxit Reader on my PC I’m coming to the conclusion that even v4.0 of this software is unnecessary overkill in my case, so will probably uninstall even version 4.0 soon.

    All credit to Ashraf though for drawing attention to it and for the massive (unpaid!) efforts he’s made in regard to both v4.0 and now, v6.0. Well done, Ashraf: your work is very much appreciated!

  • Frank,

    I got PDF Pro working again. However I have to get it back to v6. I will do that when I get home then email you the registry keys. Should I use the email associated with your last comment?

  • Frank


    thanks for your offer. It really helped me, Ashraf and all others with the same challenge.
    HKLM is short for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    HKCU is short for HKEY_CURRENT_USER

    Do you see the entries there?

    Thank you, Frank

  • Praveen

    Wow! back at last! Thanks Ashraf. My V4. is working. I will stop there!The trick was in searching out the visage folder in regedit and deleting it!

  • JohnO

    Thanks for highlighting this and for all the effort you are putting in to get it working.
    I installed V4 followed by V6 following the instruction and still couldn’t get V6 to be fully registered. Ended up installing v4, exporting the registry keys and reimporting them for V6. Finally worked out that exporting and importing the “Serial” number in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Visage Software\PDF Printer\Options allowed a clean V6 install to appear to be registered.
    However, I did run into further trouble. I use Office 2007 (sometimes you’ve just got to play the game) and this software adds all sorts of toys to it. Whenever I tried to close Word though, Word crashed and wanted to recover my documents (slightly scary as it is my dissertation). All came good when I uninstalled V6, so it’s staying off my machine for the moment.

  • Okay guy I know the problem you guys are having. I had the same problem. This is how I fixed it:

    • Go into program files. See if there are multiple Visage Soft folders, like VisageSoft(!), VisageSoft(2). This should happen if you did a system restore like I did. Delete all the (1), (2), folders. Just leave the VisageSoft folder.
    • Open up regedit. Go to HKEY_USERS/S-1-5-21-3023203539-2722991495-3821558887-1000/SOFTWARE/. Find the “Visage Software” folder. Delete it.
    • Use RevoUninstaller to uninstall Visage Software.
    • Reinstall eXPert PDF 4 Pro.

    I am not sure if this solution will work for everyone but I hope that helps.

  • Abbasgirl

    I’m having the same problen as Praveen and I too want to know hoew to get back V.4

  • MikeR

    . . . and of course, even after all this, I’m still not sure if this software can execute the simple task of rotating a page for viewing. . .

  • Praveen

    Uninstalled using Revo. Ver4 crashes on trying to install.
    “Failed to ge data for”Alwayscheckfor defaultreader”
    Runtime error at 217.
    Failed to load ..addin.dll1114

    Any way out to get back 4 to work?

  • Praveen

    Gosh! After all that struggle… Same problem as John. Neither 4 or 6 works!

  • MikeR

    Ashraf: thanks for getting back to me, and sorry to have been a nuisance!

    Re your own ‘stance’ where this blog is concerned: in the cyber world, just as in the real world, integrity is all. It can’t be bought and it cannot be traded.

    The fact that you notified the publisher of the situation re v6 speaks to that integrity.

    I’m all for freeware when such may be available, but if that’s at the cost of the loss of a moral compass, then the price is just too high.

    You just carry on exactly as you are.

  • Jeff Taylor

    The Avantquest UK website gives this description of:

    New & Improved Features in Expert PDF 6

    Increased interactivity, with the ability to create Forms in your PDFs
    New Document Management with support for the Bates Numbering index
    Improved conversion of hyperlinks into PDF files
    New support for converting Javascript into PDF files
    Added security with improved document encryption
    Easier access to the most popular features
    Improved ergonomic user interface

    Presumably, these are changes from Version 5. I found nothing which describes changes from version 4.

  • Sorry. You’ve lost me. Well, it’s worked for me, but I use XP, so where do I find
    HKLM\Software\Visage Software and
    HKCU\Software\Visage Software?
    I can’t find it in the registry…?
    I’d be happy to send it to you.

  • Whoever sends me that info not only will you help Frank out in discovering what is up but you can also save me from having to restore my computer from an image (I was stupid enough to delete a VisageSoft reg value w/o making a backup and now PDF Pro does not work).

    Oh and please do the above only if you are comfortable with working in registry. We don’t want more problems.

    @Frank, if I get my hands on my desktop any time soon I may be able to install it there. Don’t count on that though.

  • Frank

    Couldn’t one of the guys where it’s working export
    HKLM\Software\Visage Software and
    HKCU\Software\Visage Software
    and email them to Ashraf. I really liked to know why it isn’t working for some and is for others. Surely I shared that knowledge with Ashraf and you.


  • Hmmm…

    Did you try the method mentioned in the “Update” at the end of the post above?

    If all else fails, use RevoUninstaller to uninstall it all then try again (you may decide to just keep with v4 if you don’t want to risk losing that in your attempt to get v6).

  • John W

    I did follow all the steps, renaming the shortcuts and replacing the help files. When I installed ver 6, it showed up as a trial version. I uninstalled it and reinstalled ver 4, but now ver 4 crashes when I try to start the program.

    Any Ideas?

  • Sometimes your IP may be banned from a website (although I am not sure why Avanquest would ban you). A proxy allows you to get around that.

    Even if your IP is not banned and you can’t access the website for a different reason, a proxy usually solves that problem also. Just visit a website through a proxy (all you do is type in the website URL you want to visit). However be sure to never enter any personal information while using a proxy because you don’t know if the proxy is mining (collecting) your personal data or not.

  • Abbasgirl

    Ok what does that mean? The webpage won’t open

  • It all loads fine for me. I just did it all again. Try using a proxy.

  • Abbasgirl

    No I’m talking about the promotion one where you get your reg#

  • Giovanni,

    It is about respect and reputation. InshAllah I hope my blog can become the go-to tech blog in the future. I don’t want dotTech to be known as that dirty little website where people go to snub the developer community. I am not out to please everyone; no matter what I do there will be people out there that will dislike me. However I don’t want to give anyone a justified reason to degrade my blog. There are plenty of freebies I can post about that I don’t because those freebies are not meant for the general public. If I posted it, the user community would love me for it; the developer and business community would despise me. I prefer a balance.

    For example: I did my duty to the developer by informing his/her about the free PDF 6 Pro upgrade. Then I did my duty to my readers by informing them about the free PDF 6 Pro upgrade. Everyone is happy (well I don’t know if the developer is much happy but I did my part to warn him/her =P). Plus I discovered this free upgrade to v6 anyway so I get first dibs on what to do with it =P.

    Furthermore, I ask people to follow the rules on my website (in terms of posting content found here). I can’t logically ask people to follow my rules while snubbing others and their work.

    Maybe I am being naive or too self righteous; maybe in the future I will have to stomp on some toes to get out on top. Only time will tell; however right now I don’t need to change my methods =).

    Some people may understand and accept my point of view. Some may not. The great thing is, this is my blog and I run it how I like =P. I do take feedback well though if you want to provide advice =).

  • What website? The Avanquest one? It works fine for me.

  • Abbasgirl

    I tried it IE and Foxfire and the website won’t come up…Help

  • LS

    I was unable to get it to work initially (though I skipped the helpfiles/renamed shortcuts, not being able to understand how that would matter.)

    I went back and tried it again, using the extracted msi and (as from the comments on the other version 4 instructions), and was successful.

    The other difference is that the first time, I left ‘name’ blank, and the second time, I filled it in – the same on both.

  • Abbasgirl

    Hey this is not funny because I went thru the steps and it said I had a trial version so I uninstalled it and went back to get the other one and now the web page won’t come up…..

  • giovanni

    GREAT TIP man but….!!

    Although I appreciate very much your honesty and integrity as blogger (you know, I feel almost moved to tears whenever I see how scrupulous you are in following the rules of “good conduct” that everybody else should follow to make the WEB a more secure and safer space to share information and opinions between people around the world),I was wondering why you felt the need to inform the DEVELOPER of this GEM about a possible “bug” involving the last release of his program, warning him by email that many (penniless) people could take advantage of it?? What the heck!!

    Frankly speaking in this case I think that you have been too much scrupulous in your attempt to contact the developer of this program, simply because it’s not your (or our) fault if it’s possible, with a trivial trick, to grab the last version of eXpert PDF Pro for FREE: after all we didn’t crack the software,did we??

    So why did you email the developer to let him know about this issue??

    Did you want to get noticed or even be hired by the developer’s company or get a prize for such a “tip-off”? LOL!!

    Having said that, since I still don’t know too much about this stunning professional program, I was just wondering what’s the main difference between version 4 and version 6 of this program.

    Do you know that??

  • MikeR,

    The reason PDF 6 Pro is registered is because the registration information is left in the registry when you uninstall PDF 4 Pro. When you install PDF 6 Pro that registry data is detected and accepted. This is why I said not to use Revo. Revo scans registry for left overs from programs and it could delete the registry that has the registration information (although it really doesn’t for this program – for me at least – but still no point in risking it).

    However you can’t manually enter the registration information for PDF 6 Pro because there is no registration tab for it (there is no place to enter the code – I found none).

  • MikeR

    Ashraf, o genius: a couple of things —

    1) I take it that after uninstalling the previously registered v4, it’s just a case of entering the v4 registration key into the v6??? Or:

    2) are you saying that using the app’s own uninstall routine, and not using Revo,then the original registry file is ‘read’ and recognised by v6?

    I’m certainly interested in giving this a spin because v4 has me bewildered in one particular respect: when viewing a pdf document where a page happens to be upside down — often the case if you download a brochure, and the way it’s been printed originally is that the second side would normally fold around the first in hard-print format — expert PDF v4 seems to have no way of rotating the page so it can be read.

    Ye Gods, if that is the case, then no wonder v4 has been superceded: as it stands, I’ve had to download Foxit reader all over again just to be able to simply rotate a page. . .

  • Jean,

    I wouldn’t update to SP2 as soon as it comes out. Knowing Microsoft everything will be broken at release.

  • Leland

    I am on XP Pro SP3. I had no issues, but I skipped the French version and followed the instruction lower in the expertPDFv4 to extract the file and delete the french files and just run the msi installer. It worked great for me, though it does involve some extra steps. I would advise having Process Explorer handy when following this method as it tells you the current directory in use when running the installer which makes it easy to find the files and copy them elsewhere. Good luck.

  • I’m on XP SP3 (from Dell)!

    On a fairly old computer!

    That came with SP2!

    Vista’s going to get a SP2 soon!

    Hopefully it will give Vista more features like XP SP2!

  • Wow, thanks Lakjin/Ashraf/DarkAgent2005! It works!

  • I installed for all users (both PDF 4 Pro and PDF 6 Pro). I am on Vista and you are on XP so that could be one reason why the results differ.

  • Frank

    Another idea: The ones successfully installing: Did you install for all users (as I did) users or only for logged on user?


  • Frank,

    Remind me later. I have to restore my computer from an image and then I am going to reinstall PDF Pro because I screwed up PDF Pro (I manually deleted the registry files and can’t recover them now…long story). If Leland or anyone else will be kind enough to zip up the registry hives I can pass them along right now.

  • Frank

    Would you mind to to export your registry hives
    HKLM\Software\Visage Software and
    HKCU\Software\Visage Software
    and email them to me (zipped, please)? See the different email address in this post, please.
    I do a compare to my registry and might see something that helps us further…


  • Frank,

    The shortcut and help file change is just about the only idea I have. If that does not work I am not sure what to tell you.


    What OS are you on? Would it be Vista by chance?

  • Leland

    Thank you very much; I just tested this and it does work. Also, if anyone followed the instructions lower down for creating and English installer it is even easier.

  • Frank

    Well, I do not really need it. It’s just out of curiosity and to have software for friends or colleagues in need.
    But if you have any ideas I’m willing to try it. Thanks to VMWare I can start from a fresh machine in seconds.


  • The files may be deleted but since the registration information is stored in the registry file/version/language information may also be stored there. I am not sure – I am just throwing out ideas. It can’t hurt to try it can it? If you want PDF 6 Pro that is.

  • Frank

    Yes, Ashraf,

    I deleted the *.FRA files. I did not reneame shortcuts nor download English help. But all these are deleted anyway when uninstalling.
    Here’s the dir after uninstalling v.4:
    C:\Program Files\Visagesoft\eXPert PDF>dir
    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is F4B3-B4DF

    Directory of C:\Program Files\Visagesoft\eXPert PDF

    23.03.2009 19:42 .
    23.03.2009 19:42 ..
    23.03.2009 19:42 54’852 eXPertPDFAddIn.elf
    23.03.2009 19:42 43’756 vsprinterx.elf
    2 File(s) 98’608 bytes
    2 Dir(s) 10’516’316’160 bytes free

    BTW neither uninstalling v.4 using the v.4 installer nor using the v.6 installer changed anything.
    I have XPSP3 eng in a VMWare machine.


  • Leland

    It’s funny I was going to buy this software last year, but when I tried emailing the author to get some information I never got a response even after 3 tries. Finally I gave up and did not buy it. Now we get it for free. Nice find; thanks for sharing!

  • I downloaded the same as the above. It worked just fine for me. Frank did you rename the shortcuts and replace the help files like I mentioned in the other post? I am curious as to why it is working for some people and not for others. My theory is because some people did not replace the shortcuts and help files while others did (I did).

    Also, I doubt they plugged the hole yet.

  • Frank

    Hi Ashraf,

    doesn’t work over here. My download is V 6.0.1550.0 (26’155’690 bytes). have you got the same or did they already close the hole?

    Thank you, Frank