Know everything there is to know about your computer with WinAudit.

windowsEver been asked “what are the specs of your computer” or “what [insert hardware component here] do you have” or “does your computer have a [insert hardware product here]” or “what programs do you have installed” or [insert hardware related question here]? These types of questions are usually asked of you when you need some sort of help with a computer related issue; however sometimes you may be asked by a friend or even on an online forum. Isn’t it embarrassing to say “I don’t know”? Okay it may not be embarrassing for some but for sure no one wants to answer “I don’t know”. Am I rite or am I rite? Come onnnnn Ashraf is always right ^_- (that is a joke for the people who don’t know me and my sense of humor (or lack thereof depending on which way you look at it)). Well get rid of that sad face and get glad (yes pun intended – however I am not telling you to go out and buy Glad plastic bags) because today I am here to introduce you to WinAudit:


WinAudit literally “audits” your computer (it only took ~30 seconds to audit my laptop) and displays the results in an organized fashion:


WinAudit works on all Windows Windows PE/95/98/Me/NT3.51/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista and both architectures (32 or 64 bit). WinAudit has the ability to detect and show you all of the following:


You can access the window you see in the above screenshot by clicking on “Options”. You can check/uncheck specific categories at will to display/not display then in your audit.

Now you may have audited your computer, but the information is so vast and confusing, you may not want to mess with it (rather opting to just send the information directly to whoever asked for it). Well no worries again. With WinAudit you have the ability to do save, email or print your whole audit:


  • “Save” will save your whole audit into three HTML files (one HTML file is for actual audit information, one is for the left scrolling menu, and one is to put both of the previous two mentioned HTML files into an organized userfriendly format).
  • “Email” will convert all your audit information into text and insert it into an email. You will then just have to input the recipient’s email address and click “Send” to send your whole audit report to them. Note that with “email” there is no nice navigation like with HTML – it is just straight text (but it is formatted/organized).
  • “Print” will print your whole audit.

In addition to being able to save/email/print your whole audit, you can save individual parts of your audit into TXT files:


You can find the above features under “Help”.

Lastly, WinAudit can be used in multiple different languages:


Note: If you plan on using WinAudit in a language that does not use the Latin alphabet (English letters), such as Japanese, you must get the Unicode version of WinAudit. Unicode version is 966 KB in file size and only works on Windows PE/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Because I know someone is going to bring it up, yes there are lots of other programs out there that do similar things as WinAudit (one of my personal favorites is PC Wizard – maybe a post about PC Wizard in the near future). However, what gives WinAudit an upper hand (in my opinion) over many of these “other programs” is that WinAudit is standalone, portable, and a very small program (830 KB file size for the ASCII/non-Unicode version). Plus it supports many languages and gives you nice exporting capabilities.

Are you ready to download WinAudit yet? Dang I am good. You can download WinAudit from the following links:


WinAudit (Unicode)

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