That Ashraf is not me.


I have not been writing reviews for like a week or two now. In fact lately I have not made much posts on dotTech. I don’t know why… just taking a break I guess. I just wanted to let you guys know that today someone used the name “Ashraf” while posting in the comments section for Paragon Drive Back Personal 9. Ashraf is a pretty common name so I am not going to say he is trying to impersonate me, but I wanted to let you know that the Ashraf that posted today is not me. I don’t know who it is.

Take care =)


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  • David Roper

    That person knew when they posted what they were doing. To assume another’s name is a cowardly way to post. I hope their keys fall off their keyboard. It just ain’t right!

  • donna

    I am only a regular internet user. However, I have taken advantage of your posts several times. You have helped myself and others many times. I applaud you for your time and efforts.

  • Peter

    Hi Ashraf I did see your name in the past, but did not know who they was talking about, but now I now were I can find you. Everybody need some vacation now and then. I have you in my rss feeds, see you :o)

  • DD

    I can’t say it any better than Sue, Deb, etc. did, but i just want to add my quick note of appreciation for not only your well-written, very helpful reviews, but also your generosity of spirit.
    For example, many others would have been much more harsh about “how dare” someone else use “my” name, etc.
    But you were very respectful, not accusing anyone of anything, yet still reassuring us it was of course not the real you posting (which most of us knew it could not be).
    Thanks again, and I look very much forward to your next reviews and postings, for as long as you feel like doing so!

  • Ozzie

    Oh, just one other thing. Working, as I do, in a human rights non-governmental organisation in a developing country with precious few funds to go around, it is incredibly valuable to find free software that can help with the work we do, particularly in terms of advocacy. It is also incredibly valuable to have your detailed reviews, Ashraf, to know whether products are worth downloading and if there are other freeware alternatives available. Thanks to the effort you put in, you have helped make our work in this part of the world that little bit easier! So thank you for all you do, and please know that it is appreciated – and that the things you do probably have a much broader impact than you might be aware of! :)

  • Ozzie

    Let me add my voice to the chorus of fans from around the world (this time from a thawing Mongolia)! Ain’t the internet a wonderful thing – uniting people from all points on the globe! It was obvious that it wasn’t you writing in the GOTD comments section. It was but a cheap imitation! Rock on, Ashraf, and take time out when you have the chance! We’ll still be here patiently waiting for your reviews, tips, advice, etc. Take care of yourself, ok! :)

  • longfeng

    Take a break.

    Recent GOTD is somehow not enticing to download.. perhaps without your reviews. haha…

  • bill

    …sorry. I meant time “off”, not time “of”.

  • bill

    It only took a quick glance to realize it was an impostor. Enjoy your time of, & thanks for all of the GREAT info.

  • I also thought that people would recognize it was not me but someone emailed me asking me if that was me or not which is why I made this post >.>.

  • Paulo

    Hi Ashraf,
    In Portugal we miss you too. Your reviews on the GOTD are the first thing I look for just after knowing about the offer of the day. And if you say it’s not worthy, I don’t install it. But the better part is that I’ve learn a lot reading your reviews, and I will keep going to your site everyday, hoping it is the season to write.
    Others in this page had the talent to give words to my feelings: “Take your own sweet time and enjoy life. When it is the season to write reviews then we will all rejoice with you. When it is the season for you to engage in other pursuits then will wish you happiness and fulfillment, even if we selfishly yearn for your return”. “Thank god you’re not paranoid…”

    Take care


  • Muhammad

    its was so clear that this is not you :)

  • Rune

    In Sweden we miss you too Ashraf. ;-)

    Take your brake with clear conscience. Take your time, we wait :-)


  • Emrys

    I missed you too. I saw that post today and knew it could not be you; the post lacked your style and grammar. Hope you are well; good to have you back.

  • Frank

    Thank god you’re not paranoid…

  • Pat O’Brien


    Take your own sweet time and enjoy life.

    When it is the season to write reviews then we will all rejoice with you.

    When it is the season for you to engage in other pursuits then will wish you happiness and fullfilment, even if we selfishly yearn for your return.

    Whatever you do is what it is.

    Summer is coming up real fast, and mine is full of camping and music festivals. . . hint hint.

  • I have kind of miss writing reviews myself. Was planning on writing one for today’s giveaway but got caught up in something else =O.

    As a side note, maybe this break in reviews is my subconscious way of preparing my readers for my extended leave of absence come summer… hint hint.

  • FarAwayDeb

    Ditto. At first I wondered (for a moment) “What’s with the puny review by Ashraf?” Then I realized it must be someone else. I’ve missed you Ashraf!

  • Sue D. Nymme

    Yeah, I saw those pseudo-Ashraf posts and knew immediately that they weren’t you. It was pretty obvious.

    How did I notice them? Because when I go to GAOTD, the first thing I do is a page-search for “Ashraf”. Your reviews are gold. I won’t begrudge your taking a break, but I do hope you start back up again soon!