If you see “Politically Motivated (dotnet)” instead of “dotTech [.org]” please do tell.


It has been over a month since I changed the name of this blog from PoliticallyMotivated.net to dotTech.org. I tried my best to make sure anywhere on this blog where it said “PoliticallyMotivated.net” or “Politically Motivated (dotnet)” or “PMnet” to replace it with “dotTech.org” or “dotTech [.org]” or “dT”. However to date I am still finding places where I missed that change. For example, when you sign up to receive an email every time a new post is made on dotTech [.org], you are sent a confirmation email from which you must follow a link. In this email I found that I forgot to replace “Politically Motivated (dotnet)”:


Now this is not a ground breaking mistake but it does look unprofessional (and annoys the heck out of me). So if you guys would be so kind, if you see anywhere on this blog where it mentions “PoliticallyMotivated.net” or “Politically Motivated (dotnet)” or “PMnet” instead of “dotTech.org” or “dotTech [.org]” or “dT”, please post below and let me know.



P.S. I did not go back and change it in my older posts, such as reviews, so you will still find “PoliticallyMotivated.net” or “Politically Motivated (dotnet)” or “PMnet” mentioned in those; there are just too many posts to look through and see which ones need changing. I am more concerned with making sure things like the website template, features and services don’t mention “PoliticallyMotivated.net” or “Politically Motivated (dotnet)” or “PMnet” when they should say “dotTech.org” or “dotTech [.org]” or “dT”.

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  1. Bruce Fraser

    RE: “there are just too many posts to look through and see which ones need changing.”

    I’ve never blogged, so I don’t know the difference between blogging software and website software.

    Having said that, the last time I administered our church’s website, it was relatively easy to tell the website editor to scan through all the pages of the website doing a “search and replace.” In that case, it was to get rid of curly quotes — the kind which come out weird-looking on many browsers and replace them with straight quotes. I expect one could do the same with any kind of text.

    Thanks for your gifts to the global computing community! Best wishes,
    – Bruce Fraser

  2. KokomoRELady

    I just subscribed to email updates and found that “PoliticallyMotivated.net” still shows up on the page displayed after hitting submit. (The page confirming the subscription and about the follow-up email.)

  3. MikeR

    I’d need to be reassured there was nothing politically motivated about a request to report sightings of ‘politically motivated’ in case what appears to me to be politically motivated turned out not to be and so my motivations for assisting (which are anything but political) might be deemed political by those motivated to find political motivations in, er, everything.

    I think.