Bahahaha Pakistan beat Australia.

Ya that’s what I thought. Pakistanis beat the Aussies by 4 wickets. Eat it. And like it.


P.S. Aussies is not a derogatory term is it? I hope not. I ask this because while most people don’t realize, technically speaking “Paki” is a derogatory term that was invented by the British during colonial times. I, however, don’t find “Paki” offending… freaking British ruined a good nickname :P

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  • Muhammad


    If you ever come through to Karachi let me know. You’re welcome to be a quest at my place. Maybe we’ll even get you married. hehe

  • Furqan

    I like this post… lolz

  • You know what would suck? If Australia won the rest of the matches. Then I would have to eat my own words.

    When I got the notification that a comment has been posted on this post by a guy named “Andrew” I instantly thought of “Andrew Symonds”, a player on the Australian team, haha.

  • Andrew

    Congrats Ashraf! You must be proud of your countrymen now,they are really fantastic sportsmen! Now I found out the reason of your often being absent at your blog activities, you most probably are engaged in cricket training in order to glorify your national cricket team in the future to the Worlds Champions extent! ;) j/k

  • I hear the new Dubai stadium is awesome… have fun man (if you go).

    And thanks :D

    You SAs just kicked Aussie butt recently if I recall properly :)
    Australia has been off its game lately in general.

  • Hey guys, late chat now but I’d just like to mention that I’m a South African (Not being biased, I still think we rule :P) and I live in Dubai.
    Coincidence, maybe, but I was going to go watch that game and could not. Sucks.
    Was also wondering who was going to win. Me and my other SA friend were screaming for Pakistan…
    Nice win, Ashraf. My other Aus friend’s going to the next match, also in Dubai, I believe (Ok, I live an hour’s drive away, in a small place called Al Ain)…

    Gratz again!

  • Ozzie

    Ha ha! Yes, my friend, you can! And yes, the glory days of Pakistani cricket were truly golden! As a kid, me and my friends used to sneak into the Gabba and sit for days on end watching the visiting teams play. And when we weren’t watching, we’d spend day after day in the park (anywhere we could, really) playing. I think I was one lucky kid!

    And I can’t wait to see Mendes bowl!

  • Ah the glory days of Pakistani cricket… :)

    I agree with you that the Australians have been dominating cricket for so long in the past decade or so they are too arrogant now.

    In fact I agree with everything you said in your last post. Can I just copy + paste it and call it my words? :P

    BTW Mendes is a **** good spinner.

  • Ozzie

    Hi Ashraf! As an Australian myself (an expatriate one for a number of years now), I can tell you that “Aussie” is in no way a derogatory term. As a lifelong obsessed cricket fan, I extend my hearty congrats to the Pakistani team. Sadly, they seem to have lost their way of late and are, as you say, a bit hit or miss, which is a pity for international cricket.

    I have such fond memories of Javed Miandad (I grew up watching Javed – which dates me somewhat!), Imran Khan (man, I thought Imran was the coolest dude on the planet!), Wasim Khan, Waqar Younis (man, could that guy make a ball move through the air!), etc, etc. Cricket royalty, hey! And I’m glad they gave the Aussies a flogging – might sound Un-Australian, but they are so up themselves and can be such bad sports that they are not my number one team (I have a huge soft spot for Sri Lanka and the West Indies).

    I was in Sri Lanka last year and had a chance to catch up on all the cricket news with Sri Lankan taxi drivers, so it was exciting to learn of their young spinner Mendes ripping through India and breaking all kinds of records while I was there. It was also sad to see on BBC news of the recent attack on the SL team – and sadder for the implications for Pakistan cricket in terms of playing there. So it is bloody good news to see them triumph – world cricket is enlivened with a strong Pakistan team.

    So enjoy the celebrations! And you guys who don’t understand cricket, you don’t know what you’re missing!


  • @Giovaani

    No. I was actually in the middle of my review for Zoner Studio, but I decided to “take a break” and woke up 7 hours later.

    And yes it is not worth the download.

    I wish! Planned on watching it but I accidentally fell asleep… Bloody hell was a good match too.

  • giovanni

    @ Steve

    Hi man!!

    Yes I know it…

    I remembered my INDIAN friends sharing the flat with me in London a few years ago…they were totally MAD about this sport!!

    And I had also learned from them that in INDIA, SRI LANKA, BANHLADESH and PAKISTAN cricket is the national sport and the players are seen like HEROS (especially by WOMEN…LOL!!) maybe because they get good money as well….

    For them Cricket is like Football for Italian or European People, namely nearly a RELIGION even thogh football is more widespread around the world (cricket is played just in the British Commonwealth countries, namely in no more than 10 nations), but the JOKE is that a national Football team doesn’t exist neither in INDIA nor in PAKISTAN…LOL!!

    It’s about CULTURE!!

    Having said that, I never understood why both Indian and Pakistani people are so good at COMPUTER SCIENCE (see Ashraf for instance…LOL!!).

    Even my Indian friends mentioned above were attending a Master in Computer Science in London…

  • Steve

    at giovanni

    He was up late last night concerned about his team

  • Steve

    Naw your okay…For uninitiated its pronounced “Ozzie”.

    I went to a Pakistani site, just to throw something out there, but couldn’t make heads or tails of what was being said.

  • giovanni


    In Italy CRICKET doesn’t exist…LOL!!

    Hey Ashraf, I was waiting for your daily GAOTD review.

    What do you make of the GIVEAWAY offered today?

    It looks more like HYPE than substance, doesn’t it?

    Actually it seems to me that today’s formula it’s just a clever trick made by the developer to induce GAOTD visitors to buy the Professional version of the product at the end of the 2 month trial period, as if today’s offer was SHAREWARE taking into account that the limited version (Xpress) is totally different than the Professional one!!!

    But what about GAOTD’s mission?

    Let me guess… you didn’t write any review today because you didn’t know how to assess today’s product (Xpress or the 2-month Professional version), right ?? LOL!!!

  • Yep.

    I was holding my breath last night; wasn’t sure how well Pakistan would do… they are a hit or miss.

  • Frank

    Let me guess, Ashraf,

    you’re originating from Pakistan?