Android now has over 600,000 apps, installed 20 billion times

Apple App Store has 650,000 apps – 225,000 specifically for the iPad – installed 30,000,000,000 times. At today’s Google I/O conference Google revealed Android now has over 600,000 apps in Google Play Store; that number includes apps and games. While Google does not specify how many of those apps are tablet-specific or how many of those apps support tablets in addition to phones, Google does mention the apps have been installed 20,000,000,000 times.

If we take an average for the 400,000,000 Android activations, that is 50 app installs per Android device. Compare that to Apple’s “365 million iOS devices in play” comment and we get roughly 82 app installs per iOS device. Interesting. Sound off in the comments below!

[via Engadget]

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  1. josh

    Silenceisgolden: I can clearly see you don’t know what your talking about. First of all do some research and find out what Google counts as an install. They consider it one install when an app has been installed on a device, regardless of how many times its been installed on said device. Also you seem to just be spouting false information. Android has very good quality apps. There are some junky apps, but for every junky one there are 50 good ones. Apple isn’t flawless, and it has a good many junky apps(in fact I will enlighten a fact about how Apple’s app store is set up). First of all I will say that truthfully Apple’s store is easier to search(only bc the way it searches). One reason for that is that it hides Apps that aren’t popular, unless directly searched for. It will also hide apps that have a low rating. Apple also allows these low rated apps remain in store even though it hides them from being downloaded. That is one of the only reasons It’s ahead of Android in app quantity. Some android apps just haven’t been around as long as the IOS counterparts, thus they aren’t as polished, but from what I’ve seen many apps are superior on Android than there Ios counterparts. I am a Google fan in general, but I will give Apple props where deserved. I just wanted to clear somethings up. Oh and anyone wanting to flame me saying I’m a fanboy, I have my reasons for supporting Google. And any Apple fanboy that argues that people choose Android bc of cheapness your wrong, bc most Android phones cost equal to or more than an Iphone, so we didn’t choose android bc we are cheap.

  2. SilenceIsGolden

    Well. Considering my so far quite bad experiences with Android (I soooo wanted to love it after having been disappointed by all the i-stuff… boohooo, why did Sony ever stop making PDAs??), I think the 20 Billion installs are because you need to install every app at least twice to make it work right; and the high number of apps in total is because everybody just makes another version of the same app without checking first if there’s one like it out there — it’s an infuriating futile search for the right app if you keep downloading allegedly different ones only to see that their layout is different, but the core is basically the same. (Kinda like all the youtube vids of the same thing.)

    Sadly, it seems way too easy these days to make an app. Note: quantity (in this instance) is really not what we should strive for.