Google demos Project Glass by landing on conference center roof

What’s more impressive than nearly invisible high-tech glasses? How about nearly invisible high-tech glasses streaming live video while freefalling through the air? Today at Google I/O, Google and the team behind Project Glass did just that.

Interrupting a dry Google+ keynote, Sergey Brin showed up and started livestreaming a Google+ hangout. Inside, thousands of attendees watched as a group of people, all wearing Glasses, skydived off of a blimp and landed on top of the conference building. Sergey then switches to a different Hangout where you see a group of bikers that then do stunts off of the rooftop. The glasses are then handed to people who rappel down the side of the building. They hand the glasses back to the bikers, who then bike into the conference center. You can watch this all happening in Google’s official recording of the event. It’s great in HD!

They then announced that Project Glass would be available for pre-order for US-based Google I/O attendees for only $1500. Overall, it’s quite impressive and an amazing use of technology.

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