Free Avanquest Expert PDF Pro 7!

UPDATE: This freebie may only be of Expert PDF Pro’s converter — not the editor. Please don’t uninstall Expert PDF Pro 6 until we get this figured out.

Software Description

The following is a description of  Avanquest Expert PDF Pro, as per the developer:

Create PDF Documents

  • Create PDF files from any printable PC application; Word, Excel, Pictures, Photos etc.
  • Create several PDF files in one single operation
  • Merge Multiple Documents –Combine files from various applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) into a single PDF
  • One-Click PDF creation from Microsoft®Office
  • Send PDFs automatically by e-mail

Edit PDF Documents

  • Text-Editing –Cut, copy, paste and edit text
  • Graphic-Editing –Add images, shapes & notes to your PDFs
  • Add watermarks, headers and footers
  • Insert, delete, rotate and crop PDF pages
  • Add interactive features such as links and bookmarks
  • Document Management –Use Bates Numbering to index documents with time, date, copyrights or unique coding for easy identification and file retrieval

Convert PDF Documents

  • PDF to Word Conversion –one-click conversion of any PDF file into a Microsoft Word document for easy editing
  • Save documents as popular file formats; JPG, TIF, GIF etc.

Protect your PDF Documents

  • Secure – Digitally Sign, and certify PDF documents
  • Passwords – Keep your PDF documents confidential (up to 256 bits encryption for files requiring higher security access control)
  • Encryption – Secure your PDF files using 256-bit RC4 or AES encryption algorithms.
  • Set Permissions – Control which users can read, print, edit, copy or comment your PDF files.

dotTech Advice

For quite a few years here at dotTech, we’ve been giving you the latest freebies, including several on Expert PDF Pro. As such, it’s really gotten ingrained in our site, and we’ve even offered tips on getting rid of some of its annoyances over the years. It’s definitely a nice program, and in version seven Avanquest gave it a nice overhaul, with a Windows 7 ribbon interface and all. (That may or may not be a pro.) It’s definitely worth snagging, if not for now, for future use, especially if you use a lot of PDFs.

Freebie Details

Avanquest Expert PDF 7 is being give away by Avanquest directly.

Here’s some information about the giveaway:

  • Version being given away: v7.0.1800
    • Free updates: unknown, probably none
    • Free technical support: unknown, probably none
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000+
  • Download size: 29.8MB – 0/40

First, download and install Avanquest ExpertPDF Pro v7. Then, visit the registration page. You’ll need to enter an email address and get automatically subscribed to a mailing list, so you might want to use a service like Mailinator. The page is in German, so if you don’t use a browser with auto-translate, you can use the page below as a guide:

In your email, click the “klicken Sie bitte hier” button to get your code:

Once you’ve got the code, just open Expert PDF Pro and click the Register Full Version button:

paste it into the registration field…

… hit register, and you’re done!

If you have trouble getting Avanquest Expert PDF Pro for free, post below and I other dotTechies or I will try to help.


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  1. Paul Davidson

    I mostly use PDFfiller to fill, edit or create fillable PDFs. Its not the same thing, but maybe someone needs it. It also allows you to erase in a pdf, esign, efax, add logos and pics to pdfs. Its pretty easy to use and its pretty cheap. I think you can get a free week if you and a friend both register. Here is a link to the site’s functionality

  2. jayesstee

    @Janetb and RobCr:

    Sorry, please accept my profuse appologies. This is what I did and thought I did:

    1. I found the Expert PDF offer at:

    2. I posted my find at:
    I thought I included the link in #1 above, but it sure isn’t there now.
    The only evidence I can offer in my defence, is that it is still in my clipboard manager. That only proves my intention, not that I actually did put it in.

    3. I briefly came on-line earlier today, saw the posts and fired off my reply without checking. Again apologies.

    4. The Computelogy page seems to be active, however I can confirm that the code given by Janetb will serve very well for “testing”.

    5. Janetb. I use FF, with the NoScript extension for its protection against javascript etc. I too got empty spaces on the Computelogy page, but temporarily disabling NoScript allowed the content to be seen. Have you got similar protection built in, or added to IE?

    Sorry for the confusion, I was certain that I included the link in #1 above, but if I didn’t please put down to senility. Any future posts, will be doubly checked.

  3. Janetb

    Bitte finden Sie nachstehend Ihre Seriennummer, um die Software zu aktivieren.
    Seriennummer: 8122-0411-DT2T-A1F4-38B1-324G

    This is for the download of the 8 Pro trial from the link in my #84 comment. Good luck!

  4. Janetb

    You’ll be happy to know that everyone’s right…:-)…

    When I went to the link, it went to the Avanq. reg page. I was able to reg and the reg code was sent to myemail. I then went back to the Computology page and downloaded from the link there:

    So I guess the offer is over…:-(… Why don’t you download from the above link. If it’s alright with Ashraf, I’ll either post the code or send it to you offline.

  5. RobCr

    If you are saying that the link to get to the reg form is still valid.
    Let us say for the moment that ‘I can’t read’ without me taking offense. Can you check the link and spell it out better for those of us ‘that cannot read’

  6. jayesstee

    @RobCr and Janetb:

    Sorry RobCr but the (vague) reference was the one I used. I quoted it because when I used it, it gave instructions on how to fill in the German language form plus a link to it. I didn’t give further instructions on how to follow the linked page because I thought dotTechies could read and I was just finishing off for the day. That’s the reason for my susequent ‘silence’, time differences and all that!

    Janetb. Hope it really does all you want, I figured I owed you after accusing you of shouting last time. PS I got the blank part of the page until I temporarily disabled ‘NoScript’.

  7. RobCr

    I got to Computelogy page OK
    It is their link half way down that then goes to Avanguest home page, NOT TO the form to fill in to request the reg .
    Here is their link –
    Open the following webpage into your browser and fill the form, which we have already practiced on number of times, as shown in the photo below.

    PS Thanks for your help
    I am annoyed at Jayesstee’s vague ‘heads up’ and subsequent silence.

  8. Janetb

    I just tried my link again. It opens to an article titled “Get Free Expert PDF 8 Professional Edition [Ultimate & Business Edition] – Don’t Miss It…”

    Keep scrolling way down–there’s a big blank space before you get to the screen caps of the reg/dl procedure.

  9. Janetb


    I limited my google search to the last week, and when I saw a lot of familiar sites referenced, I figured it was a genuine giveaway….I dled and installed and nothing bad has happened, and the app works fine. The page I gave just takes you to Avanquest anyway, with their usual registration procedure.

  10. RobCr

    I too Googled and found that page, HOWEVER I was nervous that it may have not been the correct page, and may be dangerous.
    I think it is now too late, as it just opens a ‘home’ page.
    I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there are two questions –
    1) Is it the same source that Jayesstee was intending ? ? ?
    2) Why didn’t Jayesstee provide a link ? ? ?

  11. Janetb


    #1 I don’t think most folks would consider one bold sentence shouting…:-)….

    #2 Thanks for your bold–yes that looks like it might do….I would tend to think that an app that lets you add and delete pages might well have a change-order function….Anyone out there have it ( installed to verify…?

    #3 Still hoping to hear from Avantquest or Visagesoft, as eXPert PDF 6 was a full editor. If I have to buy something, I would switch to Tracker–the makers of the PDF XChange series.

    Those of you following this thread might like to follow
    as well…..

  12. jayesstee


    # 1 IMHO, more than 50% of a post in bold, is shouting.

    # 2 On the link it states:

    “Key features

    Advanced PDF Split and Merge
    Insert Dynamic Text, Image, PDF Stamps and Watermarks
    Convert Images to PDFs and PDF to Images
    Flatten Layers, Remove Annotations, Attachments, Bookmarks and JavaScript
    Crop, Rotate, Delete, Extract and Insert Pages
    Extract Text, Images and Fonts from PDF files
    Flatten PDF Forms and Extract Form Data
    Edit Initial View Settings and Document Metadata
    Watched Folders for Workflow Automation
    Easy Batch Processing”

    Now my use of bold really is for emphasis!

    I assume that if you delete and then re-insert a page in a different position, that would be a (crude) way of changing the order of the pages – OK for one or two, too long-winded for a whole multi-page document.

    Anyway good luck! Please share when you find what you are looking for.

  13. AFPhys


    I am very much interested in this quest of yours, am following your comments as well as those of others, and hoping you achieve a satisfactory result. One of my interests in editing PDFs is also changing page orders, but in addition to that, I need to be able to modify tables, which Libre/OpenOffice currently lacks. I would like correspondence with you at my gmail dot com EAddy: wyvern39w, on this subject. Please put PDF in the subject/title line so it gets through the heavy spam filter.

    I am surprised that you have failed to get your valid registration number for version 6 to work with the download files for that which still seem to be available.

  14. Janetb


    CAPS ARE SHOUTING; bold and underline are for emphasis–to call attention to important points. Your link mentions many functions and features–but not add, delete, and change the order of pages…:-)….Do you have reason to think it does this? I emphasized these three features so people would not refer me to apps that did not have these particular three features…:-)….

    It’s not a question of good or bad; it’s a question of which features are available. The basic PDF app categories are printers, converters, viewers (most of which are annotators as well nowadays), creators, text-only editors, and full editors. eXPert PDF (as it was called up to v.7) was a full suite which included all the above! We have had many pdf apps on dottech and GAOTD, but eXPert PDF 5 and 6 (and not 7!) are the only full suites (including full editors) that I have ever seen as a free giveaway.

  15. mukhi

    i am having the following PDF related software in my computer now:
    # adobe PDF reader
    # foxit portable PDF reader
    # PDF-XChange viewer portable
    # dopdf7 (PDF printer)
    # bullzip (PDF printer, can secure PDF)
    # wondershare PDF converter (converts secure PDFs, GAOTD version)
    # PDFZilla (PDF to…, works good with images only)
    # visagesoft eXPert PDF 6 (includes PDF editor, dottech freebie)
    # emagmaker PDF editor (GAOTD version):: keep an eye on GAOTD, they may offer it again!
    # pdfsam (split & merge)
    # algologic PDF protector, splitter and merger (GAOTD version)
    # freeOCR (scanned PDF to text)

    @Mike; Wash.
    PDF Split and Merge 2.0 is not a PDF editor, it only splits & merges! (aka pdfsam)

  16. Janetb


    From which page did you download eXPert PDF Pro 6, which link, and what file name? I had dl’ed eXPertPDF_V6-DEU.exe, but it would not continue the installation without a serial number. I put in the serial from the same dottech page link, but it said it was a false #…..

  17. WildCat

    I was able to register, download and install eXPert PDF Pro 6 from the original article. Only problem I found
    was when you click the link on that page for “How To: Fix some eXPert PDF Pro annoyances (prevent PDF Printer from starting on boot and turn it off automatically when you are done using it)”, it loops you back to the same page So I did a search on dotTech for “How To: Fix some eXPert PDF Pro annoyances” and it took me to… Hope this helps anyone who wants to get Version 6 back. I missed the original article, so is my first time installing it. If you already had Version 6 you might need to use a new/different email address??? Version history shows as 6.20.400.o

  18. David Yoon

    The serial number Avanquest has sent me still does not work.
    When the e-mail was received, there was some weird line of info before the non-working serial number.
    Can anyone tell me what it was?

    Bitte finden Sie nachstehend Ihre Seriennummer, um die Software zu aktivieren.
    Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

  19. Mike; Wash.

    PDF Split and Merge 2.0: a PDF editor with a visual interface
    If you are still having trouble with this one; you can check out the one above, my daughter uses it at work and really likes it.

  20. internet explorer

    being impatient, I went ahead and followed Ashraf’s procedure for getting Visagesoft Expert PDF Pro 6, in English, from November 24, 2010, and it all still works perfectly! Just be sure not to update the German version or the English one won’t install over it (I found out the hard way and had to uninstall and start again.). Now I’m the proud owner of version 6.32 after updating the English edition, thanks to Ashraf.

  21. internet explorer

    I just checked and for some reason I only have version 5.1 of Visage’s Expert PDF Editor; anybody know if I can still get the download and license for version 6? I must have missed the offer in November 2010.

  22. internet explorer

    @janetb: not having any drop shadows handy to try them out on, do you happen to know if Foxit Reader or even Adobe Reader display them properly? I would hate to miss content because of faulty PDF viewers.

  23. Janetb

    If I were going to buy a pdf editor, I would go with the company that made my superb pdf viewer, PDF-XChange Viewer (free). It has extensive annotation capabilities—pretty good for a viewer! I use it as my default pdf viewer because it was able to display drop shadows perfectly, whereas eXPert PDF Pro 6 (my full editor) showed dropshadows as solid, matte shapes! You can compare the PDF-XChange products here:
    Nice selection in a range of prices…..

  24. Frank D

    I spent most of today trying all the free “PDF editors” and found only one that is worthy of the name: Open Office with the PDF Import extension.

    Here is the procedure for editing a PDF file, pretty much as you would in MS Word:

    To edit a PDF file using Open Office (you can download it from and you’ll need the the PDF Import Extension which you can download from the same site),

    >>> NOTE: All active links will be rendered inactive, so use this only for
    creating documents without links or which will not suffer. <<<

    1. Open OpenOffice Draw (from the main program, and yes, the Draw component is where you edit the PDFs) .
    2. From within Draw, open the PDF file you want to edit.
    3. Edit existing text by selecting or typing as you would do in Word.
    4. To add new text (outside of the existing text), click the Text link at the bottom of the Window, and then click where you want to add text.
    5. After you have finished editing the file click the PDF link to export the file as a PDF.

    Although this is a fantastic free solution for editing a PDF, the PDF Import Extension does have some limitations. It does not currently support PDF forms, table conversions, and decrypting protected files.


  25. eric506


    I haven’t found any free editors, and have looked long and hard. Nitro PDF Pro (at $119 USD) and Nuance PDF Converter Pro 8 (at $99 USD) both can edit and are a whole lot cheaper than Acrobat. I’ve had some luck using one of the free PDF converters or online PDF converter sites to change a PDF file into a DOC/DOCX, RTF, or TXT file, then making the edits, and using a PDF printer driver to recreate the PDF file.

    Your other option is to get a response from Avanquest or Visagesoft. Version 7 must have left a trace somewhere, but I scanned the registry for Avanquest, Visagesoft, ExpertPDF, and the new (V7) registration code, and removed everything I found, but that didn’t get me past the “incorrect serial number” when I tried to reinstall V6. I tried looking on the hard drive for left-behind files, and couldn’t find anything. I even reinstalled Version 7 and traced it with a couple uninstallers, hoping that it would remove anything left behind, but no joy there, either.

    Good luck!

  26. jayesstee


    Sorry, didn’t try your suggestion ‘cos I had already uninstalled it. Having seen the ‘lack of editor’ comments, I decided that I would stick to Nitro PDF Pro which does have the facility to edit.

    Definitely, “Over and Out”.

  27. Mike; Wash.

    I downloaded this yesterday afternoon, I got three shortcuts. Pdf 7 converter; pdf creator, word converter. They all say version 7, when I clicked help it did show help for version 8, otherwise they are registered as v7.

  28. eric506


    You might be able to get back your version 6 pro if you have your registration code. I found the original DotTech posting from November 2010 ( through a quick search, and the German and English download links for V6 still work. I downloaded the files only to learn that I “misplaced” my registration code for V6 pro, so I didn’t proceed with the installation. Hope it works!

  29. mukhi

    to those who are complaining about this giveaway (yes, there is a mistake but it happens!):
    after seeing this incident (or accident?), i would strongly recommend that you spend your time to install a new software 1st in a virtual environment to avoid disappointment, if everything looks fine, install in the real environment later.
    very easy to do by software like returnil system safe free:

    # download, install, run, turn virtual mode on, install software of choice.
    # don’t like it? reboot your computer, you see as if NOTHING happened!!! once you are in desktop, you now MUST make sure that virtual mode is OFF.
    like it? do as above and install again. this time the software is in real environment like any other software in your computer.

    WARNING: if you want to save your activities, ALWAYS keep virtual mode off, otherwise, anything but files saved in external drives will be deleted.

    you can actually avoid various issues, like messing up by new software, malware, external files…

  30. Helen Loys

    What has Locutus done to us? I installed this and now get:

    “Dieses Programm wird jetzt beendet. Vielen Dank und einen schönen Tag!”

    Can someone translate this for me? What does it say???

  31. Janetb

    The problem is Locutus mistakenly offering what he called “Expert PDF Pro 7”.

    “EXpert PDF Pro 6”, offered by dotTech for the last couple of years, is a FULL PFD EDITOR. NONE of the links you have been given on this page (both in the article and in the posts) are for a PDF EDITOR–neither the English nor the German links. will take you to an Avanquest page which appears to be for Expert PDF Pro 7, but when you go to download, the download file is “Expert PDF_8.exe”.

    If you go to the Visagesoft site, you will see that v.8 is divided into two separate programs: Expert PDF Creator and Expert PDF Editor. It seems that v.7 has also switched to this division. All the links we have been looking at are for the Creator only! Now the full suite (ie both) is the Lightening series.

    So the last full suite called “Expert PDF Pro” is version 6. If you have 6, DO NOT REPLACE IT WITH ONE OF THESE LIMITED 7’s if you don’t want to lose your editing capabilities like I did!

  32. Rossa

    @ David.
    Tested again. Still the same code & installer. They works.

    Lightning PDF professional 7 is different product.
    If you wish to search something at Avanquest, then you must go to specific site (UK, US, DE ..).
    Use this link (and plese remember, these is newest version, v8. Your v7 code will be useless)

    Avanquest PDF Experte (Deutsch) :

    Avanquest Expert PDF (UK):

    Hope that will help.

  33. Josh

    Uh oh, I was hoping that I had, at last, found a useful program for actually editing PDF files, other than the lumpy and overpriced Adobe one, but this looks like chaos. I have no burning desire to jump through hoops to make it work. If things start off this way, the future for this app looks dim. Better to wait till another one comes along. I must say, it has caused quite a stir… I have not had so many email notifications about a specific app assaulting my inbox for a long time. If the distributor simply wanted fame for 15 minutes, they certainly succeeded spectacularly.

  34. David Yoon

    I have downloaded via the link on your article.
    I have requested and received serial number through e-mail.
    When I copied and pasted the number in order to register to full version, the following error message pops up.
    “Invalid serial specified. (000016)”

    I visited Avanquest website and looked for ExpertPDF Converter.
    I could not find the product.
    Instead, they have Lightning PDF professional 7.
    Maybe they have sent me the serial number for the new product called “Lightening PDF” instead?

  35. Rossa

    People, please don’t get it wrong.
    Avanquest PDF Experte 7 Professional (Deutch) = Avanquest Expert PDF 7 Converter (English).
    If you need editor feature, then you need to upgrade it into PDF Experte 7 Ultimate (Deutch), or Expert PDF 8 Converter (English).

    Anyway, why bother renaming all the “*.deu” files into “*.eng” files?
    If you want to change PDF Experte 7 language into English UI, simply delete all the “*.deu” files.

  36. Hugo_vH

    Simple solution: Learn German -it’s easy ( man = mann, sister=schwester, house=haus, download = herunterladen… ). Simpler still: Download the English trail, deinstall but keep the help-files and other language-sensitive stuff, install the German version, replace the proper language files ? There’s no free lunch – es gibt kein freie Lunch ;-)

  37. Hugo_vH

    The same procedure jayesstee suggests -‘the German connection’- works for Avantquest Powerdesk / Powerexplorer as well ( as I happened to fiind out just a few days ago ). So have a go at this one if you want to use this Windows Explorer-Ersatz.. But more to the point: This Powerdesk offer started more than a year ago (december 2010?) and seems to be going on forever. So maybe, Mr/Ms internetexplorer, the PDF offer goess on for a long time as well.

  38. jayesstee

    Yes you can get PDF Expert 7 Professional! Please read the following before using the link:

    This source gives you “PDF Experte 7 Creator”, “PDF Experte 7 Pro” and “PDF Experte to Word Converter” Note the word “Experte”, the registration, download and installation will be in German. However the link gives instructions on how to convert the installed PDF Experte(s) to English. And it works!!

    The link is

    Got to the link below and select the German registration (which may or may not be the same as Locutus link above) and of course select the German download. Full instructions are given.

    Good luck.

  39. Frank D

    Win7 64-bit. Downloaded and registered fine. Trying to use it was a disaster. When I finally learned how to create a PDF from a Word document, I found that the resulting PDF did NOT have *active links*, which were in the original document, in spite of my specifying that I wanted the links to be active. It turns out that this program is no better than some freebies (like PDF creator). I uninstalled it. All that work for nothing. A better approach is to use Libre Office, which is free, lets you edit the document, and works perfectly with active links in the PDF. Why is this program called “Expert” when there’s nothing expert about it?

    P.S. I thoroughly hate the ribbon UI!!!!

  40. Commonkore

    Help. I’ve tried several times clicking the “download and install” but the file simply won’t download. Could I be doing something wrong? Is there a web site I should visit to download and install the software first. I seem to be able to get to the registration page ok but I can’t get the file downloaded.

  41. Az

    EDIT: Just tried the visagesoft install. It installs ok but the registration requires a unique order number along with the auto generated serial. I’ll leave the link here in case someone else wants to give it a go. The link below will install only a trial version of 7, the code above will not work with it. Again, maybe someone else can figure out how to get these working together.

    Those looking for the full download can use the visagesoft archived downloads page.

  42. Mags

    I’m currently using Expert PDF 6 and have been since I first found out about it here on DotTech. It does an excellent job on almost everything I need to have done for PDF. My only two complaints is 1) it is really awkward when trying to create forms, and 2) when converting from Word or Excel etc., the file size is way to large.

    Yesterday I just got my new desktop (Lenovo ThinkCentre, Win 7 64 bit) so setting it up today, and will install Version 7 on it (will check here first to see if it is or isn’t the editor version) and get back with the results later.

  43. Janetb


    I did a SUPER-THOROUGH uninstall of my Expert PDF 6.xx to get a clean install for the new v.7—only to discover that your download link is NOT for Expert PDF 7 Professional but rather ONLY the for the converters (ExpertPDF_V7_Converter_Trial_ENG.exe)–WITHOUT THE EDITOR!!!!! Hoping the serial code would work on an Expert PDF 7 Professional download, I discovered the the v.7 link at is for v.8! So there is no v.7 link…..!

    Hope that there is a free v.7 somewhere, or that the old v.6 still works, because that was my PDF editor…:-(…!

  44. Mardel

    Need to know if this give away is better than Algologic Extractor Pro l.07 which I am currently using.
    I am only asking because I can’t see any where that this software will split pdf’s which Algologic splits files.
    I do notice that the encrypting part is better than Algologic. I visited the website for Avanquest but couldn’t even see this product. Would appreciate a reply and thanks for the info.

  45. Josh

    Before I download/install, a simple question…. Can it REALLY edit PDF files without converting to Word, etc., or is it just another notation function masquerading as so-called editing?