Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram and many other Amazon customers hit by severe electric storms

It was once again proved that no online service can be relied on 100%, regardless of how big that service may be. Amazon’s cloud services, which are a major competitor in cloud computing, were hit by severe storms (natural) which resulted in a number of popular online services going offline (temporarily).

Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the most famous among the many websites that were hit down by the storms. All these services have been using their Facebook and Twitter profiles to keep their users updated about the outage and obviously expressed their “hope” to get the services back soon (which they have).

With the three services labelled to be ones among the common tools of the modern days of Internet going down, millions of users are reported to be affected by these storms. However, although it took them some time to do it, the services are now reported to have been restored.

You can watch a news report on this development via the Youtube video below:

[via SlashGear]

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