Samsung Galaxy S III sells over 10 million units in less than two months, Apple cowers in fear

Apple has sold millions of… oh sh!t, wrong company. Hang on let me fix that. Samsung has sold over 10 million (yes, that is 10,000,000) Samsung Galaxy S III devices since it was released less two months ago on May 28.

Samsung CEO had predicted the Galaxy S3 would hit the 10 million mark by the end of July. Now, according to a report by Korea’s Yonhap news, the president of Samsung’s IT and mobile division has told reporters the Galaxy S3 has just surpassed that 10 million mark, clocking in a bit faster than Samsung originally expected. The high number of sales shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Samsung reported to have 9 million Galaxy S3 preorders prior to the phone being released.

The number of Galaxy S3 sold is likely to drastically increase in the coming months as the device hits the four major carriers in the United States and other global markets.

While it isn’t the 35 million iPhone 4Ss Apple shipped in three months earlier this year, 10 million units sold in less than two months is no small feat either. Interestingly enough, Galaxy S3 preorders were more than double of the 4 million iPhone 4S preorders but iPhone 4S seems to have had better demand after release. In other words, if 9 million Galaxy S3 were preordered then that means Samsung sold roughly 1 million more between May 28 and now. On the other hand, iPhone 4S had 4 million preorders but Apple shipped (and presumably sold) another 31 million in the three months afterwards. My guess is this trend has a lot to do with the fact that the Galaxy S3 only recently hit US markets whereas Apple had the iPhone 4S on sale in the US since release.

Whatever the case may be, Apple really should be sweating right now. And I should really purchase Samsung stock.

[via CNET]

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