Microsoft Office may be coming to iOS as early as November

There are many office apps on iOS, allowing users to view and edit office documents (DOCs, PPTs, XLSs, etc.), but none of them are official Microsoft Office apps. What would you give to get an official Microsoft Office app on iOS? What if I told you there is mounting evidence suggesting Microsoft Office may be coming to iOS? Yeah, well, it is true.

Back in February The Daily posted an article claiming a Microsoft employee demoed Microsoft Office to the newspaper (see screenshot above). The following is what The Daily had to say about the Office app:

The app’s user interface is similar to the current OneNote app, but it has hints of Metro, the new design language that can be seen in Windows Phone and in the as-yet-released Windows 8 desktop operating system. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be created and edited locally and online.

Then in May BGR ran a report, quoting their typical “reliable source”, claiming Microsoft Office for iOS will launch in November of this year. Today there is even more proof.

On July 14 Microsoft posted two job openings looking for engineers to join the Outlook and PowerPoint Test teams and “work very closely with the Development team on the design, implementation, & testing of new feature work to be part of Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS“.

Of course the job openings don’t provide 100% certainty that Microsoft is indeed planning Office for iOS. However, it sure hints at it.

[via 9to5Mac | Image credit: The Daily]

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