Chrome has 33% of browser market share, tops whole Internet Explorer family and Firefox

In terms of global browser usage, Google Chrome surpassed Firefox in December 2011 and beat Internet Explorer 8 in January 2012 but still had less market share than the total Internet Explorer family combined. Now, according to StatCounter, Chrome commands one-third of the global browser market (33.81%), making it the top dog and leaving the whole Internet Explorer family (and Firefox, Safari, and Opera) behind. Comparatively, Internet Explorer continues to decline, sitting at 32.04%; Firefox continues to stagnate at 23.73%; Safari usage is slowly but surely increasing at 7.12%; and Opera continues to be the red-headed step child at 1.72% despite being an awesome browser.

It should be noted all things aren’t equal when it comes to the global browser market. As The Next Web points out, Chrome’s growth is driven by Europe (sans UK), Asia, and South America while Internet Explorer still commands North America, UK, and Australia. Interestingly enough, Firefox is the clear winner in Africa. I’m sure something can be said about emerging markets and browsers but I don’t like being philosophical so early in the morning.

[via Engadget]

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  • Ebo

    @Harry44Callahan: I haven’t seen Chrome itself crash much; mostly just add-ons. My Firefox has crashed every single night I left it running, probably due either to some add-on or the memory leak that won’t die. Also, it was out of date; I had v11 until I downloaded v14 this morning (I’m hoping for the best).

    I might get crucified for saying this, but IE seems to be the most stable, although I rarely use it because it is so slow (IE9 is pretty fast, but only one of my machines runs 7; the rest run XP). Fx Portable is my primary browser, because it works with RoboForm2Go. But if Chrome Portable ever starts to work with it, then I’ll be running Chrome on everything. It’s faster than Greased Lightning, and the sandbox is good to have.

  • Kraal

    I use firefox, and will for the foreseeable future. I don’t have too many issues with the browser, and I love my plugins. I love the way it works, the way it looks. Just as important, I already have it set up.

    Chrome actually moves slower than firefox for me. I only use it when I want to open up a quick page(even though it loads slower) and firefox has alot of tabs ready to open back up on launch.

    Overall, I like firefox better than any other browser I’ve dealt with, and have patiently waited out any issues the browser might have had. I find it worth it to stick with, and will continue to do so, like I said, for the foreseeable future.

  • Mags

    As for the stats that Chrome has 33% share, that could be bogus…………….

    Why? Possibly due to the forced installation when installing other programs. (see below for my reasoning.)

    FWIW I refuse to have Chrome on my pc! Why? because it is Google and they collect data!

    Another reason why I dislike Chrome is that it is forced upon one when one installs some programs from scratch. For example, it happened to me twice within a one month period. First installing (to update) Adobe Flash player and secondly installing Avast Free on my new PC. Both times Chrome was installed without being given the option to refuse or accept the installation. And in addition it set itself to be the default browser (again without asking permission.)

    And yes both times I immediately uninstalled Chrome!

  • sgrams

    I’ve been casually switching over to Chrome myself, getting it setup to run like I have FireFox setup. I would continue with FF but it crashes quite often these days and for sometime now, I would think the crashing should be fixed by by this time.

  • Alec

    I guess many found it easier to play video with less stutter on Chrome. Lots of stutter with Firefox nowadays.

  • David

    I’ve noticed that most people who are having trouble with Chrome are usually running older (5+ years) computers and XP. I’ve mostly seen this issue repeated on XP Home, but not on XP Pro.


  • EleventhHour

    It looks like Firefox never recovered from a few years ago when it became so bloated. It crashed all the time and massive memory leaks were no longer tolerable.

    Many, like me, jumped ship to Chrome and never looked back. Most people would rather not change if they don’t have to and right now there doesn’t seem too much incentive to go back.

  • I love Chrome and works well here also. I find it a much better browser than IE or fireFox.

  • Ashraf

    Im not sure why Chrome is crashing for the above three but it works perfectly for me. In fact it works better than other browsers on my comp.

  • Agreed, with the above 2 comments. I’ve tried Chrome several times and have always had freezes. It’s the cool browser to have.

    But, it’s supposedly the most secure. I recommend Chrome to non-technical people just for this reason, though my preferred browser is Opera.

  • Chef

    @Harry44Callahan: Chef

    I agree, nothing but crashes now. It wasn’t broke, why’d ‘ya fix it, Google?

  • Harry44Callahan

    Makes me wonder why? I run all these browser occasionally except Safari, and Chrome seems to be the most unstable. I keep going back to FF most the time. The latest Chrome update seems especially bad, crashed on me several times on different systems.