Chrome has 33% of browser market share, tops whole Internet Explorer family and Firefox

In terms of global browser usage, Google Chrome surpassed Firefox in December 2011 and beat Internet Explorer 8 in January 2012 but still had less market share than the total Internet Explorer family combined. Now, according to StatCounter, Chrome commands one-third of the global browser market (33.81%), making it the top dog and leaving the whole Internet Explorer family (and Firefox, Safari, and Opera) behind. Comparatively, Internet Explorer continues to decline, sitting at 32.04%; Firefox continues to stagnate at 23.73%; Safari usage is slowly but surely increasing at 7.12%; and Opera continues to be the red-headed step child at 1.72% despite being an awesome browser.

It should be noted all things aren’t equal when it comes to the global browser market. As The Next Web points out, Chrome’s growth is driven by Europe (sans UK), Asia, and South America while Internet Explorer still commands North America, UK, and Australia. Interestingly enough, Firefox is the clear winner in Africa. I’m sure something can be said about emerging markets and browsers but I don’t like being philosophical so early in the morning.

[via Engadget]

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