What Operating System do you run?

What Operating System do you run?  I for one run a lot, so I allowed multiple votes.  Here’s a quick poll- but be careful, you’re only allowed to vote once.

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  • Caleb


  • Ashraf

    @Kev93: Lol to do quotes you have to use blockquote tags. Make sure to close the blockquote tag after you are done. Like this



  • Kev93

    Considering its an operating system which first appeared at 2002, its amazing!
    XP gold was released in 2001, not 2002.

    I will do reviews on a Windows XP virtual machine that I reset every 30 days.
    You can make that longer. Do a Google search about 120 days of trial XP.

    I still think ReactOS is better than XP+Vista combined.

    to an admin: My quotes wont quote. PLEASE fix

  • @Jean-Luc Picard: Welcome to my world ;)

  • @Mags: Ouch, Megabits of RAM? Sounds slow!
    But seriously, 512 MB RAM? *@#^@*&$*

  • Mags

    Why I like Vista!

    Initially I didn’t! Overall, until Vista, my preferred OS was WIN98SE. I used it for years and refused to upgrade. Took me years before finally upgrading to XP Pro. and the only reason I did so was because of lack of support and newer programs not being able to run on it.

    About a year and a half ago I bought a new pc with Vista Home (it was a good deal and didn’t pay a lot for it) with 2.20 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64, but it only had 512 MB RAM. Plus all the crapware that comes with a factory installation.

    Couldn’t afford 3.5 Gig of Ram to upgrade, so bought 1 Gb, plus used an extra 2 Gb flash drive (USB drive) for ready boost. Also got an upgrade to Vista Premium.

    Did a clean install without all the crapware.

    Now I’m a happy camper with Vista.

    Once you have at least 1 Gb of RAM, Vista will run much better.

    I just don’t understand why manufacturers only provide 512 Mb RAM with Vista. It really won’t work properly unless you have at least 1 Gb.

    This of course is just my opinion.

  • J. L.

    @Jean-Luc Picard: Oh I see.. Have you tried True Transparency? It’s basically Aero on XP, except that it can conflict with other programs and cause bugs, but there’s an exceptions list. It works well most of the time (depends on you, but with all the software I have, there’s bound to be a conflict with this kind of program). Personally, I think my third party theme looks very nice, with so far zero problems (also it’s an .msstyles file, which uses no more resources than the old XP theme).

  • Wheezer

    @Jean-Luc Picard:
    What? A Spammer trying to infiltrate this thread? Just you wait until Ashraf finds out about you!… ;-) :-)

  • WTF? My comment was caught by the spam filter. Argh. *Rips hair out*

    edit: THIS ONE TOO!

  • @Kev93: That’s the kind of computer Vista was made for. I’ve tried it, and it was smooth and Aero wasn’t slow and laggy! I quickly changed my mind from “Vista is buggy and is slow” to “Vista works great if you have lots of money to spend”.

    @J. L.: Mostly just the Aero. I am an eye candy junkie. I will do anything to make my computer look nicer. Which reminds me, the computer I got probably has a really ugly case. And yes, XP would smoke Vista right out of the water on two comparable machines, but I can’t get an XP license (or else I would and I would never touch the Vista partition).

    In conclusion: I will do reviews on a Windows XP virtual machine that I reset every 30 days. Yes, that is how long the Windows XP disc I have lasts unregistered.

  • J. L.

    @Jean-Luc Picard: I happen to have that kind of computer, but I don’t see how Vista is going to be any better than XP even when optimized. XP is obviously faster. In terms of security, there’s no need for the annoying UAC if you have a powerful HIPS (DriveSentry, ThreatFire, etc). There are better free programs out there that can replace Vista’s useful extra features (Examples: QTAddressBar, ViStart, Vista Start Menu, Eboostr, etc). The eye-candy may look nice, but there are better third party themes out there for Windows (personally I use Pristine). More software still support XP. It’s full of junk (unless you optimize it). Just my opinion.

    Mind sharing your reasons?

  • Kev93

    “What I have to wonder is if anyone above that hates Vista has tried it on a computer with 4GB of RAM and 2+ GHz processor.”

    What I wonder is when your gonna give me the cash. :) Seriously, I couldn’t afford an ice cream sandwich right now, and I’m using an old 1.2ghz 256MB computer for Vista. I’m sure I’d like any OS on a computer like the one you described.

  • Tried Ubuntu, didn’t like it, and I haven’t tried Windows 7 yet. I have some isos for various Linux distros such as Mandriva, OpenSUSE, and Puppy, but for now I’m happy with my Windows XP Pro SP3.

  • What I have to wonder is if anyone above that hates Vista has tried it on a computer with 4GB of RAM and 2+ GHz processor. It. Is. Wonderful. I still await my package!

  • Me

    Using XP Pro on the 3 computers I have. Just bought parts for new computer & will be installing it again on that one. Will be dual booting machine with Win7 to see how it’s looking/running. I hope it’s much better then Vista (which I had to skip being its dog-like relation to WinME, which I skipped as well). While Vista looks pretty & has some nice features it’s a memory hog & just not worth the switch to me. XP just works the way it should and after using it for years I know many of the ins & outs of it.

  • Mags

    Currently running dual boot on desktop, Vista Premium and XP Home.

    On laptop, running XP Media Edition, on old desktop (which is used for data backup mostly) XP Pro.

    Previously used Windows 3.1, Win 95, Win 98 and Win 98SE.

    Originally started using Mac pcs, but because of work started using IBM clone pcs. (BTW have also used IBM machines when worked for IBM)

    Out of all operating systems, (based on windows only) my preference is Vista. I use XP for some older programs that just don’t work properly in Vista.

  • I’ve had 0 troubles with Vista Ultimate. Scrap Home (Basic and Premium).

    I also use ReactOS, a free Windows clone (think WINE standalone).
    You didn’t put it on your poll and I use it almost every day. You should try it sometime.

  • mario

    I use XP on some machines and Vista on my laptop. I would NEVER go back to XP on the laptop. There’s absolutely NO WAY that XP can be better than Vista on a new computer. It’s fast, more intelligent design, more features, good looks, anyway, it’s the best windows that I’ve used since V 2.10 when I first started using windows. Sorry you guys that are XP fans! But,of course, that’s MY experience.

  • J.L.

    I’m a consumer, but also a gamer and very into multimedia, yet have good computer knowledge. Guess what I chose? XP, duh.

    Oh, and I plan to try Windows 7, like almost everyone else.

  • Emrys

    How many Vista users rue the day they ever opened the box on the thing? :D

  • DavID

    XP on four PCs. Vista on two that I do not use – just sitting there until I can figure out how to install XP over it.

  • jumbi

    I have 6-7 computers to my office and home:

    I use XP-XP-XP-XP-XP-XP and XP !
    (ok, I have in 2 of them Vista also at a separate partition, but I never use them actually)

    Most of my clients who happen to be large scale business, insist on ordering machines with XP and we had to do a research for brands who support XP either in notebooks and desktops… Many times we had to remove vista totally and install from the scratch XP.

    Fortunately the last 6 months most business PCs are coming with XP Pro preinstalled although they have a Vista Business sticker…
    Thanks HP and Toshiba!
    (now Dell and probably others also offer models with XP downgrade).
    Of course I am talking about the business machines not the home oriented which are sold with Vista at shops. Downgrade is officially supported from business version anyway.

    Its not luck that MS has not yet stopped to sell XP, everytime she postpones because business customers want and use 95% XP !
    Ask any IT professional about that.
    And support is still given. Considering its an operating system which first appeared at 2002, its amazing!

    Until windows 7 proves to be user friendly, they (and I) are not going to change XP…

  • Tortuga

    Bonjour Captain ;-)

    • OS: XP Home
    • Browser: FF2 & FF3 Portable
    • Computers: 1 Laptop (2005) + 1 Desktop (2006); Several [BIG] Externals