132-page Samsung document shows how Samsung copied iPhone [Apple vs Samsung]

As the battle between Apple and Samsung heats up, Apple is bringing out the big guns.

Samsung has been forced to furnish a 132-page internal document (link below for those that want to read it) which shows a detailed comparison of iPhone (3G) versus Samsung Galaxy S, the first generation. The document lists out the aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S that are found to be lacking by Samsung engineers and provides recommendations on how to fix the issues… by copying the iPhone. Giving a quick look through the document, many of the issues raised by Samsung can be considered to be minor things Samsung should have been doing anyway (such as enabling auto rotation to landscape mode when the phone is rotated) and I doubt Apple would be able to go after Samsung for. Other issues, however, don’t make Samsung look very good. For example, in one place engineers recommend the icons on Galaxy S use lighting to have a 3D effect like on the iPhone and recommend to “remove a feeling that iPhone’s menu icons are copied by differentiating design”.

Of course Samsung will probably argue that it is routine procedure for a company to do internal studies on how its products compare with the competition, especially the market leader. However, a jury may not see it that way. It remains to be seen how Samsung will counterattack Apple but it better be good or else Sammy may be toast.

132-Page internal Samsung document

[via Engadget]

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  • kevbo

    The outcome doesn’t really matter. At least to me, a ruling in Apple’s favor might even be a good thing for comsumers. Samsung will be forced to innovate, advancing technology with style, resulting in more real choice for consumers; that won’t be stifled. Who knows, Apple may be shooting themselves in the foot if they get a favorable ruling, as it could result in a more differentiated product design creating Samsung’s own little niche, instead of their present imitative marketing. Anyway, with Mr Jobs no longer with us, I think Apple will begin to lose their egde soon, just as before.

    I enjoy these case updates, they are very amusing.

  • Coyote

    And this doesn’t apply to every smartphone in existence now?

    The iPhone found what people liked, the simple icons on screen with a main menu bar at the bottom. Should Samsung have started from scratch? Maybe give people a DOS file listing in plain text? Force them to use command line excusables? Remove all color and shininess from the design because Apple did it first?

    Do we have to restart every time something new comes out? Light bulbs didn’t change their sockets just because a newer prettier lamp came out, some standards are needed and shouldn’t have to have a jury force a decision on this. At the time Edison charged a licensing fee, a reasonable one, he didn’t want to kill competition just hold it to standards that would benefit his business. Now if Apple (and all the litigious A-holes out there) would realize sharing this technology is better for business, the customer, and ultimately them whether it catches on or not.