Looking for an Android writer, will be paid

Hey dotTechies,

dotTech is looking to hire a writer who will cover Android. I’m primarily looking for someone who is familiar with Android modding because this position will be writing How To guides on rooting, unlocking bootloader, installing custom recovery, Android tips, tricks, etc. You will be using third-party sources, such as XDA Developers, to get your information.

This position requires that you own an Android device, any will do. You will be paid for this position but the pay isn’t very high so, unless you live in a developing nation that has a high currency exchange rate with the USD, don’t apply for this job for the money. Instead, apply for this job if you are

  • An Android enthusiast
  • A dotTech fan

As I said, the pay isn’t very high but some dollars will be exchanging hands. As such, I expect a certain level of commitment; I’m flexible on workload but you will need to contribute regularly. Workload will be discussed when you apply.

It does not matter you live as long as you are 16 years old or higher and have a PayPal account. Interested parties please send an e-mail to admin [at] dottech.org with the subject “I Want To Be An Android Writer”.


-Mr. Boss

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