As BlackBerry 10 enters its final stages, RIM confirms the platform can be licensed by others

It is no secret that the one time undeniable leader of the smartphone market RIM and the Blackberry platform have struggled lately in the face of iOS and Android. Their last chance at returning to form is BlackBerry 10 which is the new OS based on the QNX platform that runs on the BlackBerry Playbook tablet. The OS was previewed at BlackBerry World earlier this summer and it does look promising, but is it too little, too late? Maybe, maybe not but RIM isn’t giving up.

RIM knows that it does not have the size or resources to compete with the already entrenched players in the smartphone race. In order for them to compete they will need to have other parties on board to help drive RIM and the BlackBerry ecosystem forward. Rim CEO Thorsten Heins has stated that their QNX platform is already being licensed in automotive applications and Blackberry 10 can take the same path of being used in non-smartphone sectors. Interestingly enough, RIM is being coy about the possibility of BlackBerry being licensed to smartphone manufacturers; they have not explicitly said no but have not said yes either.

The future of RIM is on the line with the new BB release scheduled to be available in their first retail smartphone around January 2013. They need to continue to explore all avenues for growth even those they previously would have shunned, in order to survive. What do you think about the possibility of BB 10 being licensed to other manufactures and its role in RIM’s survival? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  • Nisanth P

    I dont understand why RIM is not opening up their services to customers who can use their data plans/pay as you go plans instead of subscribing to expensive BB plans. That too BBM plan will not have browsing option or some other clitches.. If they open up I think they can increase their customer base.I like BB phones but never want to own one just because of these restrictions. happy with iPhone

  • Anthony Hardy

    I agree it has been a slow uphill battle for Microsoft and WindowsPhone with Nokia and Microsoft has been spending more money then RIM has. I Can’t foresee them doing something that Microsoft hasn’t.

  • Whenever I read an article about this, I think that it can… but won’t. Sorry, RIM, but your glory days are over. Palm tried to license! Nokia tried to license. Everybody tries to license, but unless your original business was licensing, it won’t work.