Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet will be sold for $199, according to a rumor

We know Windows 8, Windows RT, and Microsoft Surface tablets will be released on October 26. What has been eluding us is pricing for the Surface tabs, and pricing is critical to the success of these tabs. With the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire dominating the sub-$200 market and the iPad dominating the $500 real estate, the right price can make Surface while the wrong price can break Surface. We still have no hint about the pricing on Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet, aside from being told it will be priced like an ultrabook, but a new rumor has emerged about how much the Windows RT Surface tablet will be sold for: $199.

Quoting an “inside source” from Microsoft‘s TechReady15 conference, Engadget is reporting the Windows RT version of Surface tablet will be sold at a starting price point of $199. It isn’t entirely clear if there will be different versions of tablet which will cost more, such as how the Nexus 7 8GB is $199 while the 16GB version if $249 or WiFi-only and 3G/4G versions, but a starting point of $199 is extremely juicy. Seeing as the Windows RT Surface tablet is a 10 incher, it will likely shake up the market — where the $200 price level is left squarely for 7 inch tablets — if indeed this rumor turns out to be true. I don’t know about anyone else but I can say this much. I wasn’t initially too interested in Windows RT but for $199, this is the first tablet I will purchase. How about you? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Engadget]

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  • mukhi

    they said it would have MS office by default…will it support lotus notes? i may consider this over ipad3 then!

  • Keep up the good work Ashraf! It’s much appreciated and a lot of people don’t even comment.

  • AFPhys

    At $200, I am likely to get it as long as memory is adequate and expandable.

    At $250, memory would have to be more than adequate for me to even consider it.

  • Ashraf

    @tuiruru: Thanks, fixed!
    @paulnjean: Studies show it is psychological.
    @chuck: Vista anyone? Haha
    @barney: Windows RT may be limited versus Windows 8 Pro but I don’t think Android can even compare when it comes to productivity (not games and entertainment).
    @Neville: Ditto. It is all about what comes at that price.
    @Tony: It likely will be able to.
    @Anthony Hardy: Yep.
    @Nz: What is wrong with Windows… aside from, okay I won’t go there.

  • Tony

    If it can play movie clips well and easy to get files transfered and $200 , I will buy.
    I like windows

    I think I know what Ashraf meant, no need to point out.

  • First paragraph of the article – I think you meant “eluding” not “alluding”.

    Signed: The Grammar Police! :-)

  • Neville

    I’m interested, but not likely be the very first to buy. At least that’s what I think right now.

    Will have to understand capabilities of the Surface a lot better, won’t buy Apple, they want too much control. Jelly Bean is pretty smooth, but doesn’t have the capabilities of a Win system yet. Still Android is improving rapidly.

    But if the Surface Tablet, comes with decent RAM, access ports, sd card & wifi and is actually offered for $200, it would be very tempting indeed.

  • paulnjean

    Can they just say $200?

    Are people still fooled by this $199.99 scam nonsense.

  • barney

    MS has a history of not getting it right ’til version 3, but I’ll order this tablet as soon as ’tis available. Be nice to see how it compares to Google’s Nexus 7 in the real world.

  • chuck

    I certainly won’t be among the “first” buyers.
    Like all things Microsoft,there are bound to be bugs and shortfalls.
    I’d go with a 3 month after release time frame to contemplate my purchase.

  • Nz

    Meh – its still windows…

  • Anthony Hardy

    I agree, I wasn’t interested in Windows RT either but if it really comes in at $199 it will be hard to pass up.