[iOS] Get 30 paid apps for free (August 29, 2012)! [Limited time offer]

There are many apps in the Apple App Store that drop their prices to free everyday. Finding only the best to download is the hard part. I searched through the many freebies and picked out the best apps for you to download. Hand picked and free for a limited time, what could be better!

Featured Freebie(s)

The featured freebie is “The Best” app from today’s pick. If you had one app to download, this would be it!

Dice With Buddies, by Stofle Designs, is a great multi-player dice game. Get it while it is free! From the developer:

Dice Mania is now a full-blown epidemic, and now it’s available ad-free! Find out for yourself why everyone’s getting hooked on this addictive dice game I built.  Similar to Hasbro, Inc.’s YAHTZEE® dice game, you can play with friends, family, or random opponents–whether they’re sitting next to you or thousands of miles away!

iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Note: although some might be compatible with the iPad, not all will be optimized for it

  1. Steamscope (Normally $0.99) *
  2. Robbery Bob™ (Normally $0.99) *
  3. Scream`N`Run (Normally $0.99)
  4. Speedometer By Whiteape (Normally $0.99) *
  5. Battery Doctor HD – Master Batteries charge Status Pro (Normally $0.99) *
  6. MobiSafe – Photo & Recording Privacy Safe (Normally $0.99)
  7. Pipe Attack! HD (Normally $0.99)
  8. NuoNuo (Normally $1.99)
  9. Super Powers (Normally $2.99) *
  10. Parkour Panda Running Panda (Normally $1.99) *
  11. Fruit Bomb (Normally $0.99) *
  12. Easy Photo Collage (Normally $0.99)
  13. Baby Costumes Photo Booth (Normally $0.99)
  14. Toon Shooters (Normally $2.99) *
  15. Bearalot™ (Normally $0.99) *
  16. PicShop HD – Photo Editor (Normally $4.99) *
  17. Air Monkeys (Normally $1.99) *
  18. Gravitarium2 (Normally $1.99) *
  19. Timer : (Normally $0.99) *
  20. Here It Is (Normally $3.99)
  21. EasyGroup+ (Normally $0.99)
  22. Ace Moto 3D (Normally $1.99)
  23. Ace Mini Golf  (Normally $1.99)
  24. My Brush for iPhone – Painting, Drawing, Scribble, Sketch, Doodle with 100 brushes (Normally $1.99) *
  25. Fat Tweet (Normally $0.99) *
  26. AngerOfStick2 (Normally $0.99) *
  27. Panorama 360 Camera (Normally $0.99) *


  1.  iColorama (Normally $2.99) *
  2. Art of Pinball HD – The Mummy (Normally $0.99) *
  3. Perfect365 HD (Normally $2.99) *
  4. Ace Pool 3D HD (Normally $1.99)

*Honorable Mention: Highly recommended apps that did not make it to be the featured app of the day.

Hurry and download these free apps before they go back to paid. Take note at the time of this post all of the above promotions are live. However, please note some or all of the above apps may only be available for free for a limited time. I have no information regarding when these promotions will end. So jump on these while you can and always double check to make sure you are not paying for a freebie app before downloading. dotTech and its writers are not responsible for accidental purchases due to price changes. Enjoy!

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