Bing is the default search engine on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD tablets

Microsoft has taken a step in taking a bit of the big market share in search engines away from Google. Thanks to their deal with Amazon, Bing is now the default search engine attached to the Amazon Silk browser, the default browser that comes with all Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Though the terms of service for the Kindle Fire/HD does specify that the user can change the default search engine at any time, most people probably won’t; they will just use Bing. Now I don’t know about Kindle Fire users, but I don’t use the web browser on my Nook very often, personally, so I don’t know how much of a victory this really is for Microsoft. However, one thing is certain — whatever they did to get there, they felt it was worth it.

The battle between Google and Microsoft for control of search engine territory is getting more and more interesting every day.

[via ArsTechnica]

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