Zynga rolls out FarmVille 2, a welcome update to the classic Facebook game

You’ve suddenly been made aware that your family owns an old farm at the end of the road above, and you decide (for some reason) to single-handedly bring it back up to operating condition. This is the premise behind Zynga’s latest offering, the creatively named FarmVille 2. I can state from experience that this newest offering is just as addictive as the first version, but brings with it newly updated 3D graphics and the (wonderful) ability to click and drag in order to perform multiple actions.

Instead of running on an “energy” resource like other games of it’s ilk, FarmVille 2 offers two different resources: Feed and Water. In order for crops to grow, they must be watered. And animals demand feed on a regular basis, which is made by grinding up your crops in a provided machine. This sounds all well and good until you realize that you also are expected to sell your crops (via an adorable little “market stand”) by the old farm road, in order to make money. I was so enchanted by the behaviors of the animals when they were fed that I didn’t keep an eye on my money and just kept feeding them; as a result, less than 45 minutes into the game and only level 5, I ended up broke, with hungry animals, and no water left to feed them. Obviously, unlike the energy based Zynga games, this one requires a bit more thought and resource management in order to get things done. I highly recommend it to fans of the original FarmVille, as well as any of the other Zynga games. If this is the direction Facebook games are headed in, then I approve.

You can get started with FarmVille 2 from the link below. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think about the game.

FarmVille 2

[Image via GianCayetano]

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