Everpurse announces purse that wirelessly recharges your iPhone

If you are an iPhone user who loved the wireless charging accessory Nokia revealed recently and are looking for a similar accessory for your device, you don’t have to wait for long as Everpurse is planning to release a wireless charging solution for iPhone.

The Everpurse project, which is currently being funded by Kickstarter, can charge an iPhone just by slipping it into a purse. The purse, of course, doesn’t work magic — it needs to be charged itself before it can be used to charge an iPhone. However, once the purse is charged there is no need to connect your purse or iPhone with anything and the whole charging process will be done wirelessly — just drop your iPhone in the purse and go. The company behind the device claims with one full purse charge you can fully charge your iPhone twice from 0% battery, which is more than enough if you don’t want your iPhone to die when you are outside, out on the town.

When needed, the purse can be recharged easily and comes with a white charging mat. You can charge the device when you get home and then take it with you when you leave home as a continuous charger for your iPhone.

The stunning wireless charging solution will be available in three different colors and different materials. Moreover, the Everpurse can be cleaned like any other purse and spilling something inside won’t damage it. You can also keep your credit cards inside the Everpurse and carry it with you like a normal bag.

If you love the idea, you can get one for yourself with a pledge of $99 at its Kickstarter page from the link below. (Men: try to control yourself.) Before you drop $99 on this purse, just keep in mind this purse has not been released and everything we have told you above is how the purse is supposed to work; we will only know for sure the purse works like intended after the purse goes on sale and people independently review it.

Everpurse Kickstarter page

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