Google releases new YouTube app for iPhone, adds thousands of new videos and more

With Apple’s announcement that iOS 6 won’t come bundled with a YouTube app, it’s been obvious that something had to give otherwise iDevice owners would be out of YouTube. What give-ed is Google; today Google announced their own iOS app for the popular streaming personal video service. However, this new offering is far more than just an iDevice specific retooling of the previous iOS or Android app. With it’s Google+-like sidebar, sliding out for quick access to playlists and settings, and it’s one-tap sharing screen (with options to share to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or even through email or text message), the new application makes it easier than ever to watch and share your favorite YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

(Take note that this new iOS YouTube app will work on the iPad but it is not iPad optimized. Google says an iPad optimized version should come out “in the coming months”.)

Another wonderful feature in this new YouTube app is the ability to search by voice, which will make finding the video you want faster than ever. This is, of course, assuming that your special iPhone understands you better than other phones. My best friend once sent me the strangest text she’d done by voice while driving, it read: “Thanks for the repair. I was just lamenting not grinding my teeth in the fridge.” The actual message? “Thanks for the root beer. I was just lamenting not grabbing my tea from the fridge.” However, despite the downsides, voice search should be fantastic – just as long as it can tell what you’re saying and you don’t end up blasting the Hamster Dance at top volume instead of the video you wanted to show your friends. I’ll personally stick to typed searches.

And finally, the new application gives access to thousands of new VEVO music videos that previously were accessible from desktops only. If the overhauled UI, share functions, and voice search weren’t enough, that extra content definitely makes this app a keeper.

Grab the YouTube app from the iTunes App Store link below.

YouTube @ iTunes App Store

[via LifeHacker]

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