Flash vulnerability fix for Internet Explorer 10 is on the way, says Microsoft [Windows 8]

The version of Internet Explorer 10 that comes bundled with Windows 8 has a vulnerability that has been traced to it’s integrated specific version of Adobe Flash. At first, Microsoft claimed that they wouldn’t be providing security patches for the bundled software until October; now they’ve changed their tune amid public annoyance (including a raging Ashraf). The fix, which will be pushed out through Windows Update on Windows 8, should be released before Windows 8 floods into the market officially – but for those of you who might have eagerly leaped aboard the Windows 8 bandwagon the moment it came into view on the horizon, you might want to keep a weather eye out the patch on Windows Update, and snatch it up the moment it rolls out.

Flash vulnerabilities for Internet Explorer 10 is more than just a one-time problem. With Flash being constantly targeted by scumbags, it is only time before another vulnerability goes unpatched for days (weeks?). So unless Microsoft and Adobe find some way to work together and coordinate quicker Flash update releases, Windows 8 users are in for a world of hurt. I don’t think that’s something that either company wants, so I hope they can learn to play nice together soon.

[via Engadget]

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  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    I think that ‘Adope’ is the problem.
    Apparently, they *still* haven’t fixed their problem with the last “security patch” they issued, which was *supposed* to patch yet another “vulnerability”.
    A synonym for vulnerability is ‘exposure’.
    The software companies, like ‘Adope’, Microsoft, and Java,
    to name just three of the latest,
    all have far too little at stake in the ‘malware fight’.
    Since it seems to cost them time and money,
    they can’t understand that they lose customer share, and perhaps more importantly, customer confidence.
    One reason I’m learning Linux is a lack of confidence in closed-source software, combined with their “let the customer worry about their own security” attitude.
    IF I pay for and use YOUR software, the lest you can do is try to eliminate the dangers I suffer from YOUR software.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!