Comedian shows people an iPhone 4S, tells them it is an iPhone 5, and listens as they praise the “better” iPhone 5 [iSheep moment]

Ready for a ridiculously funny iSheep moment? As I’m sure many people know by now, the iPhone 5 was unveiled yesterday but will not be available until September 21. Jimmy Kimmel, a popular comedian known for his night shows, figured this is a perfect moment to play a prank.

Kimmel sent out an employee to the streets of Los Angeles, California with an iPhone 4S. That employee talked to the people of LA and told them he has an iPhone 5 with him and would like them to check it out. What did the people find? Apparently the “iPhone 5” is a lot “lighter”, “better”, “faster”, and more “updated” than the iPhone 4S… despite the fact that these people were really using an iPhone 4S. Check it out:

Of course I’m sure Kimmel edited the video to remove shots of people who properly identified the phone as iPhone 4S or people that were not duped. So this should be taken as what it is a — a joke — and not a generalization of all iPhone fans. Still, it is bloody hilarious.

[Thanks Khalid!]

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