Apple sues Polish grocery store because ‘’ is too similar to ‘Apple’

By now many people are sick and tired of the courtroom battles going on in the mobile industry. In particular, some people feel Apple is overreaching with its patents and intellectual property and, in the process, Apple is stifling competition. If you think Apple vs Samsung or Apple vs HTC or Apple vs Motorola is ridiculous, you will just love this one: Apple is suing  online Polish grocery store because of its name. is a Polish grocery store that operates in the order-online-we-deliver-to-your-home business; any resident of Poland can order groceries and whatnot from and have it delivered right to his or her home. (The name of the company is and it operates the website Apple apparently feels the name ‘’ is too similar to ‘Apple’ because it has filed a lawsuit against

According to a filing with the Polish Patent Office, Apple claims is is using “Apple’s reputation” and wants’s trademark terminated in Poland. As PC Mag points out, Apple is also attacking’s subsidiary for a green circle with teardrop-shaped leaf logo that Apple claims is too similar to Apple’s apple.

Initially it may seem like Apple has somewhat of a justified claim. After all, in the day and age of URL shorteners, some could think the URL is a URL shortener belonging to Apple (whoever thinks this obviously never visited However, when one considers the facts that .pl is the country domain extension for Poland and Apple has no proprietary rights to the letter A, the idiotic nature of this lawsuit is revealed. Plus, and Apple are in completely different industries so only a buffoon would mix the two.

Really, Apple?

[via PC Mag]

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  • spredo

    You do know, that in the new iPhone-agreement, you agree that if you use your finger to pick your nose, that nose legally belongs to Apple, because you use one of the main tools for operating Apple-equipnent (aka “finger”) on “not Apple approved equipment” (aka “nose”).
    Apple lawyers say this may sound unreasonable to people not accustomed to Apple and US law, but they do warn people NOT to give them the finger for this, as THAT would also be inappropriate use of Apple-equipment, and as such, could be the target of yet another lawsuit.

  • JonE

    I could write volumes about this stupidity going all the way back to the 80’s when Apple started this insanity.

    I will simply say this is nothing short of Paranoia.

    Which I hope, in the long run, will end up back firing on them. Only time will tell.

  • jayesstee

    @Peter: Clever!

    The Holy Bible has references to apples – are they going to sue?

    I cannot afford to fund Apple’s stupidity. No more Apple devices for me!

  • Peter

    Annoying prepubescent lawyers entrapment ;)

  • Ed

    Oh good lord Apple. Are you trying to run your reputation into the ground? Someone put down this rabid dog.

  • DrTszap

    Let me guess “Patent Trolls, Inc.” is being represented by the law firm of Ben Dover & C. Howitt Fiels >;-> Shame on Apple and shame on the iSheep(tm) who support their malicious litigation by buying all the iCrap(tm) at the drop of an iHat(TM)! Next they will be suing God for making little green… , or Adam & Eve ‘adult toy store’ for using a certain fruit in their logo, or Walmart for selling certain red, yellow, or green fruit…

  • Riezo Haibane

    D@mn right. Apple has no rights to do that