Apple’s new iPod Nano 7G copies the design of Nokia Lumia…

…or Nokia copied the old iPod Nano with the Lumia. It depends on which side of the fence you sit on. If you are confused, let me explain.

Last year Nokia unveiled the Lumia 800, the first ever Windows Phone device by Nokia. The design of this device was praised as sleek — and different from other smartphones at the time — by pretty much everyone. Heck Apple liked the design so much, they made it the poster child for how it is possible to design a smartphone that doesn’t look like an iPhone and used against Samsung in the recently concluded Apple v Samsung. Apparently Apple like the design so much, they decided to copy it.

Yesterday Apple announced the iPod Nano 7G, a device who’s design is remarkably similar to the Nokia Lumia 800 (see screenshot above). So, despite Apple’s worldwide campaign against “stealing from others”, that means Apple copied the Lumia, Or does it? As some commentators are quick to point out, when the Lumia 800 came out some people thought it looked similar to the previous iPod Nano 6G. Or, as Stuart Gibson and Gizmodo humorously put it, iPod Nano 7G copied the Lumia 800 or the Lumia 800 copied two iPod Nano 6Gs stacked on top of each other:

I’m sure it is possible to trace the iPod Nano 6G design back to something Nokia created then trace that Nokia design back to something Apple created because that is just how it works; companies regularly borrow ideas from each other. If only Apple understood that (and if only Samsung grew some balls and stopped trying to copy Apple).

[via BGR, Gizmodo, Stuart Gibson]

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