Who is Giveawayoftheday.com?

I was browsing the GOTD forums, and came across this post. After reading through that post, it occurred to me that many people are probably also wondering the same thing Moizelle is. Who/what is/is behind giveawayoftheday.com?

Well maybe this will help (all I could dig up so far on them):

Giveawayoftheday.com is based in Moscow, Russia and is provided to us by SoftDeluxe.

Who are SoftDeluxe? That is a really good question. I do not know and I cannot seem to find any information on them. They seem to be European. This is what they say on their website:

“SoftDeluxe is a marketing service that does its job – promoting your software, rising your sales, boosting your revenues.”

SoftDeluxe.com seems very incomplete. Heck they have a greeting that references a conference that occurred in 2006 in future tense. Seems to me SoftDeluxe was supposed to be some start up company, and now GOTD is it’s main thing.

That being said, GOTD is just a forum for publishers to meet users. Publishers distribute software, people get it for free. Everyone benefits: SoftDeluxe gets revenue, publishers get feedback, and users get free software.

And as far as computer security goes: GOTD is not some angel from the sky. They have their own interests for running this website, publishers have their own interest for giving out software, and users have their own interests in downloading the software. Security of your computer ultimately is your responsibility. If my security software picks up something malicious in a giveaway, even if GOTD swears by its mother’s grave, I will not trust that software (such as mgLaunch).

If you are bold enough, you can contact GOTD
1) Via phone: 1-888-441 06 38
2) Via email: giveaway@giveawayoftheday.com
3) Via online form: http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/about/contact/

If you call the number I listed above, your call will be forwarded to the voicemail of someone named Victor Spalkin (or something like that). So yes, to me GOTD seems like a one man show – but I have been reassured by a GOTD administrator that it in fact is not a one man show.

I have also tried contacting GOTD before via their online form – have not got a reply to date =(.

Now all that I posted about GOTD in this post does not mean GOTD is bad and/or has malicious intent. The purpose of this post is just to help shed a bit more light on the website.

Hope this helps.

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