Free Xara XS (commercial vector graphics editor)!

Another awesome freebie from Gizmo’s. I read about it last night while I was working on my Paragon review and have finally got the time to post about it. However I kinda feel lazy so I will just provide a screenshot and a link to the download page -_-‘…:


You can learn more about Xara XS and down it from

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  • Jon

    DARN IT!!! The offer is over, and my old computer that had this offer is sadly,dead….
    Ashraf help me!

  • yaksha


    Dear Amnesia
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I am having a version of feb 2005.


  • amnesia

    Forgot I had this installed. Version CD January 17 2007.

  • Ashraf

    @yaksha and @amnesia: I honestly don’t know. I don’t know much about this software. I just thought I should make a post about a good freebie.

  • amnesia

    This version seems to be from January 2007. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • yaksha

    Dear Ashraf

    I am having a version of XS downloaded 2years ago. Is this a new version. PL clarify


  • Looks like Xara’s website have some problem with registrations.

  • Jaap

    To activate this free version, start Xara XS. You will first get a little screen, which asks you to register. Click on ‘Register this copy’. Your browser will open. If you are new to Xara, you will have to get an account with password. Do that. After registering, the serial number will be sent to your e-mail adress. This will take only a few seconds. Check your e-mail and copy the serial number. On the little start screen of Xara XS click then on the button ‘Run Xara XS’. In the next screen enter your serial number.

    I already had an account with Xara, because I got a free copy of Xara 3D (for making 3D [animated] text), back in 2005. It was on a cd with a pc magazine. Nice program. I played a lot with it. And now I can play with an other Xara program. I’ve got some mysterious errors (for example: Internal program error, but Xara XS works on my machine (Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit).

    Ashraf, thanks for the link to this program!

  • tejas

    Really nice vector program, but I’m so used to the vector tools in Paint Shop Pro it’s going to take a while to get the hang of this one.
    Thanks for sharing!