Please provide me with feedback on dotTech’s new article format, in terms of quality and quantity

Hey dotTechies,

Longtime readers know I like to ask for feedback every time a major change happens here on dotTech. In the past few weeks dotTech has “returned to its roots” in the sense that we are now focusing more on reviews of software and apps rather than tech news. I’m curious as to what everyone thinks:

  • Is the quality of the reviews good? Bad?
  • Are there too many articles? Not enough articles? Just right?
  • Do you like the new “Main Functionality”, “Pros”, “Cons”, “Discussion” format?

Cast your votes in the polls below to let me know. And please do vote in all three polls — your feedback is value. Feel free to also leave comments, if you have any. Thanks everyone!

[polldaddy poll=6596824]

[polldaddy poll=6596825]

[polldaddy poll=6596827]


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  • jayesstee


    One possibility would be to prune the “New Articles On dotTech” email to just the “bullet points” (having made them click able) as Bob Levy suggests in post #18 above and have a second list (below) with the latest forum posts.
    If some dotTechies prefer the existing advisory email, then perhaps this could be a choose-able alternative.
    Any thoughts anybody?

  • Kerry

    being on dialup I appreciate the email format now as it saves alot of time getting to this site and finding nothing I wanted to know about. I love the way it is presented and easy to understand. On a fixed income so freebies are a Blessing. Thanks Ashraf.

  • Ashraf

    Thank you everyone for the feedback and voting. I needed to judge how everyone likes or dislikes the changing and you have all helped me do that.

  • storageman

    none taken, Just attempting to explain a possible reason Forumn visits are low. Do you have any thoughts?

  • jayesstee


    Sorry, no offence meant.

  • storageman

    Yes, I can read. My long history with Dottech has been driven by emails and links to an article of interest. I am not blind but my eyes head directly to the article heading and I quickly scroll.

    Since the Forum activity seems to be of concern to Ashraf I felt I needed to explain why I have not visited the forum. Needless to say, Now I will, but still think adding a comment in the email can not hurt!

  • jayesstee


    There are a lot of signposts to the forum:

    #1 Black bar across top of every page has “Forum” at right hand end.

    #2 Home page has a listing of “Recent Forum Posts” part way down the right hand side of page:

    #3 Every page has a listing “Recent Forum Posts” at the bottom on right hand side.

  • storageman

    I for one was not even aware of the forums. Perhaps a comment on the daily email with a reminder and short explanation of the objective of the Forum?

  • jayesstee


    You can see from the above comments and the result of the poll that dotTechies are more than satisfied with the current format and content. I totally agree.

    One slightly worrying point though, is that while there is plenty of feedback (comments) on most articles, the Forum part appears to be grinding to a halt.

    New topics are fewer and comments are much rarer. At the time of this post there are “27 topics with unread posts” – some up to a month old. This doesn’t mean that they haven’t been read, only that they haven’t been read by a logged in dotTechie.

    JeanJean is running out of new freebies to report and few are asking for help and advice with problems. Other websites still have a steady “problem” traffic stream.

    Perhaps the rest is so good now that dotTechies and visitors (potential dotTechies) are ignoring the Forum.

    The forum is of course the main reason for registering and joining dotTech. Has the number of new registrations slowed significantly?

    Anyway please keep the Forum going, it is always interesting and I suspect with the introduction of Win 8 will see a surge of “need help” type of postings.

  • Bob Levy

    I like the new website but not the email format
    It would be enough to just send the daily email with the “list” each entry would (might) be the link to the article on the web. It is a wast of time to click on the link and dive deeper into the email and if interested click and then go to the web. Extra wasted effort bu you AND the reader.
    For daily readers (like me) the bullets on the top of the email are enough!
    Keep up the GREAT work

  • Uri

    I like and appreciate your work for some years now. For a little while you included a brief outline in the initial email, that gave the readers an idea of what the app was about and if it were relevant for them. This was discontinued, and that ‘s a pity.

  • fishingjoe

    I like all

  • Frank D

    ” Is the quality of the reviews good? Bad?”
    > Top notch

    ” Are there too many articles? Not enough articles? Just right?”
    > As many as you can turn out is just right for me.

    ” Do you like the new “Main Functionality”, “Pros”, “Cons”, “Discussion” format?”
    > Yes!

  • Mark

    For people (like myself) who can’t see the polls on this page: you have to tell Ghostery, NoScript or other browser safety add-ons that are in effect to allow the domain to write cookies and deliver script.

  • Mark

    @Jeffinprov: Fully second that. Couldn’t have said it any better.

  • karsten

    @clockmendergb: as many of the regulars here i am one of those from GOTD days, and be course of the review of software i visit this site every day.

  • clockmendergb

    I had issues when you first started the changes.
    Guess I am getting old.

    Now I have no troubles at all I have just got used to using it.

    I just needed a bit of time that,s all

    I have no complaints Ashraf
    keep up the good work and hope the new guys do well.

  • Jeffinprov

    I came to dotTech several years ago through GOTD, and have found it to be of great value on many different levels. I’m happy with the new format, and glad that the emphasis is being shifted back to product reviews and information rather than tech news, which is of less interest to me and tends to be redundant to other sites. If I have any quibble, it pertains to my personal antipathy to All Things Apple, but one does try to keep an open mind, more-or-less.

    All in all, the manner in which dotTech has flourished is a wonderful thing, and you, Ashraf, have much to be deeply proud of.

  • Anonymail

    I like the new format! I also like the email now that I chose 1 email over several. I do wish that when a program is reviewed that you would add a link to a comparable freebie. Other than that, I am very pleased with the new!!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • ebony

    I like the old format because I had just gotten use to it and become complacent.

    I totally embrace keeping up with the technology, which is moving so fast that I cannot keep up, so I learn a lot about the good, bad, and uselessness of the new stuff.

    I am a long time reader and user of the info on this site and I cannot count the times that I have gotten help here that saved my “bacon”.

    Boss you efforts are appreciated.

  • Mags

    Being a long time reader here I do appreciate you asking your readers for their input.

    I’m sure there will be more changes to come in the future, but that is growing pains.

    While I do miss Locutus, I think the newbie doing the windows freebies is doing a good job.

    I only read what is of interest to me. As for the tech news, I would like to see that continued but to a lesser extent than it was.

  • AFPhys

    The format is fine.

    The quality, quantity and length of reviews is fine.

    I enjoyed the previous amount of “tech news”, and had come to depend on this site for that information, and if you had the ability, would appreciate a return to that level.

    Thanks for asking.

  • JohnnyG

    Big thumbs up to each of the three feedback questions you posted above. Keep up the good work. And thanks!

  • kentkitty

    I truthfully visit this website just to read whatever is posted. I search for free software I need and read the reviews. I am just an average computer user who enjoys this website. I have benefited from it many times. Whatever format it is written in is just fine.

  • redmaledeer

    All seems fine to me. And thanks for all the good stuff.

  • stockel1949

    I like the review and the format (pros, cons).
    I don’t know why I receive emails with “Photo of the day”” or “Comic” ?

    Tnx for all

  • jSwann0

    “Cast your votes in the polls below” : there’s no polls below !…

    I like the new format.
    There are not too many articles. I’d like more articles on Android apps.
    I like the new “Main Functionality”, “Pros”, “Cons”, “Discussion” format.