Window 8 is so easy, a 3 year old kid can do it

There has been a lot of Windows 8 hate lately. How about some Windows 8 love? No, I don’t mean the kind coming from Bill Gates but rather the kind coming from the average Joe. …The average 3 year old Joe, that is.

The following is a video of a 3 year old kid working Windows 8. Granted, he wasn’t born with Windows 8 intuition — his dad taught him how to do whatever he knows. Still, this is Microsoft’s chance to proclaim Window 8 is so easy, a 3 year old kid can do it. Check it out (take note in the video the dad is telling the kid what to do but is not telling him how to do it):

I suppose the conspiracy theorist among us could say that the video doesn’t actually show the boy working the computer — it shows the boy sitting in front of the computer then pans to the monitor; so maybe the dad is the one secretly working the mouse. However, us less paranoid people will take the video for what it is, at face value: a kid showing off what he has learned about Windows 8. Does a young kid being able to use it mean Windows 8 is “easy to use”? Maybe, maybe not. That, however, doesn’t mean Windows 8 is a natural transition from previous versions of Windows.

[Thanks Prema!]

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