Window 8 is so easy, a 3 year old kid can do it

There has been a lot of Windows 8 hate lately. How about some Windows 8 love? No, I don’t mean the kind coming from Bill Gates but rather the kind coming from the average Joe. …The average 3 year old Joe, that is.

The following is a video of a 3 year old kid working Windows 8. Granted, he wasn’t born with Windows 8 intuition — his dad taught him how to do whatever he knows. Still, this is Microsoft’s chance to proclaim Window 8 is so easy, a 3 year old kid can do it. Check it out (take note in the video the dad is telling the kid what to do but is not telling him how to do it):

I suppose the conspiracy theorist among us could say that the video doesn’t actually show the boy working the computer — it shows the boy sitting in front of the computer then pans to the monitor; so maybe the dad is the one secretly working the mouse. However, us less paranoid people will take the video for what it is, at face value: a kid showing off what he has learned about Windows 8. Does a young kid being able to use it mean Windows 8 is “easy to use”? Maybe, maybe not. That, however, doesn’t mean Windows 8 is a natural transition from previous versions of Windows.

[Thanks Prema!]

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  • mizdoc

    @Jim Carter:

    That’s because they’re terrified they’ll “break something”. Harder teaching seniors than kids, when it comes to computers!

  • Darrell

    I’m not faulting the 3 yr old at all but, all this tells me is, Microsoft has managed to “dumb down” windows to the point a child can operate it. Rather than train people to operate a computer system, let’s just dumb down the os and people will flock to us!!! What a joke. No more “words” that need to be read, we use pictures now! Open source is looking better all the time.

  • DoktorThomas

    This is about deleting it, right?
    Hex on win8.
    No amount of media blitz can change reality.
    XP, win7 or Apple.

  • RealBull

    Yeah, I see your point, too. Hey, let’s watch a video of Win8 users at the other end of the age bracket…

  • Jyo

    Of course anyone can do it. But does that make Windows 8’s design intuitive and productive? No. Anyone can use a badly designed software. That doesn’t mean the software is good. This video does not prove squat.

  • He can do it, but it’s still painful to watch, especially the part where he goes to the start menu.

    I remember when Windows 95 came out, when we were using Windows 3.1. It was very different from what we were used to as well, but it was better in almost every way. The thing that took annoyed me the most at the time and took the most time to get used to, was the ‘X’ button on the top right of every window, which used to be the place of the maximize button. I still think that the Win 3.1 implementation of double click on the top left to close was better, but that’s another discussion. Other than that it was a major improvement. I really can’t say that about Windows 8. Can we get used to it? Sure. But why should we get used to a shoddy interface? I’d rather spend the effort in getting used to a better one if MS decides to fix this.

  • DonFG

    Here’s the thing, I don’t have an office full of 3 year olds (child labor laws). So who gives a rats A$$.

    Just one more step into us moving to Linux and Open Source.

  • Eric989

    @Ashraf: Speaking of preconceived notions and experiences to distract us, I grew up playing console video game first person shooters that had you aim with the left thumb. Then they came out with a bunch of games that forced you to aim with the right thumb. In total I have probably played more games with right thumb aiming but have never been able to unlearn left thumb aiming and am still a hundred times better at left thumb aiming even though I am right handed. It is amazing, how powerful these prior experiences can be.

  • STyler


    What happened to the product designers who felt, apparently, that ease of use and logic were unimportant? Win H8 is pathetic interface on PC’s; so much so that the MOST that folks can hope is that they can patch it enough to get back to how it looked & worked in Win 7.

    Linux had the same problem with Gnome transitioning from 2 to 3. The difference was that 3 was still (somewhat) usable. Win H8 is not.

  • STy

    What do you wanna bet this video originated from Redmond Wa?

    Can’t really blame M$, though. They’ve been watching Apple customers snatch up anything and everything bearing the Apple logo — quality and worth be damned — so they naturally assumed the same would apply to Win H8.

    Nope. And, no, Steve, your product isn’t any better because you found a 3 year old who could sit still in front of a pc.

  • RealBull

    I don’t think it is that difficult. Experienced computer users should be able to get into the swing once they have been using it for awhile. It is that “other” large demographic of people who don’t use the computer often and are too lazy to read the instructions. I remember it was popular for people to own a manual for Windows ’95 and XP. Now people are just too lazy to learn new things, they just want to “jump” into everything. What happened to this world?

  • Ashraf

    @Jim Carter: While I’m not saying the kid isn’t intelligent (I don’t know him, so I can’t make that judgement), kids are typically quicker when it comes to learning new things simply because they don’t have preconceived notions and experiences to distract them.

  • Jim Carter

    The child is vastly more intelligent and cooperative than my customers. I’ll show you many users 50+ who can’t rattle off their own email addresses and cell phone numbers. They also can’t copy and paste on the XP machines they’ve had for 10 years.