Magnificent tiger takes a stroll by a waterfall [Amazing Photo of the Day]

So far in dotTech’s Amazing Photo of the Day segment we have covered lions, cheetahs, monkeys, squirrels, turtles, elephants, birds, alligators, dolphins, and more lions. Do you know what (animal) we have not covered, yet? Okay, okay — there are many that we haven’t featured (yet). But I’m thinking of one specific one. You know, like… tigers.

The following is a photograph of a magnificent tiger walking by what appears to be a waterfall. Check it out:


[via Facebook]

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  • @Eric989: Sad to read he was in a cage. For me, that would already be enough NEVER to visit such places… Such majestic creatures must roam free into the wild (and left alone by humans).

  • Mr.Dave

    Photshopped or not, nice pic! I’m definitely more interested in someone’s artistic vision than the fact that they were within x yards of a tiger and waterfall on that particular sunny day. A photographer is an artist, when you consider framing, camera settings, what to include in the background, waiting for the right moment, and what post-processing is done. I could have snapped the same scene with the same camera and it would not be nearly as good. My shot might mean more to me, but not to anyone else.

  • DrTszap

    Photoshop? More like perspective distortion from using a long telephoto lens – the tiger is something like 30-40 feet from the waterfall, at the edge of the pool, despite appearing to ‘walk on water’.

  • Mick

    @jayesstee : Yes, whether it’s Photoshopped or not DOES matter. It’s not a picture, not an actual photo if it’s been faked. PERIOD. A true photo captures a moment (or moments) in time at a specific place.

    Photoshopped images should not be advertised as “photos” and honestly do not belong in a “photo of the day” feature.

    That said, this looks like a photo to me, although I am no expert.

  • jayesstee

    This “fake”/”Photoshop” comment is now appearing regularly. Does it matter? It’s a magnificent image, a pleasure to view.
    If you think about it all art is “fake”. Paintings, sketches, sculptures and photos aren’t real. They are “representations” of some image that the originator is trying to convey.
    Thanks Ashraf, keep up the standard (enhanced or not)!

  • Anonymail

    I think it is not fake. People who photoshop, don’t think about making sure the feet look wet!
    I think it is a shallow area. Either way, Tigers are just stunning to look at!

  • Eric989

    I once saw a tiger on display in a hardware store of all places. This was a much different experience than a zoo because he was in a cage just a few feet away. He was not even close to being full grown but it was amazing to see him and to think that he would get much bigger. He was already huge and looked tremendously powerful.

  • Dragan

    This is a fake, I’m afraid. The tiger is treading on water.