Free USB Safely Remove v4.1 (limited time offer so hurry)!

2009-08-19_005100For a limited time (August 18, 2009 to August 25, 2009) you can grab USB Safely Remove 4.1 for free! USB Safely Remove is an excellent program that makes using portable media a much more smooth experience so grab it for free while you can.

Here is a short description of this program directly from the developer:

USB Safely Remove is a USB device manager. It saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets.

It saves time…

  • Displaying what prevent a device from being stopped
  • Safe removal via hotkeys

Lets you recognize a device in a snap…

  • The handy menu with device icons
  • Real device names and ability to rename them
  • Feature to hide unnecessary to stop devices

Extends your hot-plug opportunities…

  • Program autorun on device connection\disconnection
  • Command line for safe removal

Does unique things!

  • Hiding of “empty” card reader drives
  • Card reader memory cards ejection one-by-one
  • Returning just stopped device back!

You can read about the full features here.

USB Safely Remove (v4.1) works on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

To take advantage of this offer visit the promotion page. You will be asked to fill out a short form…


…after which you will see a confirmation message:


Check your e-mail and you should have an e-mail from “USB Safely Remove <>” with the subject of “The USB Safely Remove License Key For v. 4.1”. In this e-mail you will be given the download link and your registration information:


Just download the software, register it, and enjoy!


As per request, here is a little bit more information on this promotion right from the promotion page:

Giveaway FAQ
  • What’s the restrictions of the free license key?

There are no restrictions except you can use the program only with the current version 4.1. All other aspects of our license policy will be the same as for paid licenses: you can use it personally on each of your computers. If you wish to upgrade to any future versions (and even to downgrade to a previous one) you have to purchase the lifetime license.

  • I’m affraid to give you my email. Why do you need it?

All the licenses, both free and paid, are tied to user’s email. In case if a user lost his\her license key he\she can restore it immediatelly using the special form. That’s our concern about you and nothing more. We will not pass your email to anybody. We will not send you newsletters if you disable “Subscribe me on newsletter” option.

  • How many licenses may I request?

Only one per email\IP address. If you want to get a license for your father\mother\cousinor just a friend send him an invite to get a free license through our invite form or with another convenient way for you.

  • Nothing is free. What is the catch? I’m not installing without knowing the catch.
No catch. Your email won’t be neither sold to noxious spammers nor sent by our newsletters (unless you check “Subscribe me on newsletter” option), your computer won’t be infected by evil spirits as USB Safely Remove is clean like a crystal and doesn’t contain any spyware, adware or viruses and any time you can uninstall the program and forget it.Of course we wouldn’t mind if you decided to recommend it to others or purchase the lifetime license if you like the program and it solves your problems. But do it only at your option, we won’t compel you to do it.


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  • Janet

    So it doesn’t actually make it safe for you to unplug, rather it tells you when you should wait…?

  • RonCam

    @maryannks said:“Sometimes with Windows Safely Remove, my computer hangs … “

    When I reported that my system was “hanging” the developer replied only, that there is no problem with Vista, even though I reported the bug was occuring with another of the supported systems. I asked Igor, good idea to check XP, as that’s very close to my operating system, 5.0 vs. 5.1.

    It would be interesting to know if your “computer hangs” with Vista, or one of the others?

    It’s a bit disappointing … they said problems may be patched in future versions. A shame, because the key ashraf alerted us to is only good for the present version …

    Haven’t heard that someone with a different operating system has duplicated the bug I reported. Is the bug absent, or no one has checked it out?

  • Ashraf

    @Janet: The whole point, the way I see it, is you never really know if it is working or idle. Sometimes you may think it is idle but some background stuff may be going on (Windows is notorious for that).

  • Janet

    I’ve read all the posts and links, but I still don’t really get it…I thought the only reason you would lose data by unplugging is if you do it while the hardware is in the middle of doing something…If the hardware is sitting idle and not saving or working on something, unplugging it won’t cause data loss, no? And why would one want to unplug something while it IS working?

  • maryannks

    This is a good one, sometimes that small safely remove icon of windows disappears from the taskbar, I had to make a shortcut for it whenever it happened. With USB Safely Remove, it will be there always! And works fast, too. Sometimes with Windows Safely Remove, my computer hangs, and I just pull out the USB, worried at the same time that I may have lost some files,,,,

    Thank you for this, this is one software I will always be keeping.

  • RonCam

    We have a reply acknowledging the bug. Igor only says the bug does not affect Vista, but does not mention if the other supported MS Windows versions will, or will not, work correctly. The bug ¨may¨ be patched, but only in some ¨future version.¨ Since the product key for their free promotion only works for the current version, it seems non-Vista users have to wait and see what happens.

  • RonCam

    About my system locking up, I posted a bug report on the company’s forum, and so far there’s no reply from the moderators. I see “Igor” is answering other posts, however, so I don’t know what to make of this.

    I finally posted after I reinstalled the utility in Windows Safe Mode and noted the system still crashes on recovery from the S3 Sleep mode. Wasn’t a bad install …

    The bug report is posted here, and maybe there will soon be a reply:

  • GradyT

    Did anyone else have to do their name in the Latin alphabet?
    I couldn’t download because of that.

  • RonCam

    Thanks for the comment. I configured my system for the S3 Sleep state. This can be more sensitive than the other modes, but gives the fastest shutdown and startup times. It´s possible what happened to me may not show up with systems that only go to S1.

    Anyway, I really like how the utility worked, so may try it again, after first imaging the OS partition, to completely recover in case the problem repeats.

    I think you make a good purchase, and I would consider that if I could be sure I won´t lose my Sleep-Wake functionality.

    By the way, if you have it on your system now, all you have to do test is to hit the Sleep key on your keyboard, wait until Sleep/Suspend state is entered, then tap a key for Wakeup. It the wakeup goes to completion, then you don´t have the problem …

  • Tortuga

    Hi Everybody :D

    Been using this soft since I first heard about it on GOTD Forums back in February 2008, the company was having a Promo for a 1year licence.

    Prior to that, had never heard there could be problems, corruption, loss data, … if devices were not unplugged properly.
    At the time BuBBy made a great exposé on the why/how of the dangers & consequences. Sorry, can’t find that thread, as GOTD’s ‘search function’ is totally useless, as usual!! :(

    True, Windows comes w a basic unplugging thingy, but *nothing* compared w this manager! We really like it.

    Anyway, better than the Promo they are having now, which is only for version 4.1, I discovered they are also offering a 30% discount for a Lifetime License w support & free upgrades.
    So we decided to buy it instead, it came to $14.US
    Dunno how many saw it, I found the special on the same Promo page Ash posted, on the left upper corner.

    Hope this helps

    PS: Hi RonCam, Thank you for posting about it. Sorry, as of yet I haven’t encountered that problem, but I’ll keep an eye, will post back if I do. Ciao

  • RonCam

    Has anybody tried to Wakeup from Sleep/Suspend/Standby (take your pick, but I don’t mean Hibernate) after installing this little gem?

    I’m not being sarcastic! It’s really a great program, but I think it gave me a problem with Wakeup, and I’m wondering if everyone who has it installed could try this, and see if their Wakeup still works.

    This could be system specific, so if a few people with different OS versions say their ‘Wakeup’ fine, it’s likely just me. Let us know which Windows version you’re on. I have Windows 2000 Professional SP4+, to start things off …

    What happened, briefly as possible: all of a sudden I noticed my system was locking-up on Wakeup and needed a hard reset to a reboot, to recover. I first restored the first-boot-of-the-day’s Registry, but no change. Still locks up. Then, started removing recently-installed software, in reverse order. Removed Q-Dir (great program!) … but still locks up. Removed USB Safely Remove 4.1, and tested again. Hit the Sleep key. Power totally off (fans included) in 2-3 seconds.

    Wait a moment, hit the space-bar, everything comes back to life, without the lock-up, within 10 seconds. In other words a normal recovery, same as the system always worked, before.

    Anyone who’s kind enough to try this, please mention if you’re set-up for the ‘partial’ sleep mode (fans on) or ‘complete’ with everything but the motherboard off. Partial sleep is easier to recover from and would not be an ‘acid’ test for trying to reproduce this problem.

    So, what do you think? Looks suspicious, but is it coincidence? I’m waiting to hear what everyone else has to say. As much as I liked this utility (yes, it’s a big improvement over what the OS gives you), if I have to choose, sorry Crystal Rich, but I have to choose normal operating system function …

  • @Rob: As a rule of thumb I only use USB drives to transfer data, and I am usually transferring it from a Mac- where all you need to do is drag the desktop icon to the Trash.

  • Rob

    To all those that say –
    ‘Why do we need it’
    The comments in this forum may shed some light –

    Note where one person says he yanked it out, and another says he did that, and had to run chkdsk to fix the corruption.

    I say, if data is important enough to back up, onto a usb device, then you should take care to not damage existing backups on that device.
    “Now who could argue with that” (Blazing Saddles in the church)

  • Janet Berg


    Hmmmm… are we on the same page? I don’t think I have a problem…certailnly not with your program….

    Like Wolf and Locutus and mukhi, I’m simply used to unplugging devices when necessary or using the Windows Safe removal tool handy in my sys tray….

  • mukhi

    just like wolf said “Windows already has a “safely remove hardware icon. Why do you consider this program so special?”
    yes, why do you consider this program so special?

  • @Rob: I dunno, whenever I feel that I’m done with a drive, I just yank it out.

  • @Janet Berg:
    You can send us a bug-report from the program (Main Menu -> Help -> report a bug, and in the opened window please specify your name, email and the message about problem above). We will try to see what problem is.

    Igor Tkachenko,
    Crystal Rich Ltd CEO.

  • Wolf

    You said this is a necessity. How so? I use a lot of USB devices, but the only thing it does that could be useful is safely removing them, and I’ve just been unplugging them for years without any bad side affects, and if I really cared to, Windows already has a “safely remove hardware” icon. Why do you consider this program so special?

  • Janet Berg

    What’s the difference between:
    1. Stopping a device via the program
    2. Removing a device via the program
    3. Physically unplugging a device from the back of the computer
    4. Unplugging the power source or plug from the electrical outlet

    I mean the difference vis-a-vis effects on the device?

    For example, I was advised to disconnect an individual USB power supply from the electrical outlet (like for my scanner) if it’s not going to be in constant use. I was told that those little power sources get an electrical build-up if plugged in but not used and that this decreases their life span. If this is true, then turning the device off with the program would not help….I bring this up because I am trying to think of circumstances in which one would regularly want to turn USB devices on and off…..

  • Janet Berg

    The Windows Remove Hardware icon automatically shows hot-plug USB devices.

  • Janet Berg

    Oops! I just read the “full features here” link….:-)….Will check out what it says, as I have several USB devices, and never had a problem identifying which is which with the Windows utility…..Wll look again….

  • Janet Berg

    I have downloaded and installed this, as I have 2 ext HD’s and like to keep the backup one unconnected unless I am backing up, and the one that contains all my personal files disconnected if I am doing anything possible dangerous. I had a plain old Windows “Safely Remove USB Device” icon sitting in my system tray, and can’t figure out what “USB Safely Remove” does over and above the Windows one….?

  • @Rob:
    Rob, many thanks for your nice words and for your recommendations of the program to other people. We will not remove the offer until the end of the promised giveaway period, so anyone may feel yourself free to recommend the program and this freebie to others ;)

    Igor Tkachenko,
    Crystal Rich Ltd CEO.

  • mario

    for the ones that need a simple solution, I use the USB Disk Eject from here
    although this is just, as the name say, to eject USB’s! But for me it is a must! 2 clicks and you’re done!

  • Rob

    I have just recommended it to 20 people.
    If others do the same, one of two things will happen –
    – The server will crash, and author will remove the offer.
    – Half the world’s population will download it, and author will remove the offer.

    So anyone reading this, should try to be in the first half of the world’s population.

  • amnesia

    I like this. If you have more then one device connected, you can easily see which one you want to remove.

  • Ashraf

    @Rob: I was going to say “please see my update above” but it seems like you have answered your question already =).

  • Rob

    How the H..l can this be FREE ?
    It is one of the few programs that I have purchased.
    If I lost my PC and backups, I would buy it again.
    For anyone who uses USB devices, this is not a nice to have, IT IS A NECESSITY.