I reiterate: If you don’t like our e-mails, please do NOT mark them as spam — just unsubscribe

Hello dotTechies,

Back in September my web host blocked dotTech’s access to send e-mails because someone decided to start marking our e-mail reminders as spam. That issue was resolved in about a day plus another day or two for the back log of emails to clear. Back then I asked people to please *not* mark our e-mails as spam if you no longer want them — simply unsubscribe. Apparently one person did not get the memo because the whole situation has happened, again.

One person, who shall not be named, decided they no longer like the e-mail notifications dotTech has been sending them. So, instead of simply unsubscribing, they decide to mark all the e-mails we have sent to them as spam. From the looks of it, they started on their crusade in October and have marked roughly 200 e-mails as spam since then. That has resulted in my web host temporarily blocking dotTech from sending e-mails, on the suspicion that we are spamming. This means people on our one-email-per-article list will not be receiving any e-mails until this is resolved.

I have, of course, e-mailed them back and explained the situation so hopefully we will have access back by tomorrow. Not a big loss but definitely annoying — especially for those people who rely on e-mails every day to know about new stuff posted on dotTech.

Take note this only affects people on our one-email-per-article list. People on our one-email-per-day list are unaffected and should get e-mails like normal.

What makes this particular situation even more annoying is the above-mentioned person has been subscribed to dotTech since 2009. Why in the world would you screw over a blog you have been following for three years by marking their e-mails as spam? I don’t understand. I must have pissed ’em off.

Ladies and gentleman, please, if you no longer want our e-mails, please just unsubscribe. A link to unsubscribe is included in every damn e-mail we sent — look at the bottom. Marking e-mails as spam really doesn’t help anyone, you nor me. In fact, it just causes headaches.

-Mr. Boss

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