HP ships a power cable in a plastic wrapped box on a wooden pellet with another box inside…? Go get ’em Al Gore!

I am a regular to many forums on the internet. One of the forums happens to be NotebookReview.com (excellent website if you need help on buying a notebook by the way… I learned so much from them). I just saw a post there on how one of NBR’s members ordered a 10FT long power cable from HP. The power cord was shipped from Shanghai, China (to somewhere in Australia) in a plastic wrapped box with another box inside. The outside box was strapped to a wooden pellet. What the heck? Talk about conserving trees… Gooooo Captain Planet!

A little bit more information is available at the original post but I think these pictures pretty much sum it up:

Now I believe this was not shipped directly from HP but rather from one of their contractors (not 100% sure though). However feel free to bash HP below.

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