According to Samsung, they are not forcing Apple to pay extra for mobile processors

Previously we reported Samsung has raised the prices on Apple, maybe because of legal issues the two companies are having or maybe other reasons. According to iDB, an article in the Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh¬†contains comments by an unnamed Samsung official denying the reports. In fact, the official says that it would be difficult for them to do such a thing because the chip prices are “set at the beginning of the year and aren’t changed easily.”

Whatever the truth is in this matter, it’s looking more and more urgent that Apple sever ties with Samsung in terms of chip production (for Apple’s sake). Luckily for them, they have acquired numerous semiconductor specialists such as P.A. Semi, and a looming partnership with TSMC to produce majority of their chips in the coming years. So their dependence on Samsung may soon be over because, after all, can Apple really rely on someone that they are currently in legal battle with to produce the chips that are crucial to their top-selling iOS devices? Samsung would like Apple to think “yes” but in reality it probably isn’t as black and white.

[via iDB, image via Wikipedia]

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