Apple looks to solve the problem of noise when your phone vibrates… with new patent

Have you ever been bothered by that awful noise your phone makes when it vibrates against a table? Isn’t it very common for that noise to be even louder than the phone itself? Better yet, doesn’t this seem to always happen when you want your phone to not make noise — such as when you put your phone on silent? The noise that the vibration makes pretty much defeats the purpose of putting your phone on silent in the first place, doesn’t it? Apple is (hopefully) going to try and change that.

Apple Insider reports that Apple has filed a patent that seeks to eliminate this vibration noise issue by utilizing the iPhone’s accelerometer in conjunction with its mic to detect when the phone is making too much noise due to vibration against a surface. It will then dial down the intensity of the vibration to minimize that noise and use alternatives to alert the user of notifications, such as soft sounds or screen light-ups.

Neat, huh? As someone who has experienced it too many times, this is awesome. But will we see this feature in the next iOS? Who knows. Here’s hoping that it’ll come eventually and it will work as intended.

Has this bothered you before? Or is it a non-issue? Let us know in the comments below!

 [via Apple Insider, image via Business Insider]

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  • Ashraf
  • CircularLogic

    Let me get this straight: I set my phone to vibrate so it doesn’t play my newest ringtone sound, but the motion of the vibrate on a table is louder than the ringtone, so Apple wants tone down the vibration and turn a soft sound back on? Wow, if they get a patent for this then they can retroactively sue every phone maker for making their phones with a low volume setting! Genius! I’m going to start drafting the patent that covers the issue of when you turn a phone off, you lose the ability of calling/texting/access to the web, so my function will automatically turn the phone back on for you immediately! It will work exceptionally well in schools or on planes!