Microsoft admits Internet Explorer sucked but claims “it’s good now”, with new ‘Browser You Loved to Hate’ website

Microsoft has taken a lot of heat for Internet Explorer over the years, and rightly so; compared to other browsers, Internet Explorer is less stables, less open, and a pain to use. Think Microsoft doesn’t know how you feel about Internet Explorer? Wrong. Microsoft knows — and is playing up your Internet Explorer hate to market Internet Explorer 10.

Microsoft has launched a new “Browser You Loved to Hate” website that implicitly admits Internet Explorer sucked is the past by declaring: “It’s good now… no, really”. The website includes reviews and quotes from third parties, notably tech blogs and magazines, that proclaim Internet Explorer 10 is (more or less) awesome, plus explanations by Microsoft why Internet Explorer 10 is so great.

Aside from the website, Microsoft has released a humorous Internet Explorer ad featuring an Internet Explorer hater who’s goal in life seems to be to flame Internet Explorer whenever and wherever he can. The ad ends with a note claiming “progress” with Internet Explorer 10. Check it out:

“IE sucks… less.” LMAO!

Come on, you can’t say multi-billion corporations don’t have a sense of humor. You can hit up the ‘Browser You Loved to Hate’ website from the link below.

Browser You Loved to Hate homepage

[Thanks Francoise, via Sophos]

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